Top 10 Tiffany Bed Lamps for Nightstand in 2022 (Amazon)


Tiffany nightstand lamp with extraordinary decorations today is works of art that are of great value. Buying Tiffany Lamps is not easy, to buy quality light, it is important to know the materials from which it is made and how stained glass is assembled.

In this article we are going to share most popular tiffany bed lamps for nightstand in 2022. Furthermore, we shall also discuss some of most spectacular features of tiffany besides lamps.

Tiffany Table Lamps Amber Dragonfly Style S13908T28 W8H21 Inch

Tiffany Lamp is a modern-day masterpiece that brings the beauty of stained glass to the modern home. This clever design features etched detail and a magnificent shade that casts warm light around the room.

Made of high-quality acrylic, Tiffany Lamp's design is both durable and beautiful. Tiffany Lamp is a beautifully designed and incredibly functional lamp. The beauty of the stained glass is what makes this exquisite piece stand out from the rest. This lamp has a warm and inviting light that will give your living room, dining room, or bedroom a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Color: The right shade for your home.
  • Style: A unique and stylish lamp that comes in modern and traditional styles.
  • Bulb: Efficient LED bulb with a 20.5-inch height, perfect for smaller spaces or use as a pendant.
  • Material: Crafted using the highest quality materials, it'll last you a lifetime.

Tiffany Desk Lamp Serenity Victorian Style S02108T28 W8H21 Inch

Tiffany Lampshade is a classic style with a modern touch. The stained-glass shade reflects the light beautifully, while the polyethylene base is durable and long-lasting. The bronze medal base will not rust. Tiffany Lampshade is both affordable and functional.

The exquisite and unique lighting effects, with their traditional design and style, make these lamps the perfect accessory for your home. In order to maintain the originality of the pieces, all Tiffany lamps come in a branded box with a certificate of authenticity and a fine lamp

  • Height: 5 inches from the ground to the top of the lamp with an 8inch shade, ensuring no uncomfortable shadows and perfect illumination.
  • Color: The color range is expanded to match any bedroom decor, with an included E26 LED bulb that emits 1,300 lumens of light.
  • UL Certification: UL certified, so you know your purchase is safe and will last for years to come.

Tiffany Table Lamp Yellow Liaison Style S160E08T28 W8H22 Inch

Crafted in stunning stained-glass design with a bronze base, this atmospheric style is perfect for any living space. Made from polyethylene and welded to a bronze base, the set is lightweight and easy to maintain. Tiffany lamps are perfect for anyone who loves the classic, timeless beauty of stained glass with a modern twist. Tiffany lamps are made by craftsmen in France from the finest materials.

  • Suitability: Perfect for your kids' bedroom
  • Bulb: A carefree LED bulb ensures constant usage
  • Battery Capacity: A powerful light that can last up to 12 hours on a single charge
  • UL Certification: UL certification means safety and no danger if the plug is not in the socket

Tiffany Table Lamp Tulip Flower Stained Glass S03008T28 W8H21 Inch

Tiffany lamps are a timeless classic and this makes them the perfect addition to your home. This beautiful lampshade is handmade from stained glass and made to fit the base. The shade is a fusion of modern design and classic style, with a touch of bronze.

This beautifully designed lamp will brighten up your room. It carries a beautiful and delicate lampshade, created with an acid-etched gold petal pattern with the highest production quality. This lampshade will turn any room into an elegant and luxurious area. The light shade is made of polyethylene base, bronze, and stained glass.

  • Shade: Ultra-shade provides a great amount of sky-blue light that's soft enough for a child's room.
  • Bulb: Comes with an E26 LED bulb, which is energy efficient and has a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours.
  • Material: The base and plug are made with ABS material that prevents a fire risk. They're UL certified too.

Tiffany Table Lamp Stained Glass Red Wisteria S523R08T28 W8H21 Inch

Tiffany lamps are already a popular choice amongst many of those who appreciate good lighting. The Tiffany lampshade in stained glass is a simple design, with an opulent result that is sure to capture the admiration of onlookers.

