How to identify real stained glass table lamp in 2022?


Today I am going to write one of those posts that I am passionate about because they combine art history and decoration. Today we will talk about how to identify the real stained glass table lamp.

Tiffany lamps are a group of lamps with names and very recognizable characteristics. They are handcrafted lamps whose screens, made with small fragments of colored glass, are supported on a bronze foot. They were and are one of the greatest icons of the Art Nouveau movement and their pieces became authentic collector's items.

They have been part of the decoration of hundreds of homes but have also been exhibited in the most prestigious museums in the world. But how did these luminaries come to acquire such fame? Well, it all starts with a different way of seeing the world.

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What types of stained glass table lamps do we have?

In our online store, we have stained glass table lamps with different color combinations, also with the possibility of placing them in different places, such as tiffany ceiling lamps, table lamps, or tiffany wall lamps.

In addition, with the tiffany lamps that we have, you can combine them with different styles and give a different but great touch to the place, we have lamps of different sizes so that you can place them correctly in the space you have.

The material of the tiffany lamps is metal, a super resistant and very good quality material that guarantees years of authentic luxury in terms of decoration.

The origins of the Tiffany glass industry

At the end of the 19th century, the glass industry had evolved a lot and all kinds of pieces were made. Glass professionals wanted to continue researching and developing new concepts, seeing the glasswork of previous civilizations as something that could be improved.

However, Louis Comfort Tiffany, artist, and designer, after visiting the Roman glass exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, found in these pieces the beauty of the imperfection of handcrafted glass and began to be interested in this material.

Shortly after, he founded his glass factory in New York, which he combined with the interior design studio he ran, the Louis Comfort Tiffany and Associated American Artists. They made designs for the most prestigious figures of the moment in the US: presidents, actors, politicians.

A Little Background of stained glass table lamp

As an interior designer, Tiffany forged great fame. However, in 1885, he decided to close the design studio and focus on glass. From that moment the Tiffany glass and Decorating Company was the center of his attention.

In this glass factory, Tiffany and his team focused on researching and developing products inspired by the glasses of ancient Rome. Handmade glass pieces, imperfect, with vibrant colors. They came to patent their techniques, such as favrile, a type of iridescent glass.

The famous Tiffany lamps

Although without a doubt, one of the products that made Tiffany and his team most famous was the lamps. The idea arose in 1884 after a project in which Louis Comfort Tiffany and Tomas Edison, who at that time was developing the light bulb, coincided. Tiffany saw in the invention an opportunity to apply his art and create for them some beautiful glazed screens and feet to place them.

Although Tiffany had the idea to create shades for Edison's light bulbs, the design of these lamps was not done by him, but by one of his workers, Clara Driscoll. She is credited with the original format of the lampshades made with small pieces of colored glass. Clara was part of a great women's team. Most of Tiffany's employees were women.

Different Categories of Stained Glass Table Lamp

The stained glass table lamp was made in seven different categories. The most popular were inspired by nature: they represented floral motifs, insects, especially dragonflies... Although a line of lamps with geometric shapes was also popularized.

The design was made, first, on paper, and then each piece was colored and numbered. The next step is to cut each of the pieces into handcrafted, intensely colored glass panels. Each piece was outlined with a thin strip of copper, which was then joined to the others with lead solder.

The sheets were joined to each other in a mold to give the curved shape and thus achieve the precious glazed screens. She left you a video below where you can see the complete creation process.

Tiffany lamps are characterized by having irregular edges, being perfectly imperfect, and having an elegance that dresses any space. This aesthetic became a benchmark for Art Nouveau.

Contemporary Tiffany lamps today

Like many fashions, its popularity cyclically rises and falls over time. Despite their success at the end of the 19th century, at the beginning of the 20th century, they stopped being so popular to resurface again around 1950.

Since then, stained glass table lamp has been highly appreciated in the artistic and decorative field. They are considered works of art that fetch high sums at the most prestigious auctions. They are exhibited in museums and dress in the most luxurious houses.

