2021 Lighting Industry Analysis - Current Market Operation Status and Development Trend Forecast

Luminaire refers to the apparatus that can transmit, distribute and change the light distribution of the light source, including all the parts needed to fix and protect the light source in addition to the light source, as well as the line accessories necessary to connect with the power supply. The main categories of lamps and lanterns are chandeliers, energy-saving lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, downlights, spotlights and bath bombs, etc.
The market size of the lighting industry in 2021 is based on a large amount of first-hand research and data monitoring covering major industries (including the production and output value of the target product or industry in a specified period of time, based on the number of people, people's needs, age distribution, regional wealth and poverty surveys), and through a number of self-developed market size and development prospects estimation models, to provide customers with reliable market and market segment size data and trend judgment, to help customers determine the size of the target market and development prospects, to provide reliable and continuous data support for market development and market share estimation.

  Market size is not only the market sales of luminaire products in a certain range, but also covers the scale of users or sales volume. We estimate the existing market according to the area where the lamps and lanterns are concentrated, the stage of development, and the number of users; secondly, we estimate the future market according to the potential users of lamps and lanterns and the development trend. Finally, the overall size of the lamps and lanterns product market can be known.

  In the estimation of the market size of lamps and lanterns, we mainly use the following methods

  I. Source projection method

  That is, the market scale of this industry is traced back to the source industry that gave birth to this industry, and the data of the lighting industry is deduced through the interpretation of the data of the source industry.

  Second, strong correlation data projection method

  The so-called strong correlation can be understood as the sales of products in two industries have a strong relationship, through the analysis of strong correlation with the lighting industry, to confirm the accuracy of the market scale data.

  Third, the demand projection method

  That is, according to the demand of the target customers of lighting products, to measure the size of the target market.

  Four, sampling analysis method

  That is, a certain sample is taken in the overall by sampling method, and then the overall situation is inferred from the sample. Sampling methods mainly include: random sampling, stratified sampling, overall sampling, systematic sampling and snowball sampling, etc.

  V. Typical backpropagation method

  Based on the research team's study of individual brands, sales and market share, the size of the entire industry is extrapolated backwards.

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