2022 Best Tiffany Style Bedroom Lamps Buying Guide


How to choose the right Tiffany lamp?

We've all heard of Tiffany lamps, but do you really know what they are? Why this is one of the most desirable lights in any home, especially country style. In Asia, tiffany style bedroom lamps were liked by people who have dachas or country houses, because it fits perfectly into this interior.

In addition, housewives of city apartments fell in love with him, simply because Tiffany lamps ideally convey and bring the spirit of peaceful rural life, with its comfort and tranquility, into an ordinary city apartment. Sit back as we delve into the history of these amazing, handcrafted stained glass lamps.

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The Tiffany table lamp is also known as the Rose Lamp. This type of lamp is considered by the West to be extremely noble and rare. The subtle and striking colors of the lights will definitely make the living space more luxurious and unique. In this article, we will provide the necessary information to understand the Tiffany lamp – a classic aristocratic table lamp for connoisseurs.

1. What are tiffany style bedroom lamps?

Tiffany is one of the most famous stained glass lamps in the world. And yet, Tiffany is also a unique brand in the world for creating unique and attractive artistic products from the quaint colors in the lampshade frame.

Each lamp is a separate work of art. A Tiffany lampshade is assembled from countless pieces of carefully selected colored glass. From every stage such as choosing glass, cutting glass or pairing glass, artisans perform extremely meticulously.

 After choosing a sufficient amount of stained glass with satisfactory colors, the artist also needs to arrange and choose the textures to complete the lampshade perfectly.

2. The origin of the Tiffany lamp

Referring to Tiffany lamps is referring to lamps with a history of American origin. This lamp was manufactured in the late 19th century and early 20th century by a famous designer: Louis Comfort Tiffany. Because Tiffany is a stained glass lamp invented by Americans, most of its collectors are American elites. Tiffany lamp was born with a new and ancient style that has refreshed the architectural and interior style of that time until today.

4. Distinctive features to identify a beautiful Tiffany lamp

  1. Quality stained glass

You need to be aware of the color transition of the glass on the tiffany style bedroom lamps. The transparency or opacity, the refraction of light is more or less, the shape on the surface is smooth, rough or wavy. They are the criteria to evaluate the uniqueness or simplicity of the lamp. That constitutes the value of the product.

  1. Lampstand quality

The highest price for a Tiffany lamp is the one with a copper base. The more texture the lamp base has, the higher the price. Next are other materials and simple textures that cost much less.

  1. Lamp life

Original Tiffany high end vintage table lamps all have a long lifespan. Only people who specialize in stained glass lamps can realize the lamp's lifespan and evaluate its value. You should also note, the most valuable lamps are the original Tiffany lamps, which have been discontinued for a long time. As for the replica or style Tiffany lamp, it is not based on the longevity but on the design to determine the price of the product.

Because of the special features of the tiffany style bedroom lamps lamp mentioned above, its price is quite expensive. If you are a lamp player, collecting antiques, be prepared in terms of economic potential and time to be able to own the most unique Tiffany lamp in the world.

Tiffany Dragonfly Lamps

As tiffany bedroom table lamp became more popular, in the early 1900s, Tiffany began to hire workers for his production, but exclusively unmarried girls, who became known as "Tiffany girls". They worked on cutting glass and designing lamps.

One of these girls was Clara Driscoll; she owns such popular Tiffany lamp motifs as Dragonfly, Wisteria, Peony and Narcissus. Later, lamps with fruit motifs appeared.

In the late 1920s, the popularity of Tiffany lamps began to fade. The Art Nouveau style came and modernists felt that the style of these lamps was too elaborate and richer decorated than required for the new style. Tiffany Lamps closed its doors in 1930 and Louis Comfort Tiffany passed away three years later. For more than 20 years, Tiffany lamps were in oblivion, until in the mid-50s they triumphantly returned with wild popularity.

So why are tiffany style bedroom lamps popular again?

The answer is simple... quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness. Tiffany style bedroom lamps were manufactured to the highest standard of the time. Each glass element was cut to fit exactly to its neighbor, hand soldering all the elements created a unique, finest metallic shadow on the plafond, adding mystery and uniqueness to each plafond.

Early models of lamps were made from blown glass, others by mixing and matching unique colors with the help of special chemicals.

 At the moment, the technology for the production of lamps with the original technology of soldering colored glass elements using a thin copper tape has been slightly modernized. The use of copper remains, but then it is covered with a special stain to give authenticity to the copper frame, it turns out to be dark, antique.

As a material for the ceiling, special glass is used, which is based on colored mica of various shades?

