How to Choose the Perfect Nightstand Table Lamp


In modern home decor, the bedside table lamp has evolved beyond being just a simple lighting tool. It plays a pivotal role in the bedroom, serving both practical functions and aesthetic values.

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Choosing the right bedside table lamp can add a touch of warmth and comfort to your bedroom, while the wrong choice might disrupt the overall decor style.

When selecting the perfect bedside lamp, one must consider the number of lamps, their size, the lampshade, and the style of your room.


Determine the Number of Lamps You Need

The number of bedside table lamps you choose often depends on the occupants of the bedroom. For a bedroom used by a single person, typically only one bedside lamp is required. However, if you share the bedroom with a partner, then two bedside lamps would be more appropriate, offering convenience for both and adding a symmetrical aesthetic to the bedroom.

Furthermore, for larger bedrooms or those equipped with king-sized mattresses, even if only one person uses it, two bedside lamps can bring a better sense of balance to the room.

Remember, the bedside lamp shouldn't be the only light source in the bedroom. If there's no ceiling light, you should consider adding at least one more light source, like a floor lamp.


Choose the Right Width for the Lamp

A common mistake many make when choosing a bedside table lamp is selecting one with an inappropriate width. The right width is not only about aesthetics but also functionality.

Generally, the wider the mattress, the broader the bedside table should be; and the wider the bedside table, the broader the lamp on it should be.

A simple rule of thumb is: that the width of the bedside table should be between one-third to half of the mattress width, and the widest part of the bedside lamp (usually the bottom of the lampshade) should be about one-third of the bedside table's width. This ensures that the proportions of the bedside lamp align harmoniously with the bedside table and mattress.

Choose the Ideal Lamp Height

Selecting the right height for the bedside table lamp is especially crucial for those who enjoy reading in bed. You wouldn't want the light shining directly overhead, nor would you want it glaring straight into your eyes.

Assuming your bedside table is roughly the same height as your mattress (or differs by only a few inches), the ideal lamp height should be the height of the bedside table plus an additional 2 to 3 inches.

For instance, if your bedside table is 20 inches tall, a lamp that's approximately 23 inches in height would be more suitable. Additionally, the position of the lamp's switch is key.

You wouldn't want to leave the bed every time you turn the lamp on or off, nor would you want to risk falling off the bed trying to reach the switch.

The ideal switch height should be about the length of your arm, which for most people is between 21 to 28 inches.

When buying lamps, please check the height of this lamp, width, can help you quickly filter to choose the right lamp.

For example, this Yellow Stained Glass Style Tiffany Hexagonal Table Lamp has information that the glass shade is 12 inches (30 cm) wide by 18 inches (45 cm) high. Metal base in antique bronze color, weight 1.0KG, width 6 inches (15CM).UL listed, in-line switch, 12 inches from base, 48 inches from plug.


Select the Perfect Lampshade

The stained glass lamp shade not only adds beauty to the lamp but also affects the distribution of light. Typically, the height of the lampshade should be two-thirds of the lamp's main body height, measured from the base to the bottom of the bulb.

The width of the lampshade should be twice the lamp's broadest part. If the lamp you choose is slender, the width of the lampshade shouldn't exceed its height. To ensure comfort while reading, the bottom of the lampshade should be roughly level with your eyes when you're sitting in bed.

White or off-white lampshades allow more light to pass through, but colored lampshades are a great way to add a splash of color to the bedroom.


Determine Your Bedroom Lamp Style

Choose a lamp that complements the style of your room. For instance, an antique brass lamp might be the ideal choice for a traditional or vintage style, while a sleek modern lamp might be more fitting for a contemporary style.

For example, in a minimalist black and white bedroom, choosing an abstract geometric hexagonal glass lamp brings a touch of ambiance amidst simplicity.

As long as your bedside table lamp harmonizes with the overall decor style of the bedroom, the choice of color and style is entirely up to your personal preference.

You could opt for sleek glass or chrome lamps for a modern bedroom, or traditional ceramic lamps for a country-style bedroom.

You can also choose specialty lamps that match your decor style, like lively dragonfly lamps, romantic rose lamps, or Baroque-style blue-purple painted glass lamps.


Price and Quality

Tiffany lamps use art glass, and resin, and are soldered with tin to connect the glass. Tiffany table lamps vary in price based on size, style, and color, and can be customized.

After determining the desired style and size based on the factors above, you can find the corresponding price range. Also, choose a reputable brand lamp to ensure both quality and budget are suitable for you. This ensures a good lifespan and functionality of the lamp. For example, meyda and werfactory Tiffany lamps.

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Choosing the right bedside table lamp not only adds beauty to your bedroom but also provides adequate lighting to meet your practical needs. Reflecting on the advice above, we can see that choosing a bedside table lamp isn't a complex process, but there are many factors to consider. Everyone is encouraged to boldly experiment based on their preferences and bedroom decor style to find the bedside table lamp that's perfect for them.

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