Bieye Tiffany table lamp vs. Werfactory Tiffany table lamp


If you happen to be looking for a Tiffany-style table lamp to decorate your home or for reading, consider checking out this comparison blog.

Bieye Lighting and Werfactory tiffany lamps are both high-quality manufacturers of Tiffany-style lamps. By comparing the table lamp styles of these two companies, you can better understand your needs and purchase a more suitable Tiffany table lamp.


What is Bieye Lighting?

Bieye is a trademark of Weaseller Inc. and is also a sales platform. Weaseller Inc. is a famous manufacturer and retailer of Tiffany stained glass lamps. Here, you can find a variety of Tiffany product styles. In addition to Tiffany table lamps, they also offer floor lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, and Tiffany windows.

Types of Bieye Tiffany Table Lamps

The types of Bieye Tiffany table lamps are exquisite, boasting various styles. Bieye Tiffany has designed a new product: a cherry blossom Tiffany-style colored glass table lamp with a petal lamp shade.

This is a minimalist style petal lampshade, highly decorative, and is visually appealing whether the light is on or off. In addition to the cherry blossom Tiffany, other styles of Bieye's Tiffany table lamps include:

  • Lily flower Tiffany style
  • Hummingbird Tiffany
  • Lighthouse Tiffany style
  • Baroque Tiffany style
  • Grape Tiffany style
  • Geometric style
  • Rose flower Tiffany style
  • Spider-web Tiffany-style

With so many beautiful styles of Bieye Tiffany lamps, their prices vary from 89 US dollars to 3000 US dollars. Customers can place orders on the Bieye website or purchase them on major sales platforms like Amazon.

Highly Rated Bieye Tiffany Table Lamps

Bieye L10776 Lighthouse Tiffany-style Colored Glass Table Lamp

This lamp comes in various colors including blue, red, brown, and orange. It's a very compact table lamp, more suitable as an ambiance light. It has received a 4.6 rating from 348 user reviews on Amazon. Below are its basic details:


  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 inches deep x 5.5 inches wide x 15 inches high, weighing 2.77 pounds
  • Switch Type: Rocker, wired electric. USB connection
  • Material: Glass
  • Price: $119.99

User Reviews:

We were looking for something different as a night light for our spare room decorated in a nautical theme. This is perfect! It looks good, emits the right amount of light, and we've received several compliments. A great purchase and worth it for us.

Doesn't come with a bulb. The bulb is almost the smallest made in the USA. Smaller than I imagined.

Absolutely gorgeous light. Well-made, super bright, especially at the top of the lighthouse. Very satisfied with this Tiffany lamp!

Bieye L10718 Hummingbird Tiffany-style Colored Glass Table Lamp

This hummingbird-themed Tiffany-style lamp has received 118 user reviews on Amazon, with a rating of 4.4. The delicate hummingbird kissing a flower makes this lively and natural theme more suitable for use as a children's room table lamp. Here are its basic details:


  • Product Dimensions: 8 inches deep x 8 inches wide x 15 inches high, weighing 3.3 pounds
  • Switch Type: Rocker, wired connection
  • Material: Glass, metal
  • Price: $99

User Reviews:

I love this lamp. It's the perfect size. Just needs a bulb the size of an appliance. I really wish the cord was a bit longer.

I really like this lamp, It's smaller than I imagined, but I placed it on a pedestal, and it works well, it's both sturdy and heavy.

Beautiful and functional. A great addition to my bedroom, this size lamp emits more light than I expected.

What is Werfactory?

Werfactory Tiffany is a renowned manufacturer of Tiffany-style lighting fixtures. Werfactory is dedicated to producing beautiful and high-quality Tiffany lights for its customers.

By continuously drawing on experience and feedback, the brand consistently improves its designs and quality, earning a good reputation in the process. Werfactory Tiffany lights come in various functions and themes, suitable for various spaces in your home, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and study.

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Types of Werfactory tiffany table lamps

Among the Tiffany table lamp types are the dragonfly-themed blue-orange Tiffany lamp, the double tropical bird colored glass table lamp, the Tiffany Mission-style hexagonal colored glass lamp, as well as roses, blue lotus, and Baroque style Tiffany table lamps.

Within the Werfactory Tiffany collection, you can browse various thematic styles and uses available in the Werfactory store:

  • Wisteria style
  • Baroque style
  • Dragonfly style
  • Hexagonal
  • Cloud glass style
  • Tulip style
  • Victorian style
  • Curved glass crystal design

These table lamps come in various sizes, styles, and colors, with prices generally ranging from $100 to $300.