But, today, when we refer to "Tiffany lamps" the style has engulfed the brand. Today this adjective is used to name the multiple versions that have been made of this type of lamp throughout the world. This is the case with the Tiffany lamps made by Werfactory.

It maintains the original style and the craft production process, in a collection of lamps that are very similar to the original ones but with much more affordable prices. Here you can see the elaboration process and then I put some photos of their models.

Characteristics of stained glass table lamp

If a stained glass table lamp is characterized by something, it is by its lampshade made of colored glass. In its origins, these were cut, polished by hand, and soldered with lead to composing the stained glass window.

And although today the techniques with which they are manufactured have evolved, the original and colorful compositions of the lampshade continue to be their most identifying feature.

The base is also an important part of the design of these lamps. Most were cast in bronze at the same Tiffany factory in Queens. Today, most designs remain true to that aesthetic, although there are exceptions.

Another feature of the stained glass table lamp is light. These types of lamps do not provide much light to the room, but they can be used to create different environments within a room. Let us remember that they were created to be also a decorative objects.

A number and signature at the bottom identify the original lamps, made at Tiffany Studios in New York. These fetch six-figure amounts when sold at antique auctions in the US.

Decorate with Stained Glass Table Lamp

We often associate Tiffany-style lamps with opulent interiors far removed from the current style in which most of us decorate our homes. However, these can fit perfectly into modern spaces, giving them character and providing them with a unique atmosphere.

The small table lamps become a very successful proposal to print color in sober bedrooms and with a neutral color palette. In the same way, they can be used in the living room, located next to the sofa on a side table that does not steal the limelight.

This type of lamp also fits perfectly in classic-style offices. Placed on a sturdy wooden table and together with wooden or metal elements that serve to organize all the work tools, they will provide a warm, familiar, and welcoming atmosphere.

Hanging stained glass lamp

Hanging Tiffany lamps, meanwhile, are a great option for decorating kitchens and dining rooms. Placed on the table, they provide an intimate and welcoming light, enough to set the mood for a family lunch or dinner. Choose a large lamp with rounded shapes to illuminate a round or oval table and combine several lamps with straighter lines on a rectangular table.

Tiffany lamps are very appropriate for decorating classic environments in which dark wood furniture and sofas or armchairs with floral upholstery are relevant. But they are also ideal for adding color to sober rooms or drawing attention to a specific corner in them.

Nowadays, in addition, the design of Tiffany lamps has diversified. It is possible to find lamps with very different styles and colors and therefore, it is much easier to integrate them into a specific room, whatever their style.

How do decorate the interior with a stained glass table lamp?

Decorating any interior space with a stained glass table lamp will capture a colorful and pleasant look to the home that will be full of light when the place asks for it. This lamp attracts all eyes for its great brightness of the light and its incredible appeal, thanks to its combination of spectacular colors.

On our website, you will be able to find a great catalog, where you can buy tiffany lamps, choosing the one that seems most beautiful among a large number of different models of Tiffany lamps, which can captivate your tastes and add style to any room.

Tiffany lamps according to style

Tiffany lamps usually represent a classic style, but a Tiffany lamp can be combined with any other style, giving it a charming touch of contrast, which will look great and help in the decoration of the home.

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Tiffany lamps according to measure

Like most of our products, our stained glass table lamps of different models have different sizes so that you can place the right one in terms of space and occupy what is necessary to give an excellent balance to the interior decoration.

Tiffany lamps according to the material

The prevailing material is metal in these lamps, which is very resistant and will ensure many years of aesthetic beauty at your side.

What stained glass table lamp to buy?

Our work team places a large number of different lamps at your disposal, with the aim that you can choose one that suits your decorative tastes and depending on the touch of style you want to capture at home.

Select the one that seems most attractive to you and that you think can add positive aspects to your home. You can enjoy a much more pleasant and beautiful stay. How to choose the best tiffany lamp?

