How to use Tiffany table lamp

1, with white light bulbs
  Scientific research has confirmed that our vision is best in white light, so choose incandescent or frosted lamps that emit soft, even white light, rather than choosing colored bulbs.
  2, the degree of the bulb to be appropriate
  If the degree is too low, shine to the book light is dark, we can not easily see the handwriting, which will cause visual fatigue, over time will also lead to myopia, and then the treatment of myopia will become a daily must do. And if the light bulb degree is too high, too much light will be reflected through the white paper surface to our eyes, producing glare, so that the pupils continue to narrow, which in turn causes eye pain and headaches. Generally speaking, 25 watts - 45 watts of incandescent brightness is most appropriate.
  3, the height of the tiffany lamp is also very important
  Usually, when the eyes are 30 cm from the book, you can read the handwriting, but also will not be overly fatigued, as a result, the height of the lamp from the written 40-50 cm is more appropriate, so as to ensure adequate reading lighting, the surrounding environment also has a certain degree of brightness. If the lamp is too low, it will make the light shine to too small a range, while the surrounding area is a dark. The loss of the reference for far-seeing, the eye adjustment system will be in a state of tension and compression only to look at the near, easy to make eye fatigue, and quickly accumulate, resulting in "light source myopia". And if the tiffany lamp is too high, the light will shine directly into our eyes, producing glare; at the same time, the close range glare will also cause light stagnation in the retina, will make the eye muscle tightening, speeding up vision loss, so the usual knowledge of the treatment of myopia should also be mastered.
  4, the size of the bulb to match the lampshade
  To ensure that the bulb is just covered in the lampshade, to avoid direct light to our eyes.
  5, the placement of the tiffany lamp also has a great impact on vision
  Because most people write with the right hand, so the lamp should be placed in front of the left side of the body, when writing will not form a shadow on the paper because of the shade of the hand, and the light shining on the paper will not reflect back to our eyes and produce glare.

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