Werfactory Tiffany Lamps vs. Meyda Tiffany Lighting


The genuine Louis Comfort Tiffany lamps ceased production after the Tiffany Studios closed in 1930.

They are unique lamps with high collectible value. Today's Tiffany style lamp is replica of authentic Tiffany lamp. Many manufacturers incorporate the term Tiffany into the names of their lamps by default.

This article will introduce two prominent wholesalers of Tiffany-style lamps: Werfactory Tiffany and Meyda Tiffany.

We'll compare them in terms of style, value, and quality to give you a better understanding of both brands and help you make an informed choice!

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What is Werfactory Tiffany?

Werfactory is committed to producing aesthetically pleasing, high-quality Tiffany lamps for its customers. Continuously learning from experience and feedback, the brand has refined its designs and quality, earning a good reputation in the process. Werfactory Tiffany lamps come in a variety of functions and themes, catering to various spaces in your home, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and study.


Werfactory Tiffany Lamps:

Werfactory Tiffany is a well-established manufacturer of Tiffany-style lamps. Here, you can choose to purchase:

  • Tiffany table lamps
  • Tiffany floor lamps
  • Tiffany ceiling lights
  • Tiffany pendant lights
  • Tiffany wall lamps
  • Tiffany lampshades
  • Tiffany lamp bases

Functional Spaces:

Based on various usage areas, Werfactory Tiffany functional lamps are categorized into:

  • Living Room Tiffany
  • Study Room Tiffany
  • Bedroom Tiffany
  • Kitchen Tiffany
  • Dining Room Tiffany

Theme Styles:

Based on people's preferred styles and needs, Werfactory Tiffany themes include:

  • Abstract Shape Tiffany
  • Dragonfly Tiffany
  • Floral Tiffany
  • Wisteria Tiffany

Werfactory Tiffany Collections:

Within the Werfactory Tiffany series, you can browse through different thematic styles and uses available in the Werfactory store:

  • Wisteria Style
  • Baroque Style
  • Dragonfly Style
  • Hexagonal Style
  • Cloud Glass Style
  • Tulip Style
  • Victorian Style
  • Curved Glass Crystal Style
  • And many more

Material Quality:

Purchasing a Tiffany-style lamp from Werfactory guarantees quality. Werfactory produces high-quality Tiffany-style lamps. Their designs, intricate and vibrant, are crafted using the copper foil soldering technique.

They employ premium quality glass and metal frames to ensure the longevity of the lamp. On the other hand, as previously mentioned, Werfactory Tiffany designs come in various styles and sizes, but you needn't fret about the installation process.

Werfactory provides a straightforward assembly manual for users, utilizing durable mounting brackets to ensure lamp stability. Following the provided electrical wiring steps and shade assembly, users can even install it themselves.

Moreover, Werfactory has knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions about production time, quality, shipping methods, or any other issues you might encounter. Werfactory is a brand with an excellent reputation.


The price of Werfactory Tiffany varies based on individual needs, typically ranging between $100 to $500.

Customer Reviews:

Having been in the Tiffany business for many years, Werfactory has garnered numerous reviews and praises from its customers. I cannot exaggerate how much charm this colored glass inset lighting fixture added to my home. It transformed my space into a cozy and pleasant retreat, bringing endless joy to me and my family.

What is Meyda Tiffany?

Meyda Lighting is a decorative lighting manufacturer, with Meyda Tiffany being one of its collections. It offers a broad range of colored glass lamps as well as Tiffany reproductions. Buy Tiffany lamps here, all the quality you can be guaranteed!