It can combine perfectly and give an innovative spark to the place, finally selecting the size of the lamp that helps to give visual balance to the room and thus capture an impressive environment.

How much does a stained glass table lamp cost?

The tiffany lamps prices, you can find them on our online website, in the tiffany lamps section on Amazon, a tab will be displayed with its different models and you will see each original tiffany lamp price. Each lamp has its price due to its manufacture and its measurements.

Decorating any interior space with Tiffany lamps will capture a colorful and pleasant look to the home that will be full of light when the place asks for it. The stained glass table lamp attracts all eyes for its great brightness of the light and its incredible appeal, thanks to its combination of spectacular colors.

On our website Werfactory, you will be able to find a great catalog, where you can buy tiffany lamps, choosing the one that seems most beautiful among a large number of different models of Tiffany lamps, which can captivate your tastes and add style to any room.

The style of Tiffany lamps

The lamps that we call Tiffany all have the same style. It is that of the artist Louis Comfort Tiffany who will give birth to many models, table lamps, desk lamps, suspensions, chandeliers, and many other lamps.

The style of Tiffany lamps

The particularity of these lamps is that they are all composed of small colored stained glass windows which draw patterns generally representing nature: flowers, fruits, plants, and birds in a geometric way. These lamps are the perfect marriage between glass and metal and are generally adorned with a large amount of detail, whether on the lampshade or the foot.

Tiffany lamps are works and a piece that will certainly be noticed in your decoration and whatever the style of your interior: from the most classic to the most designer.

This iconic piece never goes out of style and will give color to your decoration. This charming piece reminiscent of the stained glass windows of 1930s houses and art deco decoration will enhance your furniture, desks, or consoles,...

Why choose a Tiffany-style lamp?

Acquiring a real Tiffany lamp requires a certain budget and an opportunity because they are often sold in auction rooms. Genuine stained glass table lamp is mostly exhibited in museums and therefore out of reach. Most of the lamps you will see are reproductions, imitations, and copies of the techniques of the original lamp and that is why we speak of "style".

Whether new or used, its price can vary by several hundred euros depending on the part, the complexity of manufacture because they are all made by hand, the country of assembly, and even the number of small stained glass.

We have found several breathtaking imitations of the Tiffany lamp for you. Models that perfectly imitate and copy the Tiffany style, in different sizes, shapes, and colors that will dress your furniture with pretty colored light.

Give A Vintage Touch with Stained Glass Table Lamp

These lamps will bring the vintage touch to your room, no matter the size of the copy of the stained glass table lamp you fall in love with, it will attract attention. This is the type of lamp that you can keep for a lifetime without getting tired of it.

Tiffany lights are well known for their unmistakable style and breathtaking colors. The glass lampshade draws a stained glass window, making the lamp ultra-bright and colorful, for a sensational decoration. The Tiffany lamp allows you to give your interior an ambient light with a warm and unique atmosphere. Moreover, the Tiffany floor lamp is one of the most popular lighting fixtures.

The Tiffany-style was born thanks to Louis Comfort Tiffany. This artist develops a real passion for glass and decides to use this material to make lamps with stained glass. These atypical, bright, and colorful lamps are known all over the world.

Tiffany floor lamp is a style that endures

The Tiffany floor lamp can be placed in any room of your home. Whether in a bedroom, living room, or office, the Tiffany-style floor lamp brings a unique style to the room. You can decorate your interior thanks to the colored glass of the lampshade which will be able to provide effective lighting.

The Tiffany floor lamp offers exceptional light to your home. The colored stained glass gives a touch of color to your decoration. Each model has a unique style which allows it to be a true work of art on its own. The floor lamp beautifies the room regardless of its location.

The style of the stained glass table lamp comes mainly from the lampshade and the patterns present on it thanks to the stained glass windows of different colors. The floor lamps, therefore, have a unique design with these colored glasses.

