10 Amazingly Cheap Floral Tiffany Lamp for Sale - Get a Huge Discount


Floral Tiffany lamps are iconic works of art that have remained popular for over a hundred years. Their elaborate stained-glass shade allows them to add warmth and elegance to your space. Although authentic floral Tiffany lamps are expensive because of their rich history and rarity, there are plenty of affordable options that you can buy. The less expensive lamps still capture the timeless visual appeal and allure of genuine lamps.

Here are the 10 amazingly cheap floral Tiffany lamps for sale that offer huge discounts without compromising style, quality, and ingenious taste.

  1. Werfactory
  2. Amora
  3. Bieye
  4. Serena D’italia
  5. Chloe
  6. River of goods
  7. Dale
  8. Warehouse
  9. Meyda
  10. Ok lighting lamp

Both authentic and Tiffany-style floral lamps feature flower-inspired motifs that create a soothing ambiance in your space. As much as the floral Tiffany lamps cost more, you can get huge discounts on some options. The rest of this article explores the history of floral Tiffany lamps and 10 amazingly cheap floral Tiffany lamps for sale that offer significant discounts.

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The History of Floral Tiffany Lamps

Floral Tiffany lamps were created in the late 19th century by Louis Comfort Tiffany and artisans at Tiffany Studios.

Their creation was motivated by Louis Tiffany’s desire to capture nature’s splendor in his works using innovative techniques and high-quality materials.

The floral design portrays different types of flowers, including lilies, irises, and roses. Every flower in the floral Tiffany lamp designs carries unrivaled artistic and cultural implications.

For example, floral Tiffany lamps designed with roses symbolize love and add a passionate feel to your space while those designed with lilies symbolize resilience and confidence.

The designers at Tiffany Studios channeled the connotations and interpretations into their works and diffused every floral Tiffany lamp with emotions and historical narratives.

10 Amazingly Cheap Floral Tiffany Lamps for Sale

Affordable floral Tiffany lamps allow many people to own Tiffany-style lamps that align with their aesthetic and functional preferences.

Most of the cheap lamps are well-crafted and closely resemble the original designs. Also, they offer excellent value for your money.

Here are the affordable floral Tiffany lamps that offer huge discounts.

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1. Werfactory

This lamp is crafted using the same designs that Louis Comfort Tiffany used in the 19th century. The werfactory Tiffany lamp makes the elegance of floral Tiffany lamps affordable.

The lamps are handmade and can add charm and ambiance to any space in your home. You can use the lamp for decorative and task lighting in your room.

Its stained-glass shade and floral motifs give your room a beautiful glow. As shown below, you can use an LED bulb to achieve the best lighting results.



2. Amora

The Amora floral Tiffany lamp is handmade using techniques that were used by artisans at Tiffany Studios in the 19th century.

It has a rich finish, and you can use it with an LED and compact fluorescent bulb. As shown below, the lamp has a sturdy base to support its intricate stained-glass shade.


It has a pull chain for convenient use. You can get the lamp at a fraction of the cost and enjoy the darker and less vibrant illumination from its shade.

Given that it’s handcrafted, it creates variations in color and slight variations in the level of artistry in case you buy two of the same item.

Its stained-glass shade is protected with mineral oil as part of its finishing product. Therefore, using a soft, dry cloth is advisable to remove any dust or excess oil.

3. Bieye

The Bieye floral Tiffany lamp gives the best light when you use a warm white bulb. However, you can use bulbs of different color temperatures to give your space different light effects.

The lamp is handmade by skilled craftsmen. The stained-glass pieces are hand-cut, and a tin solder welds the glass pieces together, as shown below.



The lampshade is made of stained-glass pieces bent at high temperatures to look like a flower petal. The excellent artistry ensures the lampshade does not lose its beauty or luster.

You can enjoy huge discounts on this lamp and take this lamp home and add a fabulous ambiance to your space. The lamp fits perfectly in any space and can perfectly complement other furniture in your home.

