Lighting is a kind of art

Lighting is a kind of art, this art and architectural decorative style, closely related to the trend of the times, but also represents the prosperity of a city. Lamps and lanterns gradually take the direction of development of functional segmentation, with different light functions, suitable for different occasions lighting a variety of lamps and lanterns by coming into being. Technological innovation is also important, as electronic technology is widely used in the manufacture of lamps and lanterns, adapt to different voltages, adjustable brightness of lighting lamps and lanterns up. No strobe lights, adjustable lights, radiation far infrared lights and other lamps and lanterns with the function of protecting eyesight began to launch the market. Energy saving and environmental protection, such as the recent widespread attention to new energy-saving lighting products induction lamp, LED, etc.. Environmental protection is the new theme of lamp production technology, showing the importance people attach to the ecological environment.

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