10 Best Stained Glass Lamp Stores in 2022


A stained glass lamps are a unique piece of art that adds beauty to any space. It has dazzling light, beautiful patterns, and stunning colors. This is the most famously known because of its widespread use in churches worldwide. However, homeowners and commercial property owners can easily access stained glass production.

You might be looking for the best lamp style if you're in the market to purchase a new lamp. Each class has a unique look and can serve multiple purposes. But, ensuring your lighting is in harmony with your home's decor is essential.

Here we have prepared an article for you about the value of a Tiffany lamp.

History of Tiffany Lamp

Louis Comfort Tiffany was the inventor of Tiffany-style glass. He was alive from 1933 until 1984. It was an American artist who is most well-known for using stained glass. He was a designer of stained glass windows, lamps, mosaics, ceramics, jewelry, metalwork, and ceramics. His father, Charles Lewis Tiffany, founded Tiffany & Co. Tiffany was the very first Design Director.

 Tiffany started a Company that made art with glass in 1885. This Company later became Tiffany Studios. Famous for creating beautiful stained glass windows in churches, including The White House, and establishing a long line of glass-making expertise through Tiffany lamps and other items.

 Numerous other companies use stained glass for lighting fixtures, lamps, and other ornamental items. They use safer and more modern materials like toughened glass. These include Dale Tiffany as well as Meyda Tiffany. They offer a variety of  Stained glass lamps for sale that range from accent lamps to floor lamps to accent lamps and table lamps.

What is the Process of Making Stained Glass lamp? 

Making stained glass come to Life is an intricate blend of artistic design and a skilled technique for working glass. it evolves by incorporating new technology and innovation. In the end, an art form and art that handed over generations and refined over hundreds of years.

What exactly happens when the transformation of stained glass from concept to the finished end product?

Step 1: Design for Stained Glass lamp

Stained glass production is, at its core, an art. This is why the process must start with the creator. When beginning a stained glass project, the artist outlines the finished piece in its entirety. These drawings are fully-sized and are often referred to as "cartoons". Cartoons show the shapes, colors, and fine details that make up every one of the glass pieces.

Step 2: Outline and Glass Cutting

When the initial design complete, the sections are outlines in a scaled manner on the glass pieces. The outline usually coated with an acid wash of white lime, which aids the artist in visualizing and refining the final design. Specific guidelines for particular design elements, like faces, drawn out on the back and removed.

Once the panels draw out, the glass pieces cut to match the outline. Specific tools use to cut glass pieces into the desired shape. A dividing iron that has hot tips cracks the glass. Then, it is further chipped using the grozing iron or pliers to create the exact dimensions and the outline.

Step 3: Glass Painting

When the glass part forms, artists apply vitreous paint to give each panel the desired color. The type of paint use is made from finely crushed glass particles suspended in a specific liquid binder and containing metallic oxide for color. The amounts of metallic oxide used to determine the finished product's hue. For instance, Copper oxide use to create vibrant blue, red, and green hues, and uranium, cadmium sulfur, and titanium create warmer golden hues.

Step 4: Structure 

The final stage of finishing the stained glass design in the assembly consists of four parts: binding, framing, glazing, and cementing. The frame use for the final product mades with the help of a thin strip of lead that is flexible, referred to as lead cames. Cames adjust to conform to the different shapes and then arranged into individual pieces of glass to form the final design.

After every panel has been put set, they are secured with glazing and cementing. The glass and lead frame joins by the solder glaze, a lead-tin alloy that melts at low temperatures and sets rapidly.

Finally, the final mix bonds using semi-liquid cement that keeps the pieces to the surface and serves as a waterproof layer.

Making Your Stained-Glass Lamp shade

Making a stunning and delicate lampshade may seem complicated or even difficult. Still, building your Tiffany-style lampshade at home is possible using glass-working tools and the proper materials. There's a wide selection of patterns, molds, and directions available.

Fiberglass and Styrofoam are the two most commonly used materials to create lampshade molds. Although Styrofoam molds are cheaper and come in various designs, The fiberglass molds are indestructible and designed specifically for Tiffany reproductions. Once you've selected the mold and created your pattern, you can look for glass that matches the theme or color scheme you want. Stained-glass lamps make great accessories that give stylish style to any room.

List of 10 best-stained glass lamp

If you've got a modern classic style for your home decor, I'm sure you'd include this item on your home decor and furniture pieces essential. There is an abundance of types of this particular item available on the market, and it's easy to be confused. This is why we've given you a comprehensive guide to choosing the stained-glass lamp that's best for your house.

Let's look at some of the most stunning variations of this light.


 It's a stained-glass lamp, which features the famous dragonfly design with blue shades. It's manufactured for the Company Warehouse of Tiffany which specializes in creating Tiffany replica lamps. They've done a fantastic job with this slim design of a red and blue dragonfly-stained table lamp which will look amazing on a table, bedroom table, or even a sideboard.

This lamp is constructed using a traditional Tiffany design made of hand-cut glass, coated with copper, then soldered. There are 420 individual pieces of glass inside this lamp shade. The dragonfly's wings are a complex design with several tiny pieces. The black solder is strikingly contrasted to the white wings and the vivid blue and aqua. It also has intriguing blue, red, and green glass gems or cabochons inside the lamp shade that make the lamp shimmer. Each lamp is unique because the mix of various glass shades creates a unique look.

  • This lamp's Base constructs out of solid resin with an aged bronze-colored finish. It features a dragonfly motif and is not like the typical tree-like style.
  • It's heavy and sturdy. It is not minor and easy to smash over. It's a good idea to ensure that the Base isn't dirty since the Dark resin will show dust.
  • The lamp measures 24 inches and is 16 inches wide at its widest diameter. The Base is about 8 inches wide. The lamp shade is a good size and proportioned well to the size of the stand.


The Company is very well-known in the area of lamps, as they endeavor to design authentic and authentic Tiffany lamps of top quality.

This lamp features a classy style with a beautiful Wisteria style with deep tones of red mixed with orange. It is a classic Tiffany fashion. This lamp makes an ideal and stunning present for those who love antiques.

  • The table lamp has 12 inches large lampshade and measures 18 inches tall. It's easy to put together and weighs a total of 2.5 kilograms.
  • It equipped with a 1.9 meters plug wire with an on/off switch. It also includes an E26 2270K G45 LED lamp, which is ideal for use as a classic home decoration piece. It's not as bright enough to create a relaxing ambient and adequate to read.
  • The manufacturing process usually done by hand, including cutting the glass and using colors to make abstract designs. After that, I am soldering them to make the lamp shade with beautiful wisteria designs to attract attention.


This Seller sells high-quality Tiffany design lamps with original designs. It also rated highly by customers, making it worth a look.

This lamp composes of stunning shades of light blue and green to display a classic wisteria design in stained glass with a pull chain that adds an antique feel. If you are a fan of abstract art that is beautiful in hues and intricate patterns will love this lamp to decorate your home.

  • It is a light and portable light that measures 16 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall, making it ideal for side tables and nightstands.
  • The lamp weighs 13.37 pounds. This makes it heavier than the majority, but it's more sturdy and high-quality.
  • This Seller guarantees a handmade mosaic production process using top artisans using their talents to make genuine Tiffany lamps beginning with cutting glass and coloring it, and then soldering it. These light produced with high-end materials and distinctive designs.

4.  WERFACTORY White Blue Stained Glass Table Lamp 

This compact Desk Lamp provides a comfortable glow and a relaxing feeling at home when you spend time with your family. Its Decoration Effect is Excellent and suitable as a Classical Style Decoration.

Minor change expects when purchasing two products from the same manufacturer. Werfactory lamps are the ideal present for any occasion. An elegant gift is sure to be Remarked upon by your Friends. Tiffany Lamps are beautiful handcrafted items that will add class and a sense of creativity to your home. Art Nouveau's design is evident in these lamps. Each lamp is an original and beautiful centerpiece for your home.

  • The Shade Material is Real Stained Glass joined by Tin.
  • The heavy Base provides good stability from falling, ensuring safety and soundness.

5.  Yellow Hexagon Stained Glass Tiffany Lamp

Tiffany Lamps are crafted by skilled artisans who have dedicated their lives to creating stunning designs. The lamps are of the perfect dimension and will be attractive in any space. The stained glass lamp is made of top-quality materials, which will ensure its style and elegance throughout the many decades to be. The lamp shade is stained glass joined by Tin, and it comes with an L.E.D. a bulb in the package to allow you to enjoy the lamp as soon as you get it!

  • Yellow Hexagon Stained Glass is a top-quality stained glass lamp shade handcrafted with an antique Base.
  • The lamp's dimension in the middle measures 12 inches by 18 inches (30cm and 45cm) and features a beautiful bronze finish. This model also comes