The bronze base keeps the overall style and elegance using bold colors and elegant simplicity to create a stylish lighting solution for any setting. Tiffany Lamp is the perfect table lamp. This beautiful piece of art will bring a touch of style and class to any room. With its simple design and subdued colors, Tiffany Lamp will suit any decor and can be used in any room of your home.

  • Suitability: Great for bedrooms, babies, kids, or pets. Eight inches in diameter makes it a perfect fit for any room in your home.
  • Adjustability: Fully adjustable height of 20.5 inches to match your needs from anywhere up to 52 cm on the wall behind the light switch.
  • Bulb: The LED bulb is included with a UL certification, so you can be sure that this will last you a long time.
  • Switch: Online on/off switch means no losing power sockets.

Tiffany Table Lamp Dragonfly Style S009G08T28 W8H22 Inch

We don't need to tell you that Tiffany Lamps has been a symbol of luxury, quality, and sophistication for decades. But it's not just the beautiful piece of furniture that makes them so special. It's the way they've been created by hand.

Every piece is painstakingly custom-made, then individually finished to perfection by master artisans. That's why Tiffany Lamps are so special. Tiffany's iconic lampshade is crafted in small glass pieces, each hand-cut and welded together to create a stained-glass pattern. The dark bronze base provides a simple yet elegant modern look to any room.

  • Diameter: Super large, 8" shade diameter lamp. What's not to love?
  • Bulb: LED bulb provides efficient, long-lasting light.
  • Switch: Comes with an online on/off switch that's just 12 inches away from the base.
  • UL Certification: A UL-approved plug for safety and peace of mind when you're sitting right next to your nightstand.

Tiffany Table Lamp Red Rose Style Lighting S00106T28 W6h21 Inch

Tiffany is a beautiful stained-glass lamp. It has a rustic, vintage feel that can be paired with modern-style rooms. Tiffany is made of polyethylene base and bronze, so it's lightweight and won't break easily. The glass is also tempered - so it's safe for you and your family to use!

Tiffany styled glass lampshade, made of stained glass, with a polyethylene base, and bronze medal. Produced in US, this lampshade is elegant in style and breathtaking in colors.

  • Controllability: Dimmer wheel with 12 levels of intensity for a perfect night's sleep.
  • Size: Height and angle are adjustable for various applications.
  • Bulb: Uses energy-saving LED bulbs to save energy and money.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with standard power plugs from anywhere in the world.

Tiffany Desk Lamp Lover Flower Style S70006T28D W6H21 Inch

If you're looking for a statement piece that's as beautiful as it is functional, you've found your lamp. Our Tiffany Table Lamp is a stunning centerpiece for every room in your home.

Whether you're looking to add light to a corner of your living room or illuminate the whole room, this lamp will make an amazing addition to your space. Tiffany is a table lamp with a stained glass lampshade that gives you elegance and fashion. It's made of polyethylene base and bronze finish, so it's lightweight. Tiffany comes with an E26 LED bulb included.

  • Size: 6-in diameter, 20.5-inch height, 1.2 kg weight, and 48 inches from the plug.
  • Feasibility: A total of 12 inches from base to the switch for a safe and smooth bulb replacement process.
  • UL Certification: UL certified to be safe when in your home or office.

Tiffany Desk Lamp Blue Love Flower S70006T28C W6H21 Inch

Tiffany lamps are a modern take on the classic Tiffany-style table lamp. Using the latest LED technology, these lamps are easy to use and provide ample light for any room or task. They come in 3 different sizes and a myriad of colors.

 This Tiffany-inspired lamp is also available in a brown stained-glass lamp base, making it a perfect gift for your favorite interior designer. It's handcrafted and made of polyethylene, the metal is bronze, and there's an included LED bulb! You'll love the rustic design and all-natural earthy shades.