Meyda Lighting

Meyda Tiffany Lamps:

A distinctive feature of the Meyda Tiffany is its high configuration and customization. It can provide and customize Tiffany lamps of different sizes, and similarly to Werfactory, offers patterns in natural, floral, and animal styles. They have various types of Tiffany lamps:

  • Tiffany Table Lamps
  • Tiffany Chandeliers
  • Tiffany Floor Lamps
  • Glass Windows
  • Lamp Shades
  • Tiffany Wall Lights

Meyda Tiffany lamp styles are categorized into:

  • Curved Glass Tiffany
  • Colored Glass Partitions
  • Tiffany Chain-link Lamps
  • Tiffany Magnolia Lamps
  • Tiffany Wisteria
  • Tiffany Branch Chandeliers


Material Quality

Meyda Tiffany employs copper foil construction techniques, hand-cutting and hand-soldering authentic colored glass, ensuring a high standard of quality.


Meyda Tiffany doesn't have fixed pricing. You'll need to contact them directly for details.


Meyda Lighting is a professional lighting store with a team of expert engineers and meticulous manufacturing processes. It holds an irreplaceable position in the lighting industry. With high guarantees of quality and safety, under Meyda's expertise, their Tiffany lighting has earned the trust and affection of many users.
Meyda Lighting

Werfactory Tiffany Lamps vs. Meyda Tiffany Lights

Based on the above information, we have compiled the advantages and disadvantages of Werfactory Tiffany and Meyda Tiffany for you.

Werfactory Tiffany

  1. Diverse Selection: Offers a variety of Tiffany-style fixtures such as table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall lights, lampshades, and bases.
  2. Varied Designs: Provides numerous design themes based on different use spaces and customer needs, like dragonfly, floral, and wisteria.
  3. High-quality Materials: Utilizes high-quality glass and metal frames, employing the copper foil soldering technique.
  4. Installation-friendly: Offers users an easy-to-understand installation guide, equipped with durable mounting brackets.
  5. Customizable with free shipping.
  6. Transparent Pricing: Product prices generally range between $100 to $500, providing consumers with a clear budget scope.


  • Price Range: For some consumers, the minimum price of $100 might still seem a bit high. However, for premium Tiffany-style fixtures, this price is quite reasonable.
  • No branch-like fixtures and no window-type Tiffany styles.

Meyda Tiffany Lighting


  1. Customization Services: Offers and customizes Tiffany lamps of various sizes for clients.
  2. Traditional Craftsmanship: Emphasizes original manufacturing techniques, hand-cutting, and soldering authentic colored glass.
  3. Brand Recognition: As a professional lighting store, Meyda Lighting holds an irreplaceable position in the lighting industry.
  4. Quality Assurance: Stringent manufacturing processes ensure the quality of every product.
  5. Diverse and comprehensive product range.
  6. Specific product details are labeled on every item.


  • Opaque Pricing: Requires contacting the brand for specific pricing, which might be inconvenient for some consumers.



How do you clean and maintain a Tiffany floor lamp?

For Tiffany lampshades with opaque or colored glass and convex surfaces, use a lint-free or soft cloth with lemon oil furniture cleaner. Unplug the lamp and let it cool. Apply a small amount of lemon oil furniture cleaner on the lint-free cloth.

Which is a better choice between Meyda Tiffany and Werfactory Tiffany?

Both are trustworthy brands. Consider variety, style, installation, safety, and price range. If you value brand reputation, quality, and craftsmanship, and need specific customization, Meyda Tiffany might be the better choice. If you're looking for diverse designs, clear price ranges, and easy-to-install products, Werfactory Tiffany might be more suitable.

Is Wefactory a renowned brand for Tiffany-style floor lamps?

Yes, Wefactory is a reputable brand that manufactures high-quality Tiffany-style fixtures, featuring handmade lampshades and premium bases. Their products offer a range of designs and come with warranties.

Which type of light bulb is better?

LEDs are excellent. Base: E26, Temperature Range: 2700 Kelvin (Warm Light), Power: 4-8W, Diameter: G45 is preferable.


After comparing Werfactory Tiffany Lamps and Meyda Tiffany Lighting, we are presented with two distinctive brands. The choice is not just about price or style; it's about the values the brand conveys and the ambiance it can provide for your home. Moreover, choosing a brand isn't about right or wrong, but what aligns more with your personal style and needs. We hope you find this article helpful in making your decision.

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