Where to Buy Stained Glass Lamp shade Replacements


Stained glass lamp shades are delicately assembled from many different pieces or shards of colored glass. Each glass piece exhibits its own unique color and texture, creating a colorful and intricate whole.

If you have a glass lampshade that you want to replace, you will find some inspiration and glass lampshade replacement pieces in this blog.

Where to Purchase Colored Glass Lampshades

When you want to purchase stained glass lamp shades, there are multiple ways for you to choose from. One of them is to visit one of the large online retail platforms, such as Amazon or Walmart, in order to easily browse through the wide variety of options. These platforms typically offer a wide range of products, from lampshades in all styles and price ranges.

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Alternatively, if you're looking for a more unique and specialized stained glass lampshade, head to the websites of brands that specialize in Tiffany-style lamps, such as werfactory Tiffany lamp and Dale Tiffany, to name a few. These brands specialize in making and selling high-quality Tiffany-style lamps, so you can expect to find some unique and sophisticated stained glass lampshade options on their websites.

Next, I will introduce several replacement Tiffany lamp shades to cater to different tastes and needs.

Types of werfactory Colored Glass Lampshades

Werfactory Tiffany offers a variety of recessed fixtures in different styles and designs, including Tiffany table lamps, chandeliers, and wall lights. These products are designed to meet the needs of modern households.

Tiffany Red Amber Tulip Flower Colored Glass Lampshade, Details:

  • Lampshade Theme: Tulip, Red, Dome-shaped
  • Materials: Art Glass, Resin
  • Size: W16 H8 inches
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Number of Lights: 2 lights, E26, LED bulbs


The design of the Red Amber Tulip Flower lampshade vividly portrays the tulip flowers with vibrant and layered hues. It mimics the appearance of real tulip blossoms, delicately constructed with glass panels, each meticulously arranged to showcase the elegance of a flower cluster. These flowers seem ready to bloom in the air.

The amber-colored glass portion of this lampshade adds a warm ambiance to the overall look. When light passes through the amber glass, it becomes soft and inviting, creating a tranquil atmosphere in the room. This warm glow makes it ideal for spaces meant for relaxation, reading, or enjoying a meal.

Tiffany Blue Dragonfly Tiffany Lampshade Replacement, Details:

  • Lampshade Theme: Dragonfly, Sky Blue, Dome-shaped
  • Materials: Art Glass
  • Size: 12X6 inches, Medium-sized
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Number of Lights: 2 lights, E26, LED bulbs


This range of lampshades is very versatile and suitable for different types of lamps, whether they are floor lamps, downlights, or chandeliers.

Dragonfly-themed Tiffany lampshades have been receiving a lot of love from many users as well. The lifelike dragonflies, along with the lively sky-blue hue, bring freshness and vitality to the entire lampshade. Whether you want to use it in a chandelier a floor lamp, or a table lamp, this lampshade will be suitable.

When light passes through these exquisite blue glass panels, it emits a soft and warm glow, creating a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere in the room.

Tiffany Pendant Lamp Fixture Yellow Hexagon Colored Glass Lampshade, Details:

  • Lampshade Theme: Abstract Shape, Yellow, Hexagonal
  • Materials: Art Glass, Metal
  • Size: W16 H40 inches, Large-sized
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Number of Lights: 2 lights, E26, LED bulbs


The Tiffany Pendant Lamp Fixture with a yellow hexagonal colored glass lampshade combines Tiffany-style tradition with a unique hexagonal shape, infused with a warm yellow hue, bringing warmth and uniqueness to any space.

It emits a soft and warm glow, creating a serene and cozy ambiance. It's perfect for hotel public spaces like restaurants, living rooms, or lobbies.

Tiffany Hummingbird Amber Colored Glass Lampshade, Details:

  • Lampshade Theme: Flora and Fauna, Multi-color, Dome-shaped
  • Materials: Art Glass
  • Size: W16 H8 inches, Large-sized
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Number of Lights: 2 lights, E26, LED bulbs


Hummingbird-themed glass lampshades are also beloved by many Tiffany enthusiasts. Their design incorporates elements from nature, such as birds, and flowers, and the white glass portion can be likened to white clouds. It vividly portrays a lively and colorful scene, especially when illuminated.

Final Words

Tiffany-colored glass replacement lampshades from different brands may vary, but Werfactory offers high-quality options suitable for table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, pendant lights, and even customized shades to fit your lamp bases perfectly. Werfactory is one of the best online retailers for Tiffany lamps.

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