  • Size: A six-inch diameter, with a 20.5-inch height, and lightweight of only 1.2 kg.
  • Light: Task light for focus and concentration in the bedroom, with an LED bulb, included.
  • Switch/UL Certification: High-quality UL-certified switch that turns on/off online which is perfect for modern homes.

Tiffany Table Lamp Blue Petal Copper Style S70006T28B W6H21 Inch

Tiffany Lamp is a beautiful and unique piece to add to your home. It is made of stained glass with a bronze base which brings elegance and style to any room. The LED bulb will provide hours of light, while the design is timeless.

Tiffany-inspired lampshades with a warm, modern touch. The shade made of stained glass is self-adhesive and easy to attach. The polyethylene base is sturdy and can be moved around easily. The bronze medal base creates a heavy feeling and is perfect for your home.

  • Shade: The shade is 6inch (15cm) in diameter and can accommodate an E26 LED bulb.
  • Height: Lamp height is 20.5inch (52cm) for those who want more of a reading light than a lamp.
  • Weight: It only weighs 1.2 Kg which is ideal for those with back problems or just don't want to lug around heavy lamps.
  • Switch: The switch is on the cord so you can easily turn it off when not in use.

What materials are used to build tiffany bed lamps for nightstand?

Born in New York to a family of great luxury jewelers, Tiffany was able to travel from an early age. His first moment of inspiration was a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 1865, where he discovered the vibrant colors obtained through an ancient glassworks.


Twenty years later, he opened Tiffany Studios, a glass workshop that quickly became known for a series of high-profile works, notably for the Lyceum Theater in New York and the White House in Washington.

Through his early exposure to arts and crafts from around the world, his creations were inspired by global sources such as Persian glass designs, Gothic movement stained glass, and other elements of Asian and European crafts.

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Material of Tiffany Nightstand Lamp

Tiffany nightstand lamp contained coiled bronze filaments and blown glass which “reflected a cultural fascination with the exotic. From the late 1890s until the 1920s, Tiffany Studios produced mosaic glass lampshades (some classified as slag glass) that featured geometric and floral motifs.

  • Geometric patterns sparked a huge Arts and Crafts movement that defined the turn of the 20th century.
  • Nature-inspired motifs were brought into line with the Art Nouveau movement, a style that interspersed art, architecture, advertising and design at the turn of the century.

Lampshade Tiffany

Tiffany hired some of the finest craftsmen in the United States to bring her aesthetic vision to life in lead blinds. The manufacturing process was labor intensive. Any section of glass, no matter how small, was carefully selected from the thousands of sheets available to the men and women who worked in cutting services. The most aesthetic hues have a perfect harmony of color variety and quite subtle tones are present, even in complex patterns.

Collectors now agree that the artists and designers who designed Tiffany's iconic lampshades have created design work in lighting that is second to none in the modern era.

The Context of Tiffany Bed Lamp for Nightstand

Real Tiffany lamps were made between 1890 and 1930 and can range in price from 4,000 to over one million Dollars. The most expensive Tiffany lamps sell for over a million euros.

The highest price to date for a Tiffany lamp was achieved at a Christie's auction in the United States in 1997 at $2.8 million.

Tiffany Table Lamp Replica

A hundred years after their creation, replica Tiffany lamps are being mass-produced in countries such as China, India, Europe, and US. Modern production methods use industrial water jet machines to cut pieces of glass into large stained glass windows. The shards are then hand-crafted by workers trained in the design of factory decorations. But the assembly of stained glass windows cannot be done by machines, so the glasses are assembled by hand, as in the past, using the Louis Comfort Tiffany technique.

Since the production of reproductions is of high quality, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish the "real" Tiffany lamp from the much later "false" lamps, which can give fans of authentic Tiffany lamps a real headache.---

If you are an investor in the field of old lighting, then it is necessary to be especially vigilant and attentive in order to detect a false lamp. Keep in mind a few useful points:

  • If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • You get what you're worth.