Each lamp has its design

Tiffany floor lamps can be covered with a geometric design or a floral design. There is something for every taste. Each floor lamp has its design and elegance. It is also thanks to the precision of the details and the colors of the glasses used that the Tiffany style stands out from the others and is recognizable among many others.

We offer many models of stained glass table lamps in the Tiffany style. This variety of products allows it to capsize your heart. Indeed, there is something for everyone, red, flowery, or of different diameters. This brand has the floor lamp you are looking for in any type of interior room.

You will have the choice among the whole collection of floor lamps in height for the bedroom or living room, with lighting that varies according to the lampshade. Regarding the bulb, you can choose a classic bulb as well as an LED bulb.

A warm touch with the Tiffany style floor lamp

You can choose between a discreet and all-purpose floor lamp or a colorful model that will catch the eye and become the centerpiece of your home. You can give free rein to your imagination and creativity with Tiffany lighting. In a living room, near the dining table, the coffee table, or in the bedroom, next to the bedside table, feel free to furnish your interior with Tiffany lighting. For a harmonious rendering and a complete decoration, you can go for matching wall lights.

A stained glass table lamp makes your home a warm place to live. This link between luxury and simplicity allows floor lamps to be discreet but essential. Off or on, you will enjoy all the decorative benefits of your Tiffany floor lamp.

The colored stained glass will give a colorful touch to your interior with lightness and discretion. The light diffused through the glass is worthy of a masterpiece. The light reflects off the walls of the lamp's stained glass shade and spreads a warm light.

Where to place the Stained glass table lamp?

At the corner of a table, on a desk, or a chest of drawers, the table lamp has its place throughout the house. A stained glass table lamp takes little space on any flat surface. The Tiffany-style brings a colorful and lively touch to your decoration. Several models are available to satisfy your desires and adapt to your needs. The Tiffany table lamp can be defined by different characteristics: its height, its shape, its design, its colors, etc.

Namely that what makes the charm of the Tiffany lamp is the stained glass lampshade. It is an assembly of colored glasses that typically represents a theme. Several themes can be approached with the Tiffany style and the most famous are nature and volatile insects such as dragonflies and butterflies.

If this is what you were looking for, you will be happy to opt for a stained glass lamp Tiffany. Unlike lamps with lampshades, Tiffany lamps will be perfect for diffusing the light of multiple colors thanks to the tinted glasses. The atmosphere this creates brings certain serenity to the interior space.

A Tiffany design lamp base

The base of the lamp notably plays a role in the design of the Tiffany lamp. It can be simple or very original. Very often, the base of the Tiffany lamp is made of wrought iron. The form given to a wrought iron lamp makes it unique and brings an elegant touch to the decoration.

Depending on the model, some table lamps have a carved lamp base. You can then pay attention to this detail when making your selection to have an original Tiffany table lamp from head to toe.

Tiffany lamps are easily recognizable by their heavy iron bases topped with a colored glass pattern that showcases mosaic-type designs using colored glass.

These lamps are coveted by homeowners and interior designers looking to add a little splash and brightness to a room. You can choose a Tiffany table lamp for your interior, or a different style lamp, like a pendant lamp or a floor lamp.

Antique Tiffany lamps can sell for a hefty price, but you can easily find fixtures that are designed by modern designers like Tiffany lamps but are not as expensive as Stained glass table lamps.

Features of Tiffany lamp

Tiffany lamps are very easy to spot and identify because they have their characteristics. The biggest feature of the Tiffany lamp is the pattern, which comes in a variety of styles, and mosaic patterns, and is designed in vibrant colors and stained glass. The heavy bronze base or bronze body in general, is another of the main elements of the Tiffany lamp, separating these decorative lamps from others.

Finding an antique Tiffany lamp

Buying antique furniture, like lamps, will be more expensive than buying a modern Tiffany-style lamp. If you're looking for the real thing and don't mind paying a little extra money, you should know what to look for to identify a genuine Tiffany lamp.

