A Buyer's Guide to Tiffany Table Lamps


Tiffany table lamps are unrivaled because of their robust functionality, timeless aesthetic appeal, charm, and elegance. They are a must-have lighting fixture because of their beauty and highly sought-after stained glass lamp shade. Moreover, they symbolize sophistication and luxury and add delicate beauty to your room and space. 

Below are the different factors you must consider when buying Tiffany table lamps. 

  • · Authenticity
  • · Quality
  • · Design
  • · Size
  • · Lighting needs
  • · Budget 

Whether you are an experienced collector or a newbie looking to buy your first Tiffany table lamp, there are different factors that determine whether you make a purchase and at how much.

Genuine Tiffany table lamps are rare and command huge prices. There are also high-quality imitation pieces that you can get at a relatively lower price. The remaining part of this article discusses a brief history of Tiffany table lamps and extensively explains the factors to consider before or when purchasing. 

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History of Tiffany Table Lamps

In the 1800s, Louis Comfort Tiffany started a business that specialized in the design of leaded glass windows. Soon after, he began making leaded stained-glass shades for light fittings. The style range of his shades became known as Tiffany lamps

The first Tiffany lamp was made around 1895 by Louis Comfort and other artisans at the Tiffany Studios. 

The artisans at the studio specialized in glass selection, hand cutting, and the use of colored glass pieces in designing lampshades. They had the freedom to craft their unique designs and models.

The first Tiffany table lamp was designed and made around 1895. The lamps featured different designs that are still popular today. Back then, Tiffany table lamp designs were influenced by nature and aligned to the maxims of the Art Nouveau style. 

The different designs, such as peony, wisteria, and dragonfly, stayed in fashion even during the Art Deco period when geometric designs were the design of choice. The different designs of Tiffany table lamps continue to be stylish, current, and vibrant to date. 

Reproduction of Tiffany table lamps began in the 1970s and today, there are several reproductions of Tiffany lamps. Today's Tiffany table lamps are characterized by a Tiffany-style shade manufactured by soldering stained-glass pieces into a specific design. 

Also, the lamps have a sturdy base to help prevent the shade from toppling over. The base and shade complement each other, add a decorative frame to your space, and mark the beginning of fun in your room. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Tiffany Table Lamp

When choosing between the wide selection of beautifully crafted Tiffany table lamps, there are different factors that you have to consider, including:


Tiffany table lamps are popular, and there have been many replicas and reproductions. Original Tiffany table lamps are hard to find and as a result, they are very expensive. 

Also, Tiffany Studio tags and ad signatures are unreliable in proving the authenticity of a Tiffany table lamp. Therefore, it is best to know how to tell the quality of the material used in making the lamp and its authenticity. 

Most genuine Tiffany table lamps have existed for more than a century. In this regard, you don't expect them to be in perfect condition. 

The shades of original Tiffany table lamps were manufactured at Tiffany Studios using the foil method. The pieces of stained glass were soldered together to form a shade. The final process involved gently heating the wax until it melts. 

As a result, a Tiffany lampshade of good quality employs traditional techniques, feels waxy, and proves the excellence of the craftsmanship of Tiffany Studios. 

Alternatively, there are high-quality reproductions that you can buy and still enjoy the glamour and sophistication of the Tiffany style without breaking the bank. 

If you buy a reproduction, ensure it is near-authentic with an attractive stained-glass shade. 


It is best to examine the quality of the stained glass that you want to buy. Original Tiffany table lamps are made of high-quality and hand-selected stained glass that is vibrant. 

You need to be cautious of lamps with unevenly colored stained glass as it may be a sign of poor-quality reproduction. Also, you need to consider the quality of the base. 

The Tiffany lamp base is made of bronze or brass and has a sturdy and solid feel, as shown below.

Tiffany lamp base

Ensure the base is well-crafted and complements the lamp's overall stability and beauty.  Most reproductions are close to the original Tiffany table lamps regarding quality and use of high-quality materials. 

Therefore, it is best to spend on a high-quality table lamp that will last for generations. 

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Before you buy a Tiffany table lamp, you must choose a design that meets your functional and decorative needs. 

Here are the different designs that you can choose from.

· Geometric. This design is characterized by symmetrical patterns that are repeated throughout the design. They can be simple or complex, depending on the use of colored glass pieces that create an overall effect. 

· Floral. This is a nature-inspired design that features different types of flowers. They are beautiful and can take a long time to design. 

· Dragonfly. Such designs feature intricate dragonfly motifs that add beauty and elegance to your space when illuminated. 

· Art Nouveau. The Art Nouveau Movement inspired this design between 1890 and 1915. The design is characterized by elaborate linear designs and flowing natural forms, as shown below.


Tiffany table lamps

Choose a design that will give your space the desired feel and warmth. For example, you can use a rose flower-themed floral design in your space to infuse aspects of love, passion, and resilience. 


You need to consider the size of the Tiffany table lamp and your intended placement area.  The lamps come in different sizes, and buying one that fits comfortably on your table is best.

The lamp should not overwhelm your space or create an imbalance in your room.  While considering the size, you need to consider the lamp's height and the lampshade's diameter. 

An ideal size for your space sits comfortably on the designated table and is not too tall to fit in your room's vertical space.  Also, it balances out the different decorative elements in your room and adds charm and a subtle glow to your surroundings.

Lighting Needs

When buying a Tiffany table lamp, it is best to consider your lighting needs and preferences. Tiffany table lamps emit a warm light that makes your room cozy. 

In some instances, you may be using the lamp for task lighting and may be forced to complement your Tiffany table lamp with extra task lighting sources. 

Tiffany table lamps are mostly for beauty and add elegance to your room when lit.  They feature downward-facing shades, as shown below, which project little light into your room. 

Tiffany table lamp

The shade is a secondary feature that emits a warm secondary background light when it comes to your lighting needs.

You can use your Tiffany table lamp as a reading light and remain an admirable piece of art if you place it on a high table.

The Tiffany table lamp you buy will fulfill your lighting needs if you use an appropriate bulb. 

The primary bulbs used on Tiffany table lamps are incandescent. The bulbs give your space a warm feel and enhance your room's decorative appearance.

Alternatively, you can use an LED bulb on your lamp if you want your bulb to complement the beauty of your Tiffany table lamp. Also, the bulbs give high-quality lighting for your tasks and are energy-efficient. 


You need to set a budget for your Tiffany table lamp purchase.  Original Tiffany table lamps can be costly because of their rich historical significance, rarity, and unique designs. 

Determine your budget range and stick to it. However, it would be best to invest in a quality lamp that will serve you for a long time.  Complex lamp designs may also cost you more because of the hours that go into their production.

Every piece of glass is hand-cut and polished before they are put together using copper foil before they are soldered into place. 

In this regard, the amount you are willing and able to spend on the Tiffany table lamp will determine its quality, design, and theme.


When buying a Tiffany table lamp, always buy the best quality that your money can afford. 

You can choose your lamp from a wide collection of Tiffany table lamps.  After identifying the design, size, and quality that meets your needs, buy the lamp and enjoy its captivating light and warmth. 

Once you have bought your prized Tiffany table lamp, you need to take care of it for sustained beauty and longevity. Clean the lamp’s shade and base regularly and use appropriate bulb wattage and type. 

Also, place it on a stable table without direct sunlight because prolonged exposure may make the colors fade over time. 

Proper cleaning, care, and placement of your Tiffany lamp will ensure it remains captivating and inviting. Also, it will keep it in good shape to continue bringing out its delicate beauty to your room for a long time.

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