If you want an authentic Tiffany lamp for your home or art collection, you need to know this. Learn as much as you can about time, lamps, manufacturers and production methods. Read information on this topic and learn about the main features of original Tiffany nightstand lamp and how to buy them.

The Tiffany bed lamps for nightstand are a real masterpiece. This is widely known all over the world due to its unique manufacturing technology. The history of such products goes far back to the 19th century, when masters were just beginning to master stained glass techniques. Since that time, these devices have become not just a functional lighting device, but an original product that is an adornment of any interior.

Features of the Tiffany technique

Stained glass technique was invented by the son of a jeweler - Louis Tiffany. Until that time, history does not record the use of such a technique. The main feature of this technique was that each individual piece of glass was wrapped around the edges with copper foil. 

After that, the finished pieces were laid out on a cardboard surface. Previously, a sketch of the future pattern was applied to the cardboard. Then, the processed glass pieces were soldered together using tin solder.

This complex technique allowed us to achieve the following goals:

  • It became possible to create intricate patterns with one's own hand, which complemented various Tiffany-style pieces.
  • The finished product was quite light and attracted the visual component.
  • Masters have learned to create three-dimensional figures with all sorts of curves.

Over time, Tiffany stained glass lamps appeared which had multi-colored mosaic shades. The price of the first products was quite high, so only wealthy people could afford to buy such a masterpiece.

The main breakthrough of this technique was that the popular bright stained-glass windows, which people could only see in temples and churches, are now available and decorate lighting devices. Over time, the kerosene was replaced by a modern electric light bulb, and the stained-glass window became more voluminous due to the rounded shape of the ceiling.

Features of Tiffany Glass Products

Luis had the good fortune to work with La Farge several times. As a result of which he learned how to use the technology of opalescent glass, from which various objects can be made. Over time, it was officially approved that stained-glass windows, ceiling lamps and opalescent glass products would be called Tiffany.

In the manufacture of ceiling chandeliers and table lamps, it was customary to use three different types of glass:

  1. The composition of opalescent glass necessarily included various clouding elements - burnt bones or tin. As a result, the effect of "turbidity" is formed in the mass. By experimenting, you can add a different number of such components, which allows you to create different effects.
  2. Iridescent glass - metal grains are poured onto a hot glass mass. As a result, a spectacular gloss is formed on the surface. Although this type of netting existed long before Luis' designs, it became popular for its style.
  3. "Pleated", draped glass. The glass base is heated and deformed, which makes it possible to obtain various folds (draperies). This method is especially effective in the process of creating large stained glass windows in the Tiffany style, when you need to create all sorts of plant motifs.

Today, you can buy tiffany nightstand lamp/tiffany bed lamps for nightstand from werfactory. In addition, you can buy directly from our Amazon shop as well to buy tiffany table lamp.

Tiffany Nightstand Lamp in a modern interior

The authors received all ideas for creating original products from nature. Therefore, considering the next masterpiece, we can note the presence of clear and pronounced lines.

There are several characteristic patterns that can be found on many ceiling lamps:

  • lotus leaves;
  • dragonfly;
  • broom (golden rain).

Also, customers are offered the opportunity to buy a lamp that has the shape of a nautilus clam.

Considering the basic technique, when individual glass particles are soldered together, it is important to note that the Tiffany lamp is quite durable compared to other models. The technique offers a wide range of various collections:

  • table lamps and floor lamps;
  • original chandeliers;
  • hanging models.

Equipping your own interior, it is worth considering the variety of colors that are used in the production process of Tiffany lamps. That is why for one room it will be enough to pick up and buy one lighting device of a certain type.

How to choose tiffany style table lamps cheap?

Modern designers are advised to experiment and dilute the modern interior with a table lamp with a floor lamp or a chandelier. This will be favorably combined with a table lamp. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account the features of the ornament. The pattern must be the same (from the same series). Otherwise, the living room will turn into an exhibition hall or souvenir shop.

