Werfactory tiffany style hummingbird lamp


Werfactory Tiffany lamp was established in 1999 and has quickly made a name for itself in the Tiffany-style lighting market. With its high-quality products, unique design concepts, and fast service, Werfactory has secured a prominent position in the Tiffany market.

The Werfactory, like most Tiffany online stores, offers Tiffany lamps for different functional spaces, such as:

  • Tiffany Table Lamps
  • Tiffany wall lamps
  • Tiffany floor lamps
  • Tiffany pendant lamps

And there are many typical Tiffany lamp themes:

  • Dragonflies
  • Wisteria
  • hummingbirds
  • roses
  • Geometric motifs

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Integration of Tiffany Hummingbird Lamps with Modern Home Decor

The Tiffany Hummingbird Lamp is popular for its unique hummingbird and floral motifs. These motifs stand out in modern minimalist interiors because they contrast with the usual décor.


The design of these natural elements has captivated many homeowners, as they can feel as if they are immersed in the wonders of nature through these lamps. As a result, some purchasers choose Tiffany hummingbird lamps as gifts, especially those who are deeply attracted to the charm of hummingbirds.

For those wondering how to incorporate this lamp into their living spaces, Tiffany hummingbird lamps seamlessly blend into various home decor styles as long as the setting is not excessively monochromatic or minimalistic. They can complement and enhance the overall ambiance.

Below, we will showcase a selection of Tiffany hummingbird lamps suitable for different purposes

Types of Hummingbird Tiffany Lamps

Werfactory® Mini Tiffany Table Lamp in Hummingbird Style


Product Dimensions:

  • Width 8 inches, Height 11.4 inches, Weight 2 kg
  • Materials: Bronze resin base, art glass, metal
  • Certification: UL certified
  • Switch Mechanism: US standard plug with a 55-inch cord and button switch
  • Bulb Type: E12 LED bulb (candelabra base)

Werfactory® Hummingbird-Style Pendant Light in Light-Colored Glass


Product Dimensions:

  • Width 12 inches, Height 32 inches, Weight 1.7 kg
  • Materials: Colored glass lampshade, iron fixture
  • Certification: UL certified
  • Bulb Type: 1 x 4-8W G45 2700 Kelvin E26 LED bulb
  • Cord: US standard plug with a 1.2-meter length

Werfactory® Hummingbird-Style Colored Glass Ceiling Light


Product Dimensions:

  • Width 12 inches, Height 11 inches, Weight 2 kg
  • Materials: Art glass, metal
  • Certification: UL certified
  • Bulb Type: 2 x 4-8W G45 2700 Kelvin E26 LED bulbs

Werfactory® Hummingbird Amber Colored Glass Gooseneck Reading Lamp


Product Dimensions:

  • Width 12 inches, Height 64 inches, Weight 9 kg
  • Materials: Art glass, metal
  • Certification: UL certified
  • Bulb Type: 1 x 4-8W G45 2700 Kelvin E26 LED bulb
  • Switch Type: Footswitch

People for Hummingbird Pattern Lamp

Hummingbird lamps are suitable for a variety of people, especially those who appreciate art and unique design. Below are some of the people for whom hummingbird lamps are suitable:

Art Lovers: Hummingbird-patterned lamps usually have beautiful artistic designs and these people will appreciate their value as interior decorations. These lamps are a work of art in themselves and can add a unique aesthetic to a room.

Nature Theme Lovers: Hummingbirds are often associated with nature and flowers, so those who love nature themes will especially enjoy this pattern. They can bring a natural, fresh feel to a home.

Reading enthusiasts: Hummingbird patterned lamps can be used as reading lamps as they usually have adjustable light for long hours of reading. Reading enthusiasts can enjoy soft and cozy lighting while reading.

Those who care about lighting ambiance: Hummingbird patterned lamps create a unique lighting ambiance that makes a room more welcoming and cozy. Those who focus on lighting effects will appreciate the light they provide.

The unique home decorator: Hummingbird patterned lights are an eye-catching decorative choice for those who want to create a distinctive home. They can be the focal point of a room, showcasing the owner's unique taste and style.

In conclusion

Overall, Tiffany hummingbird-themed lamps appeal to a wide variety of tastes and interests. This includes those who enjoy vivid themes and hummingbirds, nature enthusiasts who love nature, and art collectors who have a unique love for artwork.

If you are interested in owning a Tiffany hummingbird lamp that meets your needs, consider browsing the Werfactory collection. There is a wide variety of options offered here at competitive prices, and quality is guaranteed.

I hope my list of Tiffany Hummingbird Lamps with different features will catch your attention. Please let us know the type of hummingbird you want and we will customize a hummingbird Tiffany lamp just for you.


Do Tiffany lamps use LED bulbs?

Yes, modern Tiffany lamps are now compatible with LED bulbs. Using LED bulbs is not only more energy-efficient but also offers a longer lifespan. It's best to use bulbs with an E26 base, a temperature range of 2700 Kelvin (warm light), a power of 4-8W, and a G45 diameter.

Why are Tiffany-style lamps less bright?

Designed primarily for decorative purposes and to provide localized lighting, Tiffany lamps feature beautiful and intricate designs of stained glass shades, characteristics that make them less suited to providing large areas of bright illumination, and more suited to creating warm ambient lighting, by contrast.

How do I clean my Tiffany lampshade?

For those Tiffany lampshades with opaque or colored glass and raised surfaces, it's best to clean them with a lint-free cloth or soft fabric with lemon oil furniture cleaner. Before cleaning, be sure to disconnect the lamp and wait for it to cool. Then, apply an appropriate amount of lemon oil furniture cleaner to the lint-free cloth.

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