What is the key factor?

Plafond The spherical or conical shape of the ceiling contains various designs of flowers, dragonflies, other small insects, or geometric shapes. These designs are usually designed with shades of bright colored glass and also come in a wide variety of textures. Stained glass mosaic is the most common pattern.

A stained glass table lamp is usually made with a bronze base, is well molded, and is heavier than any other lamp base. The base comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and can also be made with a cast brass body.

Glass shadow of Tiffany Style Lamps

Look carefully at the glass shadow from the lamp. Authentic Tiffany lampshades tend to be cone or ball-shaped and look smoother and more organic, while reproductions tend to be stiffer.

The glass pattern must be secure and firmly in place. If you knock on the lampshade and hear a rattling sound, this may indicate that the lamp is a reproduction.

Intense and vibrant colors are an extremely important feature of the Tiffany lampshade. The colors in the shade should reflect this idea and any flecks of gold coloration should appear yellow, not green or silver.

Identifying real tiffany lamps

The colors of the Stained glass table lamp should match each other in tone and dynamism. Colors should not clash but should look good together. You should be able to see well through the glass in the lampshade without cloudy spots.

Real stained glass will develop tiny cracks over time due to heat causing the glass to expand and contract. If you are looking for an original Tiffany lamp, these micro-cracks must exist.

Tiffany Lamps - Buying Guide

When looking at the base of the Tiffany lamp, lift the lid and look for the metal ring. The original fixtures were made with a sturdy bronze base topped with a heavy metal ring. Modern bases are usually designed from brass, white metal, or wood.

Bronze base

Since the base is most likely made of bronze, it is worth examining it for the dullness that naturally develops on this metal. This gives the lamp an antique feel.

Tiffany lamps were originally made with a turn knob located at the bottom of the lamp base. Some of these have been redesigned to show the chain, but the use of a blade turn knob is the most common.

Take the base and measure its actual weight. These bases tend to be heavy and well-matched, making them extremely durable.

Price of Real Tiffany Lamp

If you're concerned about the price of a real Tiffany lamp, modern replicas are designed and made in much the same way but are available at a much lower price. Don't be afraid to turn your head towards the replica Tiffany lamp, in terms of style and design, it can certainly still fulfill your decorating needs.

In addition, several replicas have been made that are better suited to more modern designs and aesthetics. Stained glass table lamps are a great way to mix multiple styles in your home.

Using Tiffany Lamps in Home Decor

Tiffany lamps come in a variety of styles and designs. You can choose an extremely complex design or one that is a bit more simplistic. It's important to take a look at the room you want to place your Tiffany lamp and visualize which style and colors work best for you.

Look at the design details of the room and decide if you want to make the room more colorful and artistic, if so, Tiffany's glass lamp design will add a much-needed splash of color to an ordinary room.

Some of the more popular designs are florals and flower shades that have vibrant colors ranging from red to purple. These vibrant options can work well against a white wall or in a room with less furniture or wall drapery.

If you like the idea of ​​a Tiffany lamp but are not sure if it will look harmonious in your interior, and not gaudy, you should find a design in a more relaxed style. These lamps come in white or light shade in square glass pieces that provide a more contemporary look.


If you are looking for an authentic Tiffany lamp design, you should take a close look at the shade design and evaluate the overall craftsmanship. These lamps must be very durable due to the bronze base. What makes them unique are the bright shadows using colored glass in a perfect mosaic.

Use these lamps to add just the right amount of flavor and style to your rooms. It pays to choose carefully from a variety of sizes and designs to find the right lamp option to suit your design needs.

Why trust Werfactory?

Werfactory's objective is for its clients to create and design incredible spaces in their homes so that they can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable space.

In addition, we offer the best Stained glass table lamp so that the design you have in mind can become a reality, it is a job that we must do together and we will help you achieve it. We will wait for you.

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