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4. Serena D’italia

This budget-friendly lamp is striking with an elegant finish and exquisite floral pattern. It has a convenient pull chain for ease of use.

When you buy this budget-friendly lamp, the elaborate floral motifs on its lampshade add a touch of sophistication to your space.

The lamp has a mission-style-stained glass shade in cream with a red floral design, as shown below.


The base is made of zinc alloy in mission design. You can get the best light effects when you use a 60-watt bulb. The lamp is an excellent choice if you want a taller lighting option.

Also, its slender design makes it an imposing and standalone feature in any room.

5. Chloe

You can get huge discounts on this economically-priced floral Tiffany lamp. Its colorful floral shade and decorative base make it a beautiful addition to any of your rooms.

Its design makes it a robust, functional light and a timeless source of beauty. The lamp emits light downwards, making it ideal for your indoor space and for task lighting .

Its lampshade comprises hundreds of glass-cut pieces and tens of glass beads. The different pieces are joined together to give a multi-colored glow when illuminated, as shown below.




It has a pull chain for convenient use and gives perfect lighting when you use a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

Its base is made of resin to complement the overall appearance of the lamp. You can use the lamp in your living room, bedroom, entryway, and office.

6. River of Goods

You can get a good discount on this Tiffany-style table lamp with an elegant floral pattern in multi-colored shades. It has a classic and unique design and a sturdy base.

This lamp is ideal for you if you want an affordable Tiffany-style lamp with a traditional style. The stunning lamp introduces a sunflower field in your space with its bright blooms and elegant bronze-toned base.

Moreover, it is vintage-inspired and gives a subtle glow that spreads warmth beneath its colorful shade, as shown below.


River of Goods

It comes in different sizes, and you can choose the perfect size for your space. It can make your living room delightful with its upbeat and cheerful charm.

It looks elegant anywhere you place it and gives the best lighting when you use a 15-watt bulb.

7. Dale

The Dale Tiffany floral lamp displays a delicate flower-themed pattern on its shade and an elaborately detailed base.

Its intricate design is a testament to the craftsmanship of the Tiffany style. You can get a huge discount on the lamp and add it to your collection. It has unique features that introduce an element of elegance into your space.

It has a hand-rolled art glass shade and metal base with a dark bronze finish, as shown below.


Also, it has an in-line switch and an on/off socket. Use a 60-watt bulb to get the best light effect on your space.

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8. Warehouse

The warehouse of floral Tiffany lamps combines dragonfly and floral motifs to create a radically distinctive and captivating design.

It offers excellent value if you want an impressive artistic addition to your space. It has a bronze finish, as shown below, and requires three 25-watt bulbs to light up and bring your space to life.



9. Meyda

The Meyda floral Tiffany lamp excellently captures the essence of nature without breaking the bank. Moreover, the huge discounts on the lamp make it more affordable and easier to take home.

It is made of porcelain, glass, and metal. All the materials combine to give the lamp a beautiful look, as shown below.



The lamp is spectacularly custom-crafted to introduce the meyda-custom lighting and decorative elements into your space. It is made using the copper foil construction technique, making it last longer.

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10. Ok Lighting Lamp

The lamp is a budget-friendly option and you can still get huge discounts on it. It has a lovely floral pattern and a simple, elegant base.

When you take this lamp home, it gives you a warm and inviting glow and adds a touch of art to your interior décor. The base and shade are made of glass, as shown below, and it has a touch switch type for convenient use.  


Ok Lighting Lamp



Floral Tiffany lamps are cherished because of their timeless beauty and the warm ambiance they introduce into your space.

Although the lamps are beyond the reach of most people, you can get discounts and have an opportunity to enjoy the charm and elegance of their Tiffany lighting.

Whether you choose a table or floor lamp, the huge discounts allow you to incorporate the lamps into your space and enjoy their allure and intricacy without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the huge discounts and enhance your home’s beauty with floral Tiffany lamps.

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