2. Tiffany lamps - Geometric patterns.

The design of such lamps (suspensions, table and floor lamps) is based on glass shades of a strictly geometric shape. The vast majority of lamps of this theme are made of glass in one or two primary colors, but do not think that they are boring or unpretentious.

At the heart of the geometric philosophy of the production of plafonds are natural motifs - nautilus sea shells, cobwebs, an umbrella, a lotus leaf or even a tortoise shell. The main colors of these motifs are white, beige, blue, red, green or brown.

Various colours in Tiffany Table Lamps

In Asia, tiffany style bedroom lamps with geometric patterns are represented by several manufacturers. Primary colors: white, amber, blue and beige. It is suitable for modern and rustic interiors, available in ceiling and pendant versions, bronze or brown fittings.

Glass of light shades does not greatly delay the light flux, so such lamps can be hung as general lighting. Table lamps with such lampshades will easily fit into a modern interior.

3. Tiffany style bedroom lamps- dome shades with floral and fruit themes.

Floral themes were one of Louis Tiffany's favorites. She spoke about his attraction to nature, flowers, and this manifested itself in the appearance of domed ceiling lamps with floral and fruit themes.

These were one of Tiffany's most difficult projects, because they required cutting and preparation of non-symmetrical, complex in shape and number of elements of the ceiling to draw up a general concept. Plafonds filled with flowers or fruits are currently the most popular in Asia.

In addition, I also wrote a description: Tiffany Bed Lamps article, if you like, you can click to read.

 The theme is not limited to one flower, these are lampshades complex in composition and spirit with rich internal content. Hanging vines of grapes, apples and pears, various flowers and plants are ideally located throughout the ceiling.

Most of all, Louis Tiffany liked ideas with peonies, bamboo, oriental poppy, narcissus, poinsettia (the most beautiful euphorbia) and many other flowers.

Table lamps and floor lamps in floral and fruity themes from Tiffany Lighting

The bases of all lamps are brown or bronze, which goes very well with the Tiffany style. Tiffany bedside reading lamp typically have molded resin bases that mimic aged bronze; aluminum alloy also aged bronze, or brass or gold with a black patina.

Unfortunately, fixtures with really bronze stems and elaborate finishes are extremely expensive, ranging from $25,000 and up. They will not be in demand in our market.

Basically, the lamps of these factories are bought for installation in the kitchen or living room in the country or in a country house above the dining table. Pendant lights fit well in small kitchens in most apartments.

What is important, they are available in ceiling and suspended versions for 2 or 3 lamps, for 6m 2 or 9m there are successful examples of installing a tiffany bedroom table lamp in a modern interior.

4. Tiffany lamps with conical lampshades

Tapered lampshades for tiffany style bedroom lamps are another type of plafonds, with the same theme as the domed ones. They have a strict geometric shape, cone or pyramid, but with the same floral theme. It is great for bright bedrooms and living rooms in a modern style.

It is especially good if there are objects or decorative elements made of dark wood in the room, it will go well with dark legs or stands of table lamps and floor lamps.

Always Seek Right Advice in Choosing Tiffany Table Lamps

We hope our selection of ideas and tips will help you choose your unique Tiffany lamp. Remember that all the charm of these lamps is in their lampshades, the light in most of them spreads strictly in the direction from the ceiling up or down, and the ceiling itself is beautifully illuminated from the inside.

Thus, you get the illumination of the area you need, for example, a dining table or a bedside area, and the ceiling itself will be a work of art in your interior. It is necessary to take into account the possible mistakes that you could make.

It is better to choose and implement for a long time and carefully than to make mistakes and correct them for a long and tedious time. Good luck in finding your own style, we hope that our tips will be useful to you.

Tiffany-style lamps are amazing masterpieces of lighting art, so they will be appropriate in various interiors.

The magical power of favril glass

The beauty of multi-colored stained-glass windows, assembled into one mosaic canvas, has fascinated connoisseurs of beauty for many years. Even in the Middle Ages, people noticed that colored pieces of glass of different sizes, connected together, create a bright, unusual effect.

A characteristic feature of Tiffany's lighting products is the use of images of dragonflies, birds, natural landscapes and floral motifs.  Such lamps are great for residential premises, because soft, warm light, refracting and scattering, creates a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation. 

Original and high-quality stained glass lighting fixtures look great in a variety of styles: modern, ethnic, art deco, eclectic, country, Provence.

