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A bedside Tiffany lamps has three major functions. It is the first to provide an excellent lighting source for reading, regardless of whether you like to relax with an ebook, magazine or tablet. The second, less obvious benefit of a lamp for bed is the possibility of soft diffused light that enlightens the space in the evening. This is perfect for unwinding before going to bed, or watching TV after getting out of the bath.

The most important thing for the bedside lamp is to appear stunning and fulfill the other functions. Tiffany lamp shades and bases add color and texture without overpowering the space. And, if there be a twin or bigger the bed, a couple of lamps can frame furniture in a perfect way.

The most effective bedside lamps are also essential for anyone who wants to read and spend time in bed. This is why choosing the best one to use is an important option to consider. What else can you do to accomplish this besides getting the right direction to this end?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. So it's a place where you can relax, recharge, and even listen to music or meditate. Lighting is key to creating the right atmosphere to relax and unwind. There are also many types of bedroom lighting options, including pendant lights, accent lights, and table lamps. So this article highlights the best lamp for your bed that you need in your bedroom.

You can place bedside lamps on your side tables beside your bed. These lamps are also perfect for illuminating your bedroom without needing to leave your mattress. A bedside lamp is also a wonderful decor that adds to your bedroom if you make the right choice.

What is a Bedside Lamp?

Bedside lamps are lighting devices that also fulfil a decorative function, being for some essential in the bedroom. However, a good model works not only in the sleeping area but also in any other room used for reading, watching television, and perhaps even exercising.


So an important tip is to keep all tables, and bedside lamps in the same overall height range, for balance. This gives a more cohesive ow to the lighting in a room.

Because bedroom tables are often narrow in-depth, it is best to choose those with screens that are not wider than the depth of the table they are placed on so that the screen does not hang. On the table. Now when we are talking about the bedroom, choosing the correct size depends on the size of the surface.

A large bedroom has more space and can use a larger model. At the same time, a small room requires a smaller model more proportional to the size.

List of the best-stained glass bedside lamp

This article will give you information about the most effective method to select the perfect bedside lamp. We'll give you an assortment of these lamps as well as certain aspects to consider to make it easier to choose. Below are our top 6 reviews of bedside lamps and more information about each lamp's benefits. Be aware that our choices are built by werfactory owners and users who have used these lamps and our analysis and research.


1. Tiffany Bedside Lamp Banker Stained Glass



Lampshade broad 8 inches (20cm), Lamp Total Height 21 Inches (52cm), 1.0KG poly base, wide 6 inches (15CM) and UL-certified. Switch online on/off. 12 inches far from the base and 48 inches away from the plug. The finish is a bronze retro shade and handcrafted stained glass lampshade. Assembly is simple. These rustic industrial lamps are perfect in dimension and will be stunning in any luxurious mansions like the library banker and a coffee shop.

The effect of decoration is appealing, and the lighting is very bright depending on the bulb. Watt is perfect for reading and ideal for traditional style decor. We guarantee that the lamps we sell are of the best quality and are sure to inspire the person who receives them. They uses with a High-Value Collection and a lifespan of Hundreds of Years.

Beautiful handmade crafts as a century-old tradition. We do not accept cheap materials. Only the best quality is guaranteed. Each lamp has been tested during the entire process to ensure that there are of the highest quality and quality, and our quality will never surpass the lamp. Lampshade material is authentic stained glass joined by Tin as the base. Heavy ensures stable and safe protection from falling, which ensures that the lamp is safe and stable. Our lamps are packaged inside a box made of a special polyfoam material, suitable for shipping.


  • An elegant gift guaranteed to be loved by clients, business associates, friends, and your loved ones.
  • Tiffany Lampsare stunning handcrafted lamps that can add elegance and style to your house.
  • The lamps are influenced by art nouveau. Art Nouveau design, making each lamp an individual and beautiful centrepiece to put in your living area or bedroom.

2.  WERFACTORY Yellow Hexagon Stained Glass Tiffany Lamp



The middle-sized table lamp is ideal and looks stunning in any space in the home. The glass shade is 12 inches (30cm) tall and 18 inches high (45cm) tall. The base of the metal is coated in antique bronze. It measures taller by six inches (15CM). Assembly is easy. The Shade protects by mineral oil during the process of finishing.

It's a Small Table lamp made of stained glass that occupies only a small amount of space. Furthermore, it's meticulously crafted using standard materials. For illumination, decoration, or any other lamp requirements for tables, the Tiffany-style lamp will tick every one of the boxes.