The color range of Tiffany is so huge that choosing a lamp from werfactory.that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding connoisseur of beauty is quite simple. Affordable price will help the buyer to decide on the purchase, having familiarized himself with a large assortment.

Tiffany table lamps

A luxurious and original interior is the dream of a true connoisseur of beauty. It is for this purpose that Tiffany table lamps were created, which are the perfect complement to any style. The bright and unique style of spots is the personification of an eclectic combination of various trends. These are the perfect masterpieces of lighting art that will complement any design.

How to choose Tiffany nightstand lamp?

When choosing suitable nightstand models in the Tiffany style, it is important to pay attention to several criteria at once:

Consider the size of the room: Despite the fact that such lighting fixtures on the wall act as an additional light source, it is important to correctly calculate the size of the ceiling.

Room interior: Decorating the room with several products at once, it is recommended to choose lamps from the same series.

The color palette of the room and spots in the Tiffany style: It is recommended to follow a certain idea, which can be read in the selected ornament and color scheme.

Modern tiffany bed lamps for nightstand models become not just a decoration of any room, but also illuminate a certain area of ​​​​the room (bedside area, mirror).

The extraordinary power of Favril glass

Stained-glass windows of different sizes and color shades, collected in one mosaic for many years, have pleasantly surprised true connoisseurs of beauty. A characteristic feature of wall products is the use of images of birds, dragonflies, various colors and natural motifs. This is the main "highlight" of the entire Tiffany collection.

However, modern goods will also please with abstract combinations. This is an ideal solution for living spaces (houses, apartments), as wall lamps have a soft light that scatters over a long distance.

 As a result, a calm atmosphere is created, conducive to a good rest, restoring strength and renewing energy. Original stained-glass windows look equally good in different interior styles: modern, art deco, ethnic style, eclecticism, country or Provence.

Unique models for creating unusual compositions

One of the important advantages of tiffany bed lamps for nightstand is that in different rooms such products will look different, playing with all sorts of colors.

  • For the living room, which corresponds to the best traditions of the classics, the Tiffany wall lamps, which in their color scheme are perfectly combined with the ceiling chandelier, are the ideal solution.
  • In the bedroom, it is important to create a romantic atmosphere with subdued lighting. Therefore, it is advisable to use spots in the Tiffany style, which will decorate both walls - on the sides of the bed.
  • For a children's room, you can choose shades in the form of a turtle, a flower, and more. Using subdued lights will help your baby sleep.

With the help of wall lamps, Tiffany manages to correctly place accents in any of the rooms, make the room saturated with light, or, conversely, create a calm atmosphere for peace and relaxation. Due to the play of refracted light, which demonstrates a huge amount of iridescent highlights, it is possible to abandon the ordinary.

Bright, special, memorable - this is how Tiffany's style can be described in a few words. At the same time, it is as unusual as it is easy to use. And if you have a desire to bring something special into your life, then he advises you to pay attention to the Tiffany style.

Tiffany, a detached style of simple things

Tiffany - for many, this very concept is always associated with household items, which are dominated by bright colorful colors, enclosed in intricate patterns and a non-standard design style, uncharacteristic of other analogues. 

Speaking about lighting devices, it should be noted that the style of Tiffany has a few differences from other devices, but these differences are so characteristic that they allow you to immediately stand out from the competitive options. 

Despite the fact that this style appeared a relatively long time ago, now it continues its triumphant march around the world. Moreover, he has a large number of all kinds of variations, which, of course, more and more delight the true admirers of the work of the great inventor. Why this style is so famous, what features are embedded in it and what it is today, we will talk below?

Tiffany, the historical origins of the style

To understand where this style comes from, you need to go back to the 19th century for a moment and see how glass elements were created in various everyday conditions - lighting devices, stained-glass windows, etc.

At that time, coarse lead rods were used to connect individual fragments of glass. It was they who, according to the creator of the new style, Louis Comfort Tiffany, disfigured the appearance of the device, making it unattractive and of little value from an aesthetic point of view.

