Where to put the floor lamp in the room


The Tiffany floor lamp is typically meticulously positioned in the lounge area of the living room, harmoniously paired with the sofa and coffee table.

Not only does it illuminate this space, but it also creates a unique ambiance. It's advisable to avoid placing it beside bulky furniture or in areas where it might hinder movement. In the bedroom, it equally showcases its charm.

In-home decor, the Tiffany lamps epitomizes the perfect blend of artistry and functionality. Each lamp carries its own distinctive essence and the story behind it. So, how do you choose the perfect spot for this work of art to fully unveil its allure in your home?

Let's delve into how to pinpoint the ideal placement for your Tiffany floor lamp, making it a centerpiece in your living space.


Types of Tiffany Floor Lamp Styles

Tiffany lamps are renowned for their distinctive craftsmanship and style. Louis Comfort Tiffany, the founder of this brand, spearheaded an art movement from the late 19th to the early 20th century, revolutionizing the way glass products were made. Here are some primary styles of Tiffany floor lamps:

  • Dragonfly Tiffany Floor Lamp
  • Floral Tiffany Floor Lamp
  • Wisteria Tiffany Floor Lamp
  • Abstract Shape Tiffany Floor Lamp
  • Additionally, they vary in size, color, price, and shape (like arch, upright, and gooseneck).

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Living room

The middle of the living room

By choosing to place a floor lamp in the center of the living room, you are undoubtedly simulating the distribution of natural light. During the day, sunlight pours in evenly through the windows, filling the entire space with light.

At night, the lamp seems to be the sun of the home, making the gathering of family members in the same light, not only to ensure that everyone has a clear line of sight but also to invariably strengthen the bond between family members. A family gathered under the light, whether chatting or playing games, is more intimate and cozy.


Next to the sofa

The sofa is a place of rest and relaxation where people read, chat, watch TV, or take a nap. Floor lamps placed next to the sofa provide a small world isolated from the outside world.

Instead of turning on all the lights in the room, just turning on this one creates a private, cozy space for those sitting on the couch. Imagine how warm and romantic it is to be nestled on the sofa on a cold, rainy night with only the light of the floor lamp with you.


Every home has a forgotten corner, probably because it is too far from the window, or by the furniture blocked the way. And a bright floor lamp can break this stiff situation and energize this corner. You will find that the originally cold corner becomes so moody with the light. It may become the perfect place for you to be alone with your quiet thoughts or to whisper with your friends and family.

Next to the TV

Modern TV screens are very bright and staring at them for a long time may strain your eyes. A properly placed floor lamp can provide a background light for the TV screen and balance the brightness of the room, thus reducing the burden on the eyes. And it can also create a sense of ambiance for the TV show.

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Bedroom bedside

The bedroom is a private space belonging to us. When night falls, we want a cozy, private environment, so that the body and mind can relax more conducive to sleep. Floor lamps are placed at the head of the bed, just right to meet this demand. And placed in the bedroom bedside, switching the light is very convenient.



Whether it's a girl or a boy, the dresser is an inevitable area. A well-chosen floor lamp can not only provide sufficient light for this area, to ensure that every detail will not be missed when applying makeup, but our face can be more beautifully displayed.


Tiffany floor lamp for study room. The study or office is often where we think, learn, and work. In such spaces, the significance of lighting is especially highlighted. Appropriate lighting not only affects our visual comfort but also influences our work efficiency and mood.


Desk Area

When sitting at a desk, an apt floor lamp can provide uniform and gentle lighting, shielding our eyes from excessive fatigue. Simultaneously, a dimmable floor lamp allows you to adjust the brightness based on different tasks, whether it's detailed handwork or focused reading; it can cater to your needs.

Beside the Bookshelf

Placing a floor lamp next to the bookshelf not only facilitates finding desired books more easily but also adds a touch of artistic and elegant ambiance to the entire study.

By the Window

If there's a window in the study, it's an ideal spot for a floor lamp. During the day, the interplay of natural light from the window with the lamp creates a serene and cozy reading nook. Come nightfall, the lamp's glow combined with the moonlight and stars outside creates a tranquil work atmosphere.

Children's Room

The children's room is a magical space filled with innocence, curiosity, and dreams. Choosing an appropriate floor lamp for them not only meets the needs of lighting but also adds a playful touch, stimulating their imagination. Whether it's a natural-style dragonfly, butterfly, wisteria, or an abstract hexagonal Tiffany-style floor lamp, they all suit children's rooms.


Beside the Bed

Placing a cute floor lamp by a child's bed not only provides nighttime guidance when they get up but also offers soft lighting during bedtime stories. This lamp acts like a guardian angel, silently protecting their sweet dreams.

Toy Area

Children often have a designated toy corner in their room. A floor lamp here not only provides adequate lighting for playtime but also ensures their safety.

Next to the Study Desk

As children grow, their study desks become increasingly important. An appropriate floor lamp guarantees their visual health during study sessions, preventing eye fatigue due to insufficient lighting. Choose a lamp with gentle light and adjustable brightness to show care for their educational journey.

Reading Nook

Setting up a cozy reading nook for children encourages their reading habits. A uniquely designed floor lamp not only provides the necessary lighting but also entices them to sit down and pick up a book.

Note: When choosing a floor lamp for children's rooms, safety and practicality are paramount. Opt for designs with stable bases that aren't easily toppled and ensure the cords are concealed to prevent tripping. Also, designs should be fun and stimulating.

Hallways & Corridors


Hallways and corridors are often seen as the connecting bridges of a home, linking all its parts and witnessing the daily lives of the family. Floor lamps act like little guardians of these transitional spaces, bringing warmth and soul to every fleeting moment.

  1. At the Entrance: Placing a floor lamp at the entrance of a hallway or foyer offers the first warm greeting to those entering the home.
  2. Corners & Bends: For longer or curved hallways, timely lighting not only shows the way but also prevents potential trips or bumps in the night.
  3. Beside Home Decor: If there are artworks, sculptures, or other decorations in the hallway or corridor, an apt floor lamp can enhance their visual appeal, making every corner of the home shine.

When shopping for floor lamps for hallways and corridors, size and shape are crucial. Given the relative narrowness of these spaces, choosing tall and minimalist designs is more fitting. Ensure the lamp's brightness is just right — neither too glaring nor too dim — making every pass a visual treat.


A Tiffany-style floor lamp is more than just a household lighting tool; it's a reflection of a home's emotions and style. Every placement has its unique significance and purpose, from the living room gatherings to bedroom tranquility to the study's focus, the playfulness of the children's room, and the guidance of the corridor. Each lamp is a heartwarming note in the house, providing comfort, companionship, direction, and inspiration to family members.

When selecting and placing a Tiffany floor lamp, consider both its functionality and aesthetics, ensuring it meets practical needs while harmonizing with the overall home style. As night falls and every corner of the home is gently illuminated, you'll genuinely realize that appropriate lighting is not just about light; it imparts emotion, warmth, and the rhythm of life.

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