Dale Tiffany Flush Mount Ceiling Light vs Werfactory Tiffany Flush Mount Ceiling Light


In the Tiffany-style lighting market, Dale Tiffany and Werfactory Tiffany lamps are two renowned brands. Both brands offer a variety of Tiffany-style fixtures, but there are also some differences between them.

This article will compare these two brands to help consumers make a more informed choice.

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What is Dale Tiffany?

Dale Tiffany stands out in the Tiffany-style lighting industry, with a history that dates back to 1980. The company is not only known for its exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials but is also revered for its adherence to traditional handcrafting techniques.

Their use of leaded glass and hand-soldering techniques ensures that each product exudes a unique artistic charm.


  • Exceptional Quality: Dale Tiffany's material selection and manufacturing standards are at the pinnacle of the industry.
  • Diverse Designs: Whether it's vintage classics or modern innovations, Dale Tiffany offers a variety of choices for consumers.
  • Brand Reputation: After decades of market testing, Dale Tiffany has established a rock-solid market reputation.

Dale Tiffany Ceiling Lighting

Dale Tiffany offers a variety of recessed fixtures, including chandeliers, wall lights, and other home decor items. These products are meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure their quality and durability. The thematic style of Dale Tiffany's recessed chandeliers is quite lavish. Examples include:

Dale Tiffany semi-flush mount:


  • Product Color: Blue and white wisteria flower theme
  • Finish: Antique Brass
  • Material: Metal
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Number of Lights: Three
  • Price: $150.35

Dale Tiffany TH13090 Baroque Semi-Recessed Mount:


  • Product Color: Green, yellow, orange, and beige tones with a French lily pattern
  • Product Dimensions: 17.5 inches L x 17.5 inches W x 15 inches H
  • Weight: 7.95 lbs
  • Number of Lights: Two
  • Material: Metal base with a gold sand finish, glass shade
  • Price: $268.44

Dale Tiffany 8780/3LTF Tiffany/Mica Three Light Recessed Mount:


  • Product Color: Creamy beige base with a mosaic bell-shaped shade
  • Product Dimensions: ‎13 inches L x 13 inches W x 10 inches H
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Number of Lights: Three
  • Material: Metal base with an antique brass finish, glass shade, UL-certified
  • Price: $139.99

What is Werfactory?

Werfactory Tiffany lamps, established in 1999, is a rising star in the Tiffany-style lighting market. Although its history is not as long-standing as Dale Tiffany, Werfactory Tiffany has quickly secured a place in the market with its high-quality products and unique design philosophy.


  • Innovative Design: Werfactory Tiffany dares to break with tradition, offering designs that are both modern and artistically rich.
  • Value for Money: Compared to its high-quality products, Werfactory Tiffany's prices are more competitive.
  • Customization: Werfactory Tiffany's customization options cater to consumers' desires for uniqueness and personalization.

Types of Werfactory Tiffany Recessed Lighting

Werfactory Tiffany offers a variety of recessed fixtures in different styles and designs, including Tiffany table lamps, chandeliers, and wall lights. These products are designed to meet the needs of modern households.

Tiffany ceiling lights from Werfactory bring an elegant and romantic feel to your space. Werfactory Tiffany also offers different styles of Tiffany ceiling lights, including dragonfly, wisteria, hummingbird, rose, and geometric patterns. Examples include:

Werfactory Tiffany Ceiling Light Green Wisteria Stained Glass Semi-Recessed:


  • Product Color: S523 Green, Wisteria
  • Product Dimensions: ‎16 inches L x 16 inches W x 16 inches H
  • Weight: 6.16 lbs
  • Number of Lights: Two E26, zipper switch, wired
  • Material: Metal, glass shade, UL-certified
  • Price: $153.99

Werfactory Tiffany Ceiling Light Yellow Hexagonal Colored Glass Semi-Recessed Light:


  • Product Color: S011 Series Yellow, Geometric
  • Product Dimensions: ‎16 inches L x 16 inches W x 40 inches H
  • Weight: 6.16 lbs
  • Number of Lights: One E26, zipper switch, wired
  • Material: Metal, glass shade, UL-certified
  • Price: $154.99

Werfactory Tiffany Ceiling Light Blue-Purple Cloud Dyed Glass Semi-Recessed:


  • Product Color: S558 Blue-Purple, Geometric
  • Product Dimensions: ‎Width 16 inches (40 cm) Height 15 inches (37 cm)
  • Weight: 7.98 lbs
  • Number of Lights: 2 bulbs of 4W G45 2700 Kelvin E26 LED, 50 CM hardwired
  • Material: Antique bronze, iron base, glass shade, UL-certified
  • Price: $158.99

Should I Choose Dale Tiffany or Werfactory Tiffany?

 In the Tiffany-style lighting market, both Dale Tiffany and Werfactory Tiffany are highly esteemed brands, each boasting unique strengths and characteristics.

Dale Tiffany has been around for ages, making top-notch, handcrafted lights. Their stuff looks classic and lasts long, and if you're into that old-school quality, they're your go-to.

On the other hand, Werfactory Tiffany, despite its shorter history compared to Dale Tiffany, has quickly gained market recognition with its innovative designs, value-for-money pricing, and flexible customization options. For consumers who are after a modern feel, uniqueness, and cost-effectiveness, Werfactory Tiffany offers a fresh and affordable choice.

In conclusion, the choice between Dale Tiffany and Werfactory Tiffany ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs. It's recommended that consumers determine their budget, design preferences, and usage requirements before making a purchase. Whichever brand one opts for, it's essential to ensure that the chosen product meets one's practical needs and adds a unique charm to the living space.

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