Elegant models for interesting compositions

Lighting in the house should be uniform and combined with the design of the room. So, for a small living room, made in a classic style, paired tiffany sconces will be a good choice, which, in terms of color and composition, are perfectly combined with a ceiling lamp.

In a bedroom where you need subdued, soft light and an atmosphere conducive to peace and relaxation, a Tiffany floor lamp or an elegant table lamp made in this style will be a good solution .

Models of this type will perfectly fit into children's rooms. If you wish, you can buy a small night light made in the form of a flower or a turtle. Its subdued, "magic light" will help the baby fall asleep quickly.

Practical and spectacular tiffany style bedroom lamps will help to quickly place accents, make the room more expressive and bright. The play of refracted light, which breaks up into hundreds of iridescent highlights, allows you to avoid boring routine, improve your mood and relieve stress.

Tiffany style bedroom lamps- decoration of any interior

Original and stylish stained glass lighting fixtures will become a real decoration of any interior. Plant and flower themes will be appropriate in rooms decorated in pastel colors: burgundy, beige, warm brown.

These stylish and practical tiffany bedside reading lamps are great for home interiors, as well as for decorating offices and all kinds of establishments. They will add light ease to a strict business environment, and they will allow you to create a soft, relaxing atmosphere in a cafe.

Table lamps in the Tiffany style are elegant accessories that emphasize the status of the boss and his taste. That is why such lighting fixtures are most often chosen by reputable companies for decorating the offices of chiefs.

How to choose a Tiffany lamp?

Many light factories offer a variety of stylish stained glass lamps. To choose the best option, you should consider:

  • room dimensions;
  • purpose (main or additional lighting);
  • The total number of light sources.

In order to add zest to an office or living room, a tiffany bedroom table lamp will be enough. Such an accessory will immediately transform the atmosphere and make it more elegant and rich. If you need to provide full lighting, you should stop at Tiffany multi-track lamps. These lighting fixtures not only have a beautiful appearance, but also illuminate the entire room with high quality.

How Tiffany Lamps Are Made… Brief Overview

In order for you to distinguish between good and bad Tiffany lamps, you need to have knowledge of how Tiffany lamps are manufactured. All the luxury Tiffany lamps are not made by machines but are works of art made by hand.

 The Tiffany lamp shade is made from pieces of stained art glass that are hand cut, polished and shaped. After all the pieces are cut, copper foil is wrapped around each individual piece (can you imagine how long it takes to have a shade made of 1000 pieces?). These copper-coated pieces of glass are then soldered together with lead.

An important point!

I must emphasize here, that when you look closely at the Tiffany shade, you can see some bubbles, particles (small bubbles) or lines in the stained glass. Don't worry about this! These are not defects. They are the character of the lamp and add character to the lamp… they simply reflect the essence and beauty of real stained art glass!

Best Feature of Table Tiffany Lamps

One of the great and unique features of tiffany style bedroom lamps is that no two Tiffany lamps are exactly alike. Why? Because the glass in these lamps is not ordinary glass… but high quality hand lapped art glass and only the finest pieces of glass – with the right color and texture – are used for Tiffany shade.

 This… combined with the signature qualities of grain and sugar means there is infinitely subtle variation of any Tiffany lamp of the same shade, size and theme. No wonder the Tiffany lamp is so special and a one-of-a-kind lamp!

How to identify good quality glass?

The good Tiffany lamp is made of colorful glass with strong intensity. These Tiffany lamps are vibrant works of art that will catch your eye – even in a room lit by the bright summer light streaming in through the windows. 

This is true even when the lights aren't even on! This shows the quality and intensity of the colors in a good quality lamp. Poor quality Tiffany lamp glass, on the contrary, the glass will be discolored, the gloss will appear dull and flat. This lamp will not be able to light up a sunny room on a hot summer day.

Good quality Copper Base of Tiffany Lamps

The good high end Tiffany lamps use a copper base… while the lower quality tiffany bedroom table lamps are not made from such high quality materials, but have a bronze finished base made of zinc alloy. Try to stay away from this type! Another good quality base is a mahogany base. A good quality facility will last you for many years…and your grandchildren too!


Good quality tiffany style bedroom lamps vary in price. The more complicated the design, the higher the price… due to the amount of work a glass lamp craftsman has to put into making a complex design – compared to a simpler design.  The more panels and colors a Tiffany lamp has, the more expensive it is.

The good… the ugly… and the plain old ugly!

Here's a quick overview of what to look for in a good and a bad Tiffany lamp.