  • SizeThe lamp is an area of twelve inches and is 18 inches tall.
  • FinishLampshade made of stained glass and zinc base in bronze colour.
  • Bulb requiredThe E26 22700k LED globe powers the fixture. The fixture doesn't include the LED bulb, but it comes with a free incandescent bulb to test the lamp. It recommends to throw out the bulb incandescent after testing and purchase the preferred LED bulb.
  • Safetyis safe for indoor lighting and is UL certified.
  • Where to put it: The living room, bedroom, kids' room, or college are good areas to place this lamp.

3.  WERFACTORY Green Stained Glass Liaison Tiffany Style Lamp



It is similar to other lamps but is distinctive in its green-coloured design. It looks more like the tiffany-coloured turtleback lamp. So the colour is distinctive and adds design to any space it's placed.

The table lamp for your mather-daughter is a perfect size and looks stunning in any room in your family home. The glass shade measures 16 inches wide with a height of 24 inches. The resin base finishes in a coffee-coloured shade, weighs 1.7KG, and has a width of 6-inches (15CM). UL certified the pull chain switch controls the top two bulbs, on/off switch controls the entire lamp. Simple assembly, no need for any tools for completing.

  • SizeAlso, the standard dimension Tiffany stained-glass table lamp measures 16 inches long and 24 inches wide.
  • The required bulbis powered by two E26 incandescent bulbs, 60-watt maximum. The bulbs aren't included in the kit; therefore, you must buy the bulbs separately.
  • Where to make use of itIt is suitable for most living spaces, including bedrooms, living rooms, and even kids' rooms.
  • FinishIt has a zinc base with a stained glass lamp shade—visible green.
  • Safetyis suitable for indoor lighting and comes with UL approval.
  • DurabilityIt's made using top-quality materials, which makes it very durable.

4.  Tiffany Table Lamp Tulip Stained Glass WERFACTORY



It's an efficient Tiffany-style desk lamp that produces warm lighting effects. It's elegant and will certainly fulfil your requirements regarding illumination and decoration.

The most luxurious and traditional boho Victorian craftsmanship is a century-old classic. We also do not accept cheap materials; only the best quality is accepted. So each lamp inspects throughout the procedure to ensure there are no quality issues and no comparable product that can beat our standards. Lampshade material is genuine stained glass, joined by Tin, not Turkish mosaic. The shabby chic base is heavy to provide a sturdy base against falling, ensuring that your table is a safe desk. Safe for children and pets.

  • SizeTable lamp of standard size 16 inches wide and 24 inches high.
  • The finish is available with a stained glass lamp shade with a bronze zinc base colour.
  • Where to make use of itIt's perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and similar. It is a great option for your office at home too.
  • SafetyIt's UL registered, which means it's declared safe for indoor lighting.
  • DurabilityThe HTML0 has an extended life span since it's made from high-end materials and handcrafted.

5.  WERFACTORY White Stained Glass Bedside Tiffany Lamp



The table lamp with a middle-sized size is ideal and will look amazing in any room of your home, with the glass shade being wide 12 inches (30cm) tall and height of 18 inches (45cm). But the base mades of metal and finished with antique bronze, weight 1.0KG and a wide 6 inches (15CM). Assembling is easy. The Shade protects by mineral oil in the process of finishing. Make sure to use a soft dry cloth to clean any accumulated oil.

This table lamp provides an inviting, comfortable glow and a relaxing atmosphere in your home while you spend time with your loved ones. The decoration effects are excellent and are suitable for classic design decoration. The lighting is not as bright but sufficient to read. Note: Shade colours may appear duller and less vivid when the light source is not on.

Beautiful handmade crafts that are a century timeless, we guarantee that the lamps we sell are the best quality and are sure to inspire the person who receives them. So, we don't use inferior materials that are not of the highest quality.

  • Only high-quality lamps accept. Every lamp also tests through the entire process to ensure there are no quality issues and no other lamp can outdo our standards.
  • The Shade mades of real stained glass, joined with the tin base, which gives good stability when falling and can guarantee your home's safety.

Type of Bedside Lamp

Bedside lamps uses to provide lighting for your bedside. There are both fixed and mobile types. People who love to use bedside lamps use them to read newspapers and books at night and make a cup of tea. The light from the bedside lamps is usually very soft. This creates a romantic and tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom. The market floods with bedside lamps. So many types of lamps are available, including floor lamps, base lamps and wall lamps.

1.  Wall lamp

This wall lamp attaches directly to the decoration but cannot replaces once installed. Most bedside wall lamps are located on the right and left sides of the bedside. Most lamp heads moves so that we adjust the light while reading the newspaper before bed. The bedroom decoration style determines the style of wall lamps you pick. The wall lamp and the style of decoration are both important.

2.  Base lamp

The base lamp is a common bedside lamp. The lamp usually places on the bedside tables. Therefore, choosing the right bedside lamp for your bedroom is important based on the dimensions, colour, and style of your bedside tables. You may also select one or two symmetrical lamps based on your preference.

