We are a professional Tiffany production manufacturer in China with nearly 25 years of production experience, and our brand WERFACTORY is well-known for its excellent quality in the United States and the United Kingdom. Unlike other factories, we only focus on our brand series products and provide the best quality to consumers.

We provide different services to different customers:

1) Traders:
For Traders, we require them to order a minimum order quantity of 40 foot containers and a minimum of 10 containers per year. For individual items, we do not have a minimum order requirement. Every year, we will provide discounts based on the total number of customers' orders.

No min order for single Item.

Fast Shipping:10-20 days.

Excellent Quality Always.

2) Retail stores
We require a minimum of 20 foot container per order, and there is no minimum order quantity for a single product.

No min order for single Item.

Fast Shipping:10-15 days.

Excellent Quality Always.

3) Online store owners and bloggers.
We provide a drop-shipping service and currently only provide services to customers in the United States, UK, and Canada.

Fast Shipping:1-3 days.

Specially Discount Code for you.


Of course, we can adjust our service offerings according to the specific needs of our customers. We sincerely hope you join our brand distribution team for a mutually beneficial cooperation.

Thank you.

Wefactory Tiffany Lamp



Werfactory History

Werfactory Tiffany Lamp Factory Start from 1997, Specially in tiffany lamp field, Now we have thousands design for customer choose:

In the early 1997s, We start the first Tiffany Lamp Factory, China BBoss Tiffany lamp & Lighting Co., Ltd (tiffanymarket.com), Main Produce Tiffany Lamp for customer all over the world.
In 2002s, We start the second factory (HUI ZHOU BAO LIAN  LIGHTING CO., LTD)  produce modern lamp for customer over the world.
In 2003s, Our Lamp been sell on Ebay, we win More than 100 customers
In 2005s, We cooperate with hundreds lamp shop in China, Sell our lamp in China Local Shop
In 2006s, We start sell our lamp through Taobao.com
In 2007s, We start our Website http://www.bl-lamp.com
In 2010s, We have design More than 10,000 Items for all over the world.
In 2011s, We win order From Amazon.
In 2013s, We start the third Factory main produce for Amazon.
In 2017s, We Start Our Amazon Business, and Win Susscessful
In 2018s, We Start the Fourth Factory Main produce for Walmart and Wayfair.
In 2021s, We Start http://www.werfactory.com as online shop .

 How we got our start Our Brand "Werfactory"?

The market was glutted with vulgar imitations, People couldn't find a real good quality tiffany lamp, WERFACTORY commitment to manufacturing beautiful, flawless quality Tiffany Lamps for people.
What makes our product unique?
All of products Designed by WERFACTORY, these items is artwork for creative and versatile piece of home decoration, We bring tiffany lamp great again, Worth Having, Be All You Can Be!
Why we love what we do?
Our Customer Been Appreciated, they gave us a lot of reasonable advice and criticism, This help us improve our design and quality, these make WERFACTORY design been famous in the world, We are doing a very meaningful job,Tiffany Lamp Great Again!

Werfactory Value

Worth Having, Be All You Can Be, Werfactory Tiffany Lamp
“Mom, why don't we have a Werfactory Lamp?”
"Sweetie, you will have one on your wedding day!"
Worth Having
Be All You Can Be 
Werfactory Tiffany Lamp
Ingenious design with colorful stained glass to make Werfactory Tiffany Lamp one of the most gorgeous lamps on the market. Not only does it provide beautiful warm light to illuminate your spaces, but also as a Hand Artcrafts for collection.

It is the perfect light for bedrooms and living rooms, as it's gorgeous enough to provide soft warm lighting and a warm cozy ambiance, but isn't so harsh that it overwhelms the space.. And extra storage and display area is always a plus!

Collectible Treasures! Diamonds in the field of lighting.

We always insist the good quality with good price for our market.

Werfactory Serve

You observe one month, we are produce and selling tiffany lamp
You observe one year, we are produce and selling tiffany lamp
You observe a few years, we are still produce and selling tiffany lamp
Selling Tiffany lamp, because of persistence, so professional
Don't always wait and see, doubt, hesitate, observe
When you can, come to me
If it's not quality Tiffany lamp, how can we sell them for so long?
If it is not credibility, how can we do today
Behind every persistence is hard work and sincere dedication
Be kind to everyone in need
With good quality, win recognition.
With good service, the guests.
Thanks to so many customers who trust us, it is because of your support that we have come so far and gone so much further.
Do not sell the cheapest lights, nor sell the highest priced lights, only sell good quality Tiffany lamp, the price has the advantage of lights.
Only sell good service lights, after-sales worry-free lights.
Are real lights, no beautification, can be seen, can feel, can touch, can touch, can taste, can appreciate, you experience, feel the dignity, you taste the effect, feel comfortable
Design each lamp, only to light your warm taste of home.
Responsible for each lamp, only for you to use to save, peace of mind, peace of mind.
Sell Tiffany lamp, which is such a bottom line, not to spell low prices, to quality, back to the customer. To service, convince guests .
Light is not a one-time sale, buy to install, to maintain.
Since you have observed us for so long, will certainly believe us - come on, you have a need to see the lights, not necessarily buy, make a friend also!

Worth Having, Be All You Can Be, Werfactory Tiffany Lamp

Werfactory International Co., Ltd

4th floor,  Building F, South Guanghua Road, Lianfa Avenue,Tongqiao Town
Huizhou Guangdong China 516032



China BBoss Tiffany lamp & Lighting Co., Ltd (tiffanymarket.com)

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