As a result of creative research, lead rods were replaced with strips of copper, which were cut from a single sheet. This method of fastening brought with it not only an update in appearance, but also lightness, simplicity and elegance of the design. 

In the future, all the creations of the great master will use just this method of fastening and will forever become a characteristic feature of the Tiffany style.

Glass is another feature of the Tiffany style

 The case ended with the acquisition of a glass factory and numerous experiments with various materials. As a result of these works, various types of glass arose, which satisfied the needs of the master with their light transmission characteristics and appearance.

 Also, additionally, a new system for separating different colors and shades of glass was developed, as a result of which it became possible to create device models with a pattern as clearly stylized as the original (for example, different shades of leaves, water, etc.).

A variety of Tiffany products and their practical application

A modern take on the Tiffany style is found in many different lighting fixtures. Among the products you can find the following:

  • Tiffany table lamp
  • Tiffany desk lamp
  • Moreover, tiffany bedside lamps
  • Tiffany style table lamps cheap
  • Tiffany table lamp with lighted base
  • Similarly, tiffany table top lamps
  • Tiffany table lamp base

All of them are distinguished by an unusual design with seemingly similar designs. At the same time, they can be performed both in natural motives and in free execution.

Regarding the design elements, they are often the plafonds of devices. However, other parts, such as a stand, base, stand, can also be decorated with multi-colored glass ornaments.

Tiffany bed lamps for nightstand Offers Better Aesthetics

In general, if you delve into the essence, then Tiffany, perhaps, is not even so much a style as an opportunity to realize various creative ideas. With it, you can convey the mood, state of mind and even worldview. 

No wonder it goes very well with any design of the room and can serve not only as a device with practical use, but also as an element of decor or decoration. It all depends not only on the device, but also on the imagination of the owner.

Tiffany Beside lamps

However, the practical side of Tiffany lamps did not stand aside. Tiffany chandeliers are also the main lighting device of the room in which they are placed. Table lamps will help to carry out many household chores, both for adults and children.

 Floor lamps will create a unique aura, allowing you to bring a mysterious and enticing play of light and shadow. Sconces will enhance the overall light background, illuminate individual areas, or can be an analogue of emergency lighting. Street lamps will allow you to create a beautiful illumination of the exterior.

It is also important to note such a moment as the creation of a special atmosphere. Thanks to special glass with a slight transparency, Tiffany devices create volumetric lighting that makes the atmosphere in the room especially cozy. At the same time, the rays of light do not hurt the eyes and create a uniform, volumetric illumination. Because of this, they are often used to create a special atmosphere.

Tiffany style to suit any space

Tiffany's lighting fixtures today not only look good in rooms decorated in a variety of styles, but are also used in a variety of settings. It can be not only apartments or private houses, but also offices, administrative buildings, trade and entertainment areas, various thematic places. 

Thanks to its smooth shapes, unusual ornaments and colorful colors, this lamp gives a feeling of something special. And it does not matter what it is used for - for relaxing in a relaxed atmosphere at home, a business meeting in the office or for friendly gatherings in a bar.

However, furnishing with such an eccentric, particular and very colorful product could be very complicated: for many inexperienced users it could be difficult to find an ideal positioning for their tiffany nightstand lamp

 Fundamental characteristics of a Tiffany lamp in furniture

Tiffany lamps are not simple pieces of furniture to place. In particular, this fact is due to the fact that the lamp that is the protagonist of our blog has very particular characteristics. 

 The color: Tiffany lamps have very bright colors and very eccentric patterns. This means that, in most cases, a user finds it difficult to position the lamp in an already furnished environment. It often happens that the colors of a lamp are not in agreement with the environment that surrounds it, in the next sections of the guide we will see how to overcome this problem.

The shape: Tiffany lamps can take many forms, more or less bulky. As a result, some lamp models may not be suitable for placement in some places. Obviously, any user will be able to understand by himself the most suitable places for certain shapes and dimensions, in the next sections of the guide, in any case, you will find some of our advice on the best and worst environments in which to place a Tiffany lamp.

