How to Size Lampshades for Tiffany Floor Lamps?


How do you size a lampshade and pair it perfectly with your floor lamp? Finding a shade of the right size for your floor lamp is a bit of an art and involves a great deal of creativity. As much as there are rules that can guide you on the right size of your lampshade, the right shade is one that you love and meets your taste.

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You can size lampshades for your floor lamps by measuring the diameter and height of the lampshade. Getting the height and diameter right keeps in the proportions of your floor lamp and pulls its looks together.

Lampshades are listed in different measurements. Instead of experimenting with lampshades in new dimensions, you can measure your floor lamp to find the right size of the lampshade. Read on to find out how to size lampshades for your floor lamps and get the right measurements across the top, bottom, height, and slant.

Tiffany Lamp Shade

Guidelines to Measure Lampshades

Most lampshades have three dimensions including:

  • Top
  • Side
  • Bottom

The number of dimensions listed for a particular lampshade depends on the shape of your lamp. For example, oval shades have the width and length of the dimensions at the top and bottom.

You can use different methods to size your lampshade.For square or round shades, you can measure the bottom and repeat the process for the top.

You can get the dimensions right for oval or rectangular shades by measuring the shade’s width and length.

Also, you can measure the side of your lampshade by having the dimensions along the slant and determining its length. However, to measure the height, it is advisable not to follow the slant; and instead, measure the top straight down. Inclined slants have a longer measurement than heights.

The measurement guidelines in sizing lampshades help record the right shade dimensions and make it a breeze to choose a shade of the right size for your floor lamp.

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Sizing Lampshades for Your Floor Lamps

For you to size lampshades for your floor lamps, you have to size their respective heights and diameters.

Sizing Lampshade Height

You can size the height of a lampshade by measuring your floor lamp.Use tape or ruler to measure your floor lamp from the bottom of the base to where the socket attaches to the base. Then measure the widest part of your lamp base.

You can note down the numbers so that you do not forget them.The general rule is that the height of the lampshade should be between 0.25-0.4 of the height of your lamp base.Therefore, to get the right lampshade size for your floor lamp, multiply the height of your lamp base by 0.25 and 0.4.

If the base of the Tiffany arched floor lamp is 20 inches high, the lampshade should be between 5 and 8 inches.An inch variation in each direction still works if your preferred shade is outside the proposed range.

Tiffany Floor Lamp

If you have to choose between shades of different sizes, always go for the larger one. A larger shade does not restrict you and can be modified to fit on lamps of different sizes.

It is best to use the side measurement instead of height if the top, side and bottom dimensions are provided for your prospective lampshade. The side and height dimensions are identical or fairly similar in different types of shades.

Sizing Lampshade Diameter

The diameter at the bottom is essential in refining your search for a lampshade of the right size.There are different ways to size the diameter of the lampshade for your floor lamp.

You can use the height of your floor lamp to calculate the correct diameter of your shade. This way, you can go for a shade within a two-inch range of the height of your lamp.For example, if the height of the Tiffany standing floor lamp is 8 inches, you can use a shade with a diameter between 6-10 inches.

Alternatively, you can use the width of your lamp to find the diameter of your preferred lampshade. You can do this by simply multiplying the width of the lamp by two.A Tiffany torchiere floor lamp that is 12 inches wide needs a shade measuring at least 24 inches wide.

Using your lamp’s diameter to size a lampshade is ideal for floor lamps. This is because such lamps can be taller, making it difficult to use the height to size the width of the shade.  Also, if the lampshade is tapered, its diameter should not be more than your floor lamp’s height.

Lampshade Fitting

Other than the size of the shade, you also need to know the type of fitter your floor lamp uses.A fitter is a component that attaches the lampshade to your floor lamp.Here are the different types of lamp fitters.

  • Clip-on. As the name suggests, it clips onto the bulb of your lamp without extra hardware. They are either large or small in size. The large fitters are the ones you can use for floor lamps.
  • Spider fitters. This is the common type of fitter used for floor lampshades.
  • UNO fitters. It attaches directly to the socket and does not need a harp. In most cases, it’s built into lamp designs.

The type of fitter for your lamp can affect the sizing of the lampshades for your floor lamp. Therefore, it is best to consider the type of fitters on your lamp while measuring the diameter and height of the desired shade.

Lampshade fitters are not ecumenical and as a result, there is need to check the base of your lamp and existing shades to determine the style of fitter for the lampshade.  

Lampshade Selection Considerations

Measuring the height and diameter of your floor lamp to determine the measurements of a new shade is fairly easy.Selection considerations help determine if the new shade will blend in with your lamp and infuse the right feeling in your space.

Sizing lampshades for your floor lamp is technical, but shades are more than just calculations and numbers.A perfect shade takes the feel and layout of your room to the next level, and there are endless options for you when it comes to color, style and other considerations.

Therefore, as you focus on your new lampshade, it is best to spark your creativity and fine-tune your search.Other than size and fitters, here are the other considerations you need to consider while choosing the shade for your floor lamp.

  • In most cases, lampshades have a specific wattage rating. Your lamp’s maximum allowable rating should not exceed the lampshade’s wattage.

A Tiffany floor lamp rated for 100 watts but paired with a lampshade rated 50 watts must use a bulb with no more than 50 watts.  It is best to have at least 2 inches of separation between the bulb on your lamp and the lampshade.More separation translates to more wattage.

  • The lampshade you decide to go for will affect the brightness of your lamp. After sizing the right shade for your floor lamp, those in light colors will increase illumination because they allow light to pass through the lampshade.

However, dark-colored ones or those made of opaque material only allow light out through the top and bottom. Therefore, such lampshades are suitable for mood lighting.

  • The bottom of the lampshade for your floor lamp should be positioned at your eye level to reduce annoying glares and injury to the eye.

Tiffany Floor Lamp

If you are using your lamp beside your sofa, the shade should obstruct the light from your lamp when on the sofa.Just half the lampshade should be visible. If the setup is not right, it is advisable to get a new harp that does not show.

  • If the base of your floor lamp is busy, you go for a simple shade. If the base has additional flare, it is best to pair it with a lampshade that gives a minimalist outlook. Tiffany lampshade collection is one of the simplest styles that, despite its simplicity, still gives your space a modern and warm look.


Sizing lampshades for your floor lamps goes beyond getting the lamp’s height and diameter measurements right.There are simple rules of thumb that you need to follow, including making sure the lamp shade is wider than the widest part of your floor lamp.

Besides, it is best if the shape of your shade reflects the contours of the design of your lamp. As such, square floor lamps are best with rectangular or square shades.

However, there are exceptions to the rule in sizing and choosing lampshades for your floor lamps.The right shade for you is the one that you love.Therefore, your lamp can be shorter or narrower than your ideal shade and still look extraordinarily great.

The exceptions are permissible if the lamp still does an excellent job pairing with the shade and illustrating the fun and cozy feel that you love.

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