3.  Floor lamp

A floor lamp is easier to use and can add warmth to a bedroom. The floor lamp's bracket also mades from metal, rotting wood, and other natural materials. The bracket coordinates with the lampshade and the base. They should not be too obvious. A floor lamp that is large and beautiful will give you a pleasant feeling, as well as a great decoration.

4.  Smart lamp

Smart bedside lamps can monitor the environment in your bedroom and remotely change and control multiple colours. They help in falling asleep fast and is set to a timer that start your lights. It also delays the shut-off of the night light. It also programmes to perform the job. This is a great furniture assistant.

What should the size of a bedside lamp be?

This is a decent beginning point: what is the best way to ensure that a lamp for your bed is a focal point or blends in seamlessly with the background, or, at the very least, part of your decor scheme? What other light sources are present in the space, and how does this affect how much work the table lamp has to accomplish (thus impacting the size you should select)? "The size of the lamp depends on the size of the room," Storey says. "The larger the room, the larger the lamp you can select."


Are you looking for more specifics? Generally, your bedside table must be about one-third the size of your mattress. To align with this size, the lamp's width should be one-third the size of your table. Do you think of pictures more often than words? Consider this: If you're in a room with a super-king bed in the centre and you're looking for high-end table lamps, perhaps one with a large and detailed base or large attractive shades. If your space is smaller, and the space isn't as big, you'll likely turn your focus to slimmer modern lamp bases with smaller footprints, like the gold Carraway. In a smaller room with no bedside storage uses, floor lamps or - if thinking more laterally in the future - wall lamps are worthy of consideration.


What is the ideal height for a bedside lamp?

Once you've got a feel of the size of the base that you're dealing with. The next thing is to locate an appropriate lamp size. What exactly does that mean? It's important to avoid having your reading lamp situated at a height that causes glare in your eyes or casts shadows over the book or e-reader you're reading or e-reader. Both of these makes getting lost in your favourite book more difficult. If your table at the bedside is about the same size that your bed's top, the lamp in your bed is the same height (an average bed height is about 60-69cm).


"The key is the level of the shade," Storey informs us. "Too low, and you'll fall out of bed to read. To high, and you'll get glare from the light source." The way to avoid this is to have the shade be at a roughly shoulder-high height while you're sleeping, which will give the most light to read. Additionally, the lamp's size may determine the location where the light switch is located. Ensure that the switch is at an elevation or a distance. That's simple to reach without having to get up.


How Many Bedside Lamps Requires?

This isn't a ridiculous one, as Not every bedroom is big enough for a symmetrical layout or the case of a child's bedroom with a single bed, there's no reason to have two tablets at the bedside, which means that the lighting requirements will vary. But, in the typical master or double bedroom with space, not an issue. Storey recommends a multi-layered light scheme that doesn't rely exclusively on lamps for the bed. "One lamp either side of the bed, one on a dressing table and maybe a standard reading light by a chair [is ideal]," she says.


So, a pair of matching lamps on the opposite side of the bed can give an illusion of symmetry and allow you and your sleep partner to regulate the light (and the time you read) in the way you want. If you have a smaller bedroom with only the one bedroom table, A single lamp can provide an elegant touch, particularly if you pick one with a striking design. The interesting patterns, the unusual design, and the tactile material can help create a layered, eclectic appearance. This is before we dive into the dos and don'ts for lampshades. That's an entire issue (and article).


Whichever arrangement you choose, you must remember that Storey is clear: "Make sure you can manage the lighting in your bedroom by switches near your bed, and also by the door. It's not ideal for getting up to turn off your lights."

Benefits of Bedside Lamp

Suppose you're thinking of the motives to purchase lamps for your bedside table. These are the benefits that we think are the most important.

Proper lighting for bedrooms:

This is the primary reason to have this kind of lighting. But the reason is that they mades to offer a particular kind of light that will be the kind you would like to find in your bedroom.


They're certainly a stylish part of your bedroom as well as for the furniture and the illumination they can provide in the evening. If you pick wisely the bedside lamp, it can decorate your bedroom in the best manner.


The correct model will allow you to reduce your energy consumption if you are using LED bulbs in particular. In this regard, as well as for other reasons likely to occur to us, it is crucial to have a quality one sitting on the table at your bed.

A step-by-step guide to choosing the best bedside lamp

Most people will spend about three-quarters of their lives sleeping in bed, and because of this, they will not compromise on finding the right mattress. It is common for them to spend long hours testing to ensure that the mattress is the best fit. So if you're going to invest so much time looking for the right mattress to be sleeping on every day, they ought to spend the same amount of time determining what they'll be able to sleep next to the bedside lamp.