The fragility of tiffany bed lamps for nightstand

 Tiffany lamps are very fragile, of course, being mostly made of glass. For this reason we believe it is very important to position the product intelligently so that it does not run the risk of falling to the ground. In this case, a little attention from the user and simple considerations on what the dangers may be based on the place where you choose to place the lamp is enough.

Tiffany Desk Lamp Lighting and plays of light

In some cases, Tiffany lamps can have a very particular type of lighting. This could, for some users, be a problem. Even if well-made Tiffany table top lamps illuminate the surrounding area like a normal table lamp, it can happen that the product has coats of paint that are too heavy or too light on the hood.

 In these cases you could have either very weak lighting, unsuitable for reading for example, or very strong lighting. They come with some particular play of light given by the colors on the glass. Both cases occur mainly in handmade products.

The Ideal Environments for Positioning the Tiffany lamp

Tiffany nightstand lamp, as we have seen, is better exploited if placed in some environments rather than others. Let's see what the recommended environments for positioning a Tiffany lamp are.

The bedroom is certainly the safest and most suitable environment for a Tiffany lamp. In this environment, the product can be placed either on a bedside table or on a chest of drawers. They can illuminate a large part of the room allowing sufficient light for reading.

The studio: whether it is used to study or to work, a studio is an environment where light is very important. The star product of our blog can make even the simplest of studies a little more interesting and alive. It also also guarantees an excellent object to bring to the attention of any visitor. 

The living room: The living room is one of the largest rooms in a house, usually; this gives us the opportunity to study more particular lighting. The Tiffany lamp, for example, could be used to illuminate a part of the living room and bring to the attention of a visitor an exhibitor of collectibles and so on.

Environments not recommended for positioning the Tiffany lamp

There are also environments in which we absolutely do not recommend the placement of a Tiffany lamp, more for technical reasons than for reasons related to design or aesthetics.

Tiffany lamp

 In particular, we do not recommend the kitchen, because it is a place where you move a lot and where a lot of "environmental" dirt is produced; We also advise against placing the Tiffany lamp outside because bad weather can easily damage it.

With this we can move towards the conclusion of our complete guide on how to furnish the house with tiffany nightstand lamp

For over 100 years Tiffany lamps have enchanted as an icon of decorative art: celebrated for its craftsmanship and known for its colored glass lampshade, the lamp designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany remains a cult object and a symbol of elegance in museums and living rooms of the houses.

Born in the mid-nineteenth century with the signature of Tiffany lamps, today the lampshades with a baroque style and timeless elegance are one of the design objects sought by collectors and enthusiasts.

Let's find out a little about their history and why they are so sought after and important.

Tiffany lamps today: beware of the fake

If you want to buy a Tiffany lamp you must be very careful not to run into a fake.

To recognize real Tiffany lamps it is necessary to pay attention to some details, among which are distinguished:
● quality of the glass used and the brightness of its colors
● attention and attention to detail in welding
● the support base of the lampshade in the original Tiffany lamps is made of wood, metal, metal covered with resin, brass or marble. If you find lamps with plastic or iron base, they are not original Tiffany.

Do you want to turn your entrance area into a ballroom?

This is possible with the Tiffany lamps. Among the antiques, the Tiffany lamps are very popular. The special features of these elegant lamps are the fine artistic forms of the glazing, the playful motifs such as:

  • Butterfly
  • Dragonfly patterns
  • The colored glass.

The Tiffany lamps are particularly popular for large ballrooms or hotel entrance areas. Because these elegant lamps give a large room a cozy and chic atmosphere. You have a wide range of individual versions of the lamps, so you are sure to find the perfect lamp that suits your taste.

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High quality through traditional craftsmanship

 Nowadays, many products are mass-produced. Many customers choose these products because they are very cheap. However, the quality suffers. The products are therefore poorly processed and break after a certain time. However, if you choose products from traditional handicrafts, you can be sure of good quality.

