Where to Put Floor Lamps in the Living Room?


Deciding where to place your floor lamp can be a bit difficult. The decision to place it next to your sofa seems obvious but is that your only option? No, it is your house, your space, and you can put your Tiffany floor lamp in any spot within your living room.

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Here are ideas on where to put your Tiffany floor lamp in the living room.

  • Middle of the living room
  • Next to your sofa
  • Empty corner
  • Next to your TV
  • Next to your desk

Tiffany lamps for the living room can do more than just light your space. The floor lamps can influence the overall appearance of your living room depending on the design and materials used in making them.

Also, the lamp's position can change your space's feel. The rest of the article extensively explains where to put your floor lamp in the living room and factors to consider while choosing your ideal spot.

Where to Put Your Floor Lamp in The Living Room

Tiffany floor lamps are inconstant and changeable; you can place them virtually everywhere.

Before deciding on a spot, it is best to look at the other light sources and decorative elements in your living room to balance the lighting and decoration—for example, windows, Tiffany ceiling lamps, and other lamps.

Also, identify any bare areas or dark corners where you could place your floor lamp to add ambiance to your living room and make it feel alive.

Tiffany floor lamps cast light at different levels, allowing you to alter your space's design and light levels. You can use them to achieve different types of lighting, including:

  • Accent
  • Task
  • Ambient

The type of light your Tiffany floor lamp for the living room provides mostly depends on its positioning in your living room. You can get the right lighting for your living room from your Tiffany floor lamp by placing it in the following spots.

Middle of the Living Room

You can position your Tiffany-arched floor lamp in the middle of your living room. Doing so will make a dramatic statement, and the light will hit the center of your space.

Tiffany Torchiere Floor Lamp

Placing your Tiffany floor lamp in the middle of your living room works best if you place your furniture close together.  Also, you can use the lamp over your sectional sofa. You can set your furniture further from the wall if you have a larger living room.

If your sofa is in the middle of the space, place your Tiffany floor lamp beside it and use a floor power outlet. The floor power outlet will prevent you from tripping over power cables.

Next to Your Sofa

Placing your floor lamp next to your sofa is one of the common layouts. Most people use the spot next to the sofa because it looks good. You can use one lamp next to your sofa or two lamps on both sides of your sofa.

If you use one lamp, it is best to use a lamp that will properly light up your space and introduce an element of texture to the design of your living room.

Placing your lamps on each side of the sofa will give your living room a tidy and refreshing look. Also, it creates a neat balance, especially if you have matching tables.

Alternatively, you can place the floor lamp next to your sofa from behind. This creates excellent depth and gives adequate light for perfect reading over your sitting area.

This can be useful if you are using the lamp for reading or creating warmth and setting the mood to help you unwind and relax.

A beautiful and stylish lamp such as the Tiffany arched floor lamp shown below can help draw attention to your sitting area and make the display more distinctive and unique.

 Tiffany arched floor lamp

Also, you can place your metallic floor lamp against the wall next to your sofa to create a conceptual distinction, making your space more modern and aesthetic.

Empty Corner

Floor lamps require space, and having one in the corner of your living room is realistic. It adds value to the corner space and draws focus to the layout of your living room.  

Also, the light from your Tiffany floor lamp will cast a gorgeous glow in the corner and illuminate your space, making it warm and cozy.  

If you have many Tiffany floor lamps, you can place them in all the corners of your living room. The multiple lamps will brighten your space and create more overall illumination.

Standing Tiffany Lamp

Also, the lamps can cast colorful light into your living room, creating an even more illuminating impact. As a result, the lamps create a uniform and soft glow in your living room, thereby enhancing its beauty.

Next to Your TV

This might not be an obvious position for your floor lamp. However, placing your lamp beside your TV reduces eye strain and possible injury. A Tiffany floor lamp beside your TV creates contrast, especially when the other light sources are off.

Next to Your Desk

If you have a desk in your living room, place your Tiffany floor lamp next to it for brighter task lighting. Place it over the desk to direct the light onto your working or reading area.


Floor lamps are excellent fixtures for improving your space. They add the much-needed light to your living room and add a decorative aspect while doing it.

There are different Tiffany floor lamps, such as standing Tiffany lamps, torchiere Tiffany lamps, and arched Tiffany lamps.

Also, there are multiple places to position your Tiffany floor lamps. The most common spots are in an empty corner, next to your sofa, in the middle of your living room, next to your TV and desk.

You can use any spot based on your functional and decorative needs. For example, if you have a sofa, you can place your Tiffany floor lamp behind it to create a welcoming and warm feel in your living room.

Also, it gives the living room adequate light for different tasks and an overall cohesive look. And the Tiffany lamp is also very collectible.

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