A good guideline for choosing dimensions for your lamp is to ensure it is approximately two-thirds the height of your lamp's body. This will ensure that you have an even ratio in terms of looks and that it does not fall off the balance. It is also important to consider the dimensions of your lamp and nightstands. The final thing you want to avoid is your lamp truncates and, as a result, being hidden from the rest of your bedroom furniture.

The lamp's height is crucial for providing lighting and reading. The lamp's shade's bottom should be the same as your chin height if you're in your bed. This will help in not creating the appearance of glare.

Choosing the right dimension of your lamp can bring greater benefits than those that look nice. Don't neglect to ensure you have enough space on your nightstand to store everything you need during sleep.


Every person has their preferences regarding the level of brightness that is suitable for their eyes when reading. This is why selecting a light with various degrees of light is vital. A brighter light could be eye-strain for other eyes, while dim lighting prevents people from seeing clearly. A bedside lamp suitable for use should have enough illumination without being too intensely bright or dark. If you do, select a lamp with adjustable brightness settings to accommodate every person in the home.

Type of the bulb the Lamp Use

It's worth noting before tipping your cash. Although most lamps fit with bulbs that can reach 60 watts, some models are a bit restricting. They mades with a maximum wattage around the edges. This is why it is essential to find the appropriate wattage to meet your requirements.


The style of lamp you choose is completely personal. Does the design of the lamp match the overall style of your space? In the end, it recommends to be in line with the other furniture. A perfect lamp could be the ideal complement to the design of your bedroom. In this article, we will go through a handful of our favourites. A lamp like the Werfactory perfectly matches an elegant, modern room.

The appeal of bedside lamps lies in the fact that they're multi-functional. They can be an inexpensive centrepiece for your home, sit back, and serve as an accessory. So if you're searching for the ideal bedside lamp for your bedroom, contact us.


While the cost of the lamp can vary according to the style and specifications that the lamp has, the median price of a bedside lamp should not exceed $40. Pick a lamp that is within your budget and compatible with the features you expect to find. Lucky for you, we've given you a few low-cost lights with impressive features.

Buy Stained Glass Bedside Lamp at Werfactory

If you cannot find an exact address to purchase Stained Glass Bedside Lamp for your living space, visit Werfactory. This is a reliable address that is committed to the import of authentic ornamental Tiffany bedside lamps to complement nightstand items. They are available in a variety of styles, as well as a variety of colours, but most importantly, they come at the most affordable price available.

The market floods with fakes that were sloppy. People could not find a genuine Tiffany lamp of the highest quality. We commit to producing stunning, perfect high-end Tiffany Lamps for people.

What is the uniqueness of our product?

WERFACTORY designs each item. These products are art that can be versatile and creative decorative pieces for the home. We are also bringing Tiffany lamps time again, and they are worth having.

Why do we enjoy our work?

Our Clients praises and provided us with lots of constructive suggestions and critiques, which helped us improve our designs and quality. These have made WERFACTORY designs recognized throughout the world. We also have done an important job. Tiffany Lamp Fantastic Again!

Final words

I hope this review provided you with valuable suggestions on the best bedside lamps accessible. Although it could seem normal to purchase a bedside lamp, it's important to read this article to ensure that your purchase is the most effective. A relaxing and calming bedroom is as easy as getting the perfect bedside lamp. This is exactly the service we've offered to you. In the future, buying the perfect bedside lamp will not be difficult since we've taken care of everything. Enjoy your shopping experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use different light bulbs in my Tiffany table lamp?

The lighting fixture constructs using different sockets, and only compatible bulbs will fit inside. Therefore, only use the correct bulbs. Additionally, they're specified as the maximum wattage of different table lamps. It's ideal to select bulbs that fall within the recommended wattage range to ensure safety.

Is it possible for Tiffany-style table lamps to be waterproof?

The lamp mades for indoor lighting. They may not be able to withstand the effects of water. So, be sure to keep them away from humid areas.

How Should Tiffany-Style Table Lamp Glass Shades Be Cleaned?

If the shades are dirty, take a clean cloth to wipe them clean. If they require cleaning from within, you also need to make the lighting fixture to allow cleaning of the interior of the shades. It is possible to use mild detergent and water to remove the hard dirt.

Is It Necessary to Think About bedside Lamp Design and Style?

Do you have to do something to be sure to match the lamp with the interior decor? There's no set rule. If you're trying to achieve an elegant look, placing tables lamps to either side of the bed is acceptable.

Sometimes, the look of the lamp might not be the primary aspect you base your choice on. You should however, examine the style of your lamp and its design if you wish to create a mood of aesthetics and mix your lamps with the furniture.

Are you in search of lamps that can accommodate more styles of decoration? If yes, not like any other lamp. the contemporary tables lamps are among the best options because of its timeless shade design, which can conceal light bulbs that are modern.


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