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Top-rated Werfactory Tiffany Lamps on Amazon

Werfactory produces high-quality Tiffany-style lighting fixtures. You can purchase directly from its official website or browse and buy from major stores like Amazon and Walmart. Below are some of the top-rated Werfactory Tiffany table lamps on Amazon:

Werfactory Green Colored Glass Mother-Daughter Vase Tiffany-style Table Lamp

This lamp requires two bulbs but is easy to assemble.

When you turn on the small light, it can serve as a warm night light. When you turn on the main light in the lampshade, it becomes a bright table lamp suitable for reading and office tasks. This product has received a 4.7 rating from 382 user reviews on Amazon. Here are its basic details:


  • Product Dimensions: Green, 16 inches deep x 16 inches wide x 24 inches high, weighing 9.24 pounds
  • Switch Type: Pull chain switch
  • Material: Resin, glass, zinc base
  • Bulb Type: LED 4-8W G45 2700 Kelvin warm bulb
  • Price: $209.99

User Reviews:

Very satisfied, it's the new centerpiece in the living room, so beautiful.

This lamp is even more beautiful than the picture. The colors are so vibrant. The light is bright but not overly so.

The lamp is made of real glass. You just use the pull chain to turn off the light inside the shade. I think the price is good for the quality you get. I picked this for my mother when her Tiffany broke, and she loves it too.

The glass color is great, especially when illuminated at night. It's both vibrant and lights up the room well. Considering similar Tiffany lamps sell for over $1000, this is a very good value for the price. Highly recommended!

Werfactory Ocean Blue Colored Glass Dragonfly Style Tiffany Table Lamp

This is a classic dragonfly style table lamp on Amazon that has been loved by many users. The vivid dragonfly adorned with ocean blue glass makes it the focal point when you turn it on, creating a unique ambiance with its serene ocean blue color. This lamp has received a 4.8 rating from 499 user reviews on Amazon. Here are its basic details:


  • Product Dimensions: Green, 16 inches deep x 16 inches wide x 24 inches high, weighing 12.1 pounds
  • Switch Type: Pull chain switch, wired
  • Material: Metal, glass, zinc base
  • Bulb Type: Two bulbs, LED 4-8W G45 2700 Kelvin warm bulb
  • Price: $174.99

User Reviews:

A gorgeous lamp. It came beautifully packaged, was easy to assemble, and looks great in my living room.

The quality is excellent, and we're very satisfied. Definitely worth the money.

I love this lamp. It looks just like a Tiffany. I placed it on my bedside table.
These lamps are gorgeous, well-made, and quite heavy. I bought a pair in beautiful shades of aqua and green for our master bedroom, and after loving them, got another pair in neutral colors for our guest room.

Bieye tiffany table lamp vs. Werfactory tiffany table lamp

While we are comparing different Tiffany-style table lamps, the diversity of Tiffany styles and the comparison of different styles of Tiffany fixtures can reveal the attitude of its manufacturers. In terms of craftsmanship, both use metal and glass, resin, or zinc.

Bieye Tiffany Table Lamp Review:

Bieye Tiffany table lamps are not all compact; they also have sizes 16 inches wide and 24 inches high.

Bieye Tiffany has unique designs like the small cherry blossom petal Tiffany table lamp, as well as richly shaped lampshades such as the lighthouse, lily flower style, flying lady style, spider web, and cherry blossom Tiffany styles. The large-sized cherry blossom with a trunk Tiffany style is also a hallmark of Bieye.

The brand and reputation also offer assurance to users.

Prices are moderate, but the flying lady style, spider web, and cherry blossom Tiffany style, as well as the large cherry blossom with trunk Tiffany style, are priced over $2000.

Werfactory Tiffany Table Lamp Review:

Werfactory offers a slightly more diverse range of lamps than Bieye Tiffany and has been favored by more users.

Werfactory doesn't have many unique themed lampshades, but they all follow classic Tiffany themes.

The price range isn't vast, and they offer customizable styles with excellent deals and discounts.

Werfactory is also a renowned manufacturer of Tiffany fixtures, ensuring quality and after-sales service.

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In Conclusion

The final decision on which Tiffany-style manufacturer to choose depends on your personal preferences and budget. If you prefer the unique cherry blossom style, Bieye might be your choice.

If you value classic and vintage designs, opting for Werfactory would be a wiser decision. Additionally, we have prepared a tutorial on how to choose a Tiffany table lamp for you.

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