How Do You Pick the Right Shade for a Floor Lamp?


Picking the right shade for a floor lamp is partly an art and partly science. The process is about style, scale, and support to the base of your lamp. While it may appear daunting initially, learning to pick the perfect shade will guarantee the best outcome.

You can pick the right stained glass lamp shade for your floor lamp by measuring and ensuring the scale fits the available space in your room. The shade needs to complement and draw attention as much as necessary without being too overwhelming.

Read on for an extensive explanation of the things to consider when picking the right shade for your floor lamp, and start feeling confident in your selection.

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Shade Size

Generally, the right shade for a floor lamp should be at least 16 inches. Such a proportion is sensible and relative to the base of most floor lamps.

However, it is always best to think about where you are going to place the lamp. For example, it’s impossible for a large shade to fit in a small room.

The measurement of the lampshade of at least 16 inches does not overpower the height of the lamp and instead balances it.

In case you have a tripod floor lamp, you have a larger footprint to deal with. In such a case, it is best to balance out the three legs with the size of your lampshade.

Run a tape measure around the base of your lamp at the widest point to measure and get the minimum diameter of your lamp shade.

The large surface areas of most modern tripod lamps, such as that of Tiffany standing floor lamp, can fit lampshades with a large statement.

The proportion is a very important consideration while picking the right shade for your floor lamp. A very tall shade will have a heavy top, while a short one will look out of balance in your space.

Therefore, after measuring the base of your floor lamp, you can choose a shade that fits the lamp and leaves a strong statement.

In most cases, it is best if the widest part of your lampshade is slightly wider than the widest side of your lamp base.

Where Your Lamp Will Sit

The space where your floor lamp will sit helps identify the right shade. You have unlimited choices if the location of your floor lamp has a lot of room around it. In this regard, you can choose a shade of any size and style.

If your floor lamp is tucked away in a corner, you need to choose a shade that will save your limited space.

You can pick the small Tiffany lampshade if your space is small. You can tuck it in a corner and still feel its invitation to another world of style.  

Alternatively, you can opt for a shade with a smaller diameter to balance out with a taller height of the base.

For example, instead of a diameter of 16 inches, you can go for a diameter and height of 12 inches. You can pick the 12-inch Tiffany lampshade and enjoy its ambience while economizing on your room space.

Additionally, you can make your floor lamp a striking feature in your space by opting for a shade with a diameter of 16 inches and a height of 20 inches.

Shape and Style

Floor lamp shades come in different shapes and styles. Although this broadens your selection scope, the varieties can be too overwhelming for you.

Therefore, while picking the right shade for your floor lamp, you need to choose the right shape and style.

There are wonderful shapes that you can choose for your floor lamp, including:

  • Drum
  • Straight empire
  • Empire

The drum shape is ideal if you want a sleek and modern feel from your floor lamp. Its straight-sided nature makes it possible to allow a lot of light to shine from the top and bottom of the shade.

As a result, it conforms to the ultimate standard of perfection, especially if your floor lamp is made of contemporary-colored silk.

Alternatively, you can go for a straight empire shape if you are looking for versatility.

The empire shape is characterized by a smaller top diameter than the bottom. Its steeper and traditional appearance gives your space a vintage look and is good for fabric lampshades.

You can pick your preferred shape and style from the wide collection of Tiffany lampshade.

Lampshade Material

You can pick a lampshade for your floor lamp if it is made of your preferred material.

floor lamp

Lampshades are made of different materials, and the right one for you depends on your material of choice and what you want your lamp to do.

Shades made of silk, mostly direct light in defined beams and are suitable for setting a mood in your room and highlighting objects.

Those made of paper or fabric are translucent and add light to your space.

Below are some inspirations to help you pick the right shade material for your floor lamp.

  • Shades made of silk make your space shine and give you a luxurious feel.
  • If you are looking for a special and gorgeous shade, go for handmade parchments. Other than the appearance, they create a soft and lovely incandescence.
  • Shades made of linen can either be shabby or warm and comforting. You can choose one with patterns printed on the linen to make your floor lamp more striking.
  • You can pick a shade made of rolled or pleated cotton. Choosing either of the two can give you a cozy and lovely look or a contemporary and smart one.
  • You can pick a glass shade if you want a shade that allows light through it. They leave your space illuminated and vibrant.

You can pick shades made of smooth material if you want your space to send a cool and contemporary statement. Pleated shades compliment your space if you pair them with antiques.

Additionally, you can add custom details to the materials of your shade to transform it into a showstopping focal point of your space. For example, you can customize the shades using paint or embroidery.

After picking your preferred shade based on the material used, you can add your style using different lighting accessories.

For example, you can pick the white crystal-stained glass shade in the Tiffany lampshade replacement collection if you are looking for a shade made of glass and with a beautiful color.

Shade Lining

The lining of the shade of your floor lamp determines how you and your guests view it. It gives your shade a complete finish and conceals raw fabric edges or frame binding.

Floor lamps have a higher viewpoint than table lamps, making it possible to see the inside of the shade clearly from below.

Tiffany Lamp Shade

If your floor lamp is in a space next to your seat, you can make a feature of the shade lining. Such a feature can be a real design aspect for anyone seated beneath the shade.

If you want a swathed shade for your floor lamp, pick one with a white or cream lining. Such a shade reflects the light from your lamp and brightens your space.

You can custom-make the lining of your lampshade by using a stretchy lining if you want your shade to diffuse light beautifully.

Most shades have a plane lining, but there is nothing holding you back from using a patterned design.

You can use a patterned fabric for your shade’s lining if your floor lamp is for standard lighting purposes and the lining is visible from underneath.

Moreover, you can customize your shade by spraying the fabric of its lining to reduce the intensity of the light from your lamp and lower the risk of eye injury.

The lining can have as much detail as the other parts of the shade. For example, you can include an element of surprise in your shade by combining a plain outer lining with a pleated inner lining.

If lining is the major consideration while picking a shade for your floor lamp, you can choose the right one from the following lining styles.

Gathered Lining

This style is characterized by a soft lining that you can easily pair with a taut, pleated, or gathered outer lining.

Balloon Lining

This style will only work if the frame of your shade is not too intricate. It is a tightly fitted lining attached at the top and bottom of your shade.

Exterior Lining

The exterior lining is common in multi-paneled shades. The inner lining and binding in this style is visible from the inside.

It is a style that is most suitable for lamp shades arching outwards in a dome shape. For such frames, the lining naturally hangs down, and you need to be cautious not to put it too near the bulb of your floor lamp.

Paneled Balloon Lining

This lining style uses the same technique used in balloon lining. It is made of the same number of panels in the frame sewn together to create a circular lining that can easily be fitted.

Pleated Lining

You can pick a shade with this style of lining if you are looking for a lampshade with tighter pleats at the top, working out in a particular way toward the bottom.


Whether buying a lampshade for the first time or changing the shade for your floor lamp, having a shade protects your eyes from the light from the bulb and freshens up the look and feel of your space.

Before you go for the shade with an ivory-printed silk or striking pattern for a statement floor lamp, you have to consider the space in your room and, most importantly, your taste.

Although you can choose the right shade from the existing combinations, you can also customize them to find a perfect fixture for your room or space. Either way, the right shade for your floor lamp adds color and texture to your space and creates a perfect ambiance by controlling the light emitted from the bulb.

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