The tiffany bed lamps for nightstand come from the traditional work of art. Moreover, they are very high quality compared to cheap mass-produced lamps and also convince with the decorative aspect and an ideal value. The colorful glasses with the different motifs are processed into an aesthetic work of art. This process is the result of careful manual work and the appealing design conjures up a decorative light through the colored glasses. Were you able to inspire you with traditional handicrafts? Then convince yourself of the high quality of our aesthetic tiffany bed lamps for nightstand!

What types of tiffany lights are there?

Up to now, tiffany lights have been developed and created with many different types, opening up more shopping and usage opportunities for customers. These can be divided into the following categories:

Original tiffany lamp

This type of lamp was first produced in the late 19th century by the stained glass workshop of the famous American designer - Louis Comfort Tiffany. 

The original Tiffany lamp always gives people a warm and calm feeling, a shimmering light. It has the ability to soothe the spirit but makes people timid when approaching. Even they do not know the true value. How much each lamp is, people have also felt that they are very valuable artifacts?

Lamp tiffany Copy

This is a replica of the original tiffany lamp. They look exactly like the original version down to the pieces on the lampshade, lampstand details. The quality may be worse or better depending on the factory or the artist making it.

After Louis Comfort Tiffany's glass factory went bankrupt in 1938, many artists around the world continue to copy. They started producing tiffany lamps to this day. Because to make tiffany lighting product takes a lot of time and requires great meticulousness. Usually only artisans or large factories can do it.

If the original tiffany lamp is rated 10 points, then the replica lamps created with the help of modern machines and skilled artisans can also get a scale of 1- 10 depending on the rating of each person.

Lamp tiffany style

As the name suggests, the tiffany style lamp is designed differently from the original Tiffany lamp. Just like the Tiffany lamp, it is made up of many pieces of stained glass that are hand-assembled together.  
On the market today, there are many types of tiffany style lamps with quality and price. These are "terrible" not inferior to the original tiffany lamps. There are also poor quality products, made from glasses simple color. However, for those who do not have professional knowledge, it is difficult to know what a good quality product is. 

Are Chinese tiffany lamps any good? Should I use it?

As mentioned above, after the stained glass factory of the first person to make the original tiffany went bankrupt, there are still many manufacturers of this type of lamp. They develop and continue to create quality product designs for customers to this day. Besides the tiffany lamps made in the US, the lamps originating from China are still highly appreciated. 

The Chinese tiffany lamps still fully converge the advantages of this rare and expensive lighting design as fanciful with brilliant colors emitting a special light. The light emitted from the Tiffany lampshade with all colors, color variations, it seems that one is completely separated from the bustling world of life around.

The skillful and ingenious arrangement of stained glass pieces created by talented artisans of China's factories brings to mind masterpieces of art by light look. 
With the question of whether to use Chinese tiffany lights or not, surely through our above analysis you have already got your answer, right?

How to identify a beautiful Tiffany lamp?

Based on the quality of stained glass

You need to be aware of the color transition of the glass on the lampshade. Transparency or opacity, light refraction is more or less, whether the surface shape is smooth, rough or the amount of wave is also to be noticed. Because, they are the criteria to evaluate the uniqueness or simplicity of the table lamp, thereby constituting the value of the product.

Based on the quality of the lamp stand

The highest price for a Tiffany table lamp is the one with a brass base. The more textured the lampstand, the higher the price will be. Next are other materials and simple textures of much lower value.

Based on lamp life

Original high end vintage tiffany bed lamps for nightstand all have a long lifespan. Only people who specialize in stained glass lamps can realize the life of the lamp and evaluate its value. You also need to note, the most valuable lamps are the original Tiffany table lamps.

They have been discontinued for a long time. Whether it's a replica or stylish Tiffany lamp, it's not based on longevity but on design to determine the price of the product.

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