Glass Bad lights

  • Using low-quality glasses looks rough and underexposed
  • They need a good bulb to illuminate the art patterns
  • Colors are not arranged well in these lamps
  • Their nature is inconsistent compared to low-end glasses so exact color variations are difficult to find


Good Tiffany lamps have a smooth and even weld that separates the pieces of glass. Bad Tiffany lamps have rough and uneven solder joints – if you're not careful… the solder joints can even cut your fingers!

Is the fruit lamp a Tiffany lamp?

To put it bluntly… the fruit lamp being called the Tiffany lamp was a huge insult to the late Louise C. Tiffany and anyone in the Tiffany lamp business! Not every colored glass lamp you see is a Tiffany lamp, and the fruit lamp is one of them.

 So why, you might be thinking, is a fruit lamp not a Tiffany lamp? Well, you are having luck could. After reading this section, you will know exactly how to determine which a Tiffany lamp is and which is not a Tiffany lamp.

Some of the key differences between Tiffany lamps and fruit lamps are:

A single Tiffany lamp may have 300-2000 pieces of glass while a fruit lamp may have around 100 or more.

The Tiffany lamp is made from good quality art glass, has very rich colors, the glass gives a three-dimensional effect… making the theme on the glass come to life. While the fruit lamp looks flat and two-way. It looks dull and dull. 

There is no life to the fruit in these shades – the glass used on these fruit lamps does not add to the beauty of the tiffany style table lamp. These fruit lamps are not as elegant as the tiffany bedroom table lamp. They are crude and dull.

Are Original Tiffany Lamps expensive?

On the current auction floors, the original lamps of Tiffany Studio are tens, even hundreds of times more expensive than the antique lamps made by other brands. Collectors around the world still mainly collect lamps of the Tiffany line.

 By the 1990s, most of the original Tiffany lamps were either marked in the possession of several world museums, most notably in the United States, or were collected in the hands of a number of collectors named year old.

On the other hand, the original tiffany style bedroom lamps are too expensive, worth tens of millions of dollars.  Even if they have money, they have little chance to own Tiffany's genuine stained glass lamps.

They can only collect versions of lamps that are made directly by experienced artisans in the United States and a few European countries to order and according to Tiffany Studio's technology and mold  in 1938 after the death of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

However, in the world today, the number of artisans capable of making tiffany bedside reading lamp equal to the quality of the remaining museum lamps can only be counted on the fingers.

Therefore, in order to get a beautiful version of the lamp, Tiffany lamp players often have to find out about the artist, spend a large amount of money, sometimes have to wait a few years for the artist to find the right glasses and to complete tiffany style table lamp.

Identifiable Features of tiffany style bedroom lamps

To evaluate a Tiffany lamp, one must rely on many factors, in which the characteristics of stained glass and lampstand are considered two important factors. During the lifetime of Louis Comfort Tiffany invented about 300 types of stained glass, differing in tone, color specialization, clarity or opacity, refraction of light, variation in surface (smooth, or rough, or wavy)…

The color variation of Tiffany stained glass is not on the surface but on the inside of the glass. There are some special colors that must use gold or some rare substances to make. After the pure stained glass has been created, the next step is to blend the stained glass together at melting temperature to obtain different effects in color and surface.

Unlike the stained glass on the church glass paintings, which still have a special, transparent paint painted on it, and then lightly heated to form a layer of glaze on the surface of the glass, Tiffany's stained glass is different from the stained glass. It is made from refining silicates with different minerals to create different colors.

Choosing Tiffany Lamp Stand

 The Tiffany lamp stand is also a special area. Each Tiffany lampshade is only suitable for one or several types of lampshades made by Tiffany Studio itself. Like the Tiffany lampshade, all Tiffany lamp bases have the look of Art Nouveau style, are full of unique creativity and deserve to be considered works of art.

Tiffany has created about 100 different types of lampstands, over 90% are cast in bronze, the rest are made of ceramic or glass combined with copper. All brass materials are finished by Tiffany with a timeless coating thanks to a patina technique of his own.

Tiffany Lamps: This is the term you have probably searched for on the internet and here you have come

You are reading this page because you are looking for information on tiffany style bedroom lamps or because you want to buy one, online or maybe even in the store, in person

Whatever your goal regarding tiffany style table lamp, this is the definitive page you can read today


I say this because you are reading the only specialized blog on Tiffany Lamps in US, where you can really discover a lot of information about these wonderful works of art.

So let's see right away how I can help you and why you don't need to Google anything else

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It may also be that you are simply intrigued by Tiffany Lamps and are simply looking for information about them. Maybe you are curious to discover their history, to understand how they are built or even want to embark on a new adventure and start building them yourself.

How to buy a tiffany lamp in 2022?

If, on the other hand, you have come across this article because you want to buy Tiffany lamps in a physical store, in person, even in this case I can help you. In fact, you must know that Tiffany lamps are very niche products, not very widespread and therefore very special

They must be understood, their history must be understood to truly appreciate them and only the most intelligent, cultured and design-conscious people have heard of them or have one.

Having said that, despite being rare and niche, tiffany style bedroom lamps are very valuable and expensive and for this reason they are often targeted by crooks, scammers or ignorant on the subject, who just want to sell one and make money rather than giving real value to the market and help customers


Problem number 1 regarding Tiffany Lamps is the confusion about the originality or otherwise of these beautiful products.

By this I mean that many, many people confuse the Tiffany Style Lamps with the Original Tiffany Lamps, indeed… people demand and try to buy Original Tiffany Lamps online.

The problem with this matter is only one: the Original Tiffany Lamps ARE NOT FOR SALE and I'll tell you why.

The Original Tiffany Lamps are solely and exclusively those built in Tiffany Studios between the late 1800s and early 1900s.


These, today, are true works of art worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Today they are kept and exhibited in important American museums, such as the "New York Historical Society Museum".

Having said that, the tiffany style colorful lamp that you find on sale today, are not False Tiffany Lamps, but Tiffany Style Lamps , which means that they are made following the Tiffany technique, but using different glass, designs and materials from the time, depending on the product you want to make.

A Tiffany Style Lamp, therefore, is such as it is handcrafted, following the Tiffany Technique.

An Original Tiffany Lamp, on the other hand, is only the one built in Tiffany Studios in New York and is absolutely no longer for sale (especially online ...).

How to identify fake tiffany table lamp?

A Fake Tiffany Lamp is one where the lamp is not in the Tiffany style, that is, it does not have a hand-assembled glass mosaic. Instead, it has a single, painted glass that has only the appearance of a mosaic.

This type of Tiffany False lamp is easily recognizable as the falsity of the mosaic is very evident: no welds can be seen, the lamp has a very deep sound instead of clear and dry like that of a glass mosaic etc ...


Ok, you will have noticed that so far I have talked little about Tiffany Desk Lamps but a lot of Tiffany Lamps in general. This is because we need to clarify the nature of Tiffany Lamps, even before thinking about the variants that can be purchased online such as those for the table, desk, floor etc ...


For physical stores you can rely as always on antique dealers or lighting dealers in general.

In fact it is impossible offline to find specialized shops on tiffany style bedroom lamps, as you can find tiffany lamps online instead. In fact, on the internet, in addition to the classic large general stores, you can find small Tiffany Lamp sales sites that are more specialized, being focused and passionate only in that sector.

 Tiffany Lamps

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Tiffany lamps: how is quality assessed?

The stained glass assembly technique proposed by Louis Comfort Tiffany is still talked about today. The Tiffany style will never go out of fashion, in particular because it is very suitable for classic, shabby or even modern furniture, if well matched. The brilliance of the glass should not be underestimated: nothing is like glass to reflect the tone of the chosen colors, but also for the brilliance and luminosity.

Non-original Tiffany plastic lamps are very popular, and we will give you some useful advice on how to understand if you are dealing with an authentic piece, or a partial reproduction. The quality of the piece, then, should not be underestimated: we give you all the suggestions to understand if you are about to buy an antique piece or a reproduction.

How do you recognize an original Tiffany lamp?

One of the most popular techniques to understand if we are faced with a 100% original tiffany style colorful lamp is to test the glass. The steps are really simple and all you will need is a lighter and a needle. First of all, heat the needle with the lighter and wait until it almost turns red. Next, pass the needle over the lamp or lamp: if it were plastic, in fact, it would begin to melt.

In any case, however, it should be noted that it is not only the presence of glass that makes your Tiffany lamp 100%. Yes, because there are many other aspects that should not be underestimated: the lamp may not be an old and above all rare piece, but a fairly faithful reproduction of the Tiffany style. What to do at this point? What are the points on which to dwell more?

There are really many ways to do tiffany style bedroom lamps inspection. For example, a great classic is the presence of the heavy lead ring at the hollow bronze base. Usually, mostly zinc brass, wood, resin or white metal is used in reproductions.

100% original Tiffany lamp - how should it be?

The original bronze base of a Tiffany lamp should also have a patina, a kind of brown or green film. The patina basically means that an oxidation process has taken place: it would testify to the antiquity of the piece, which in this sense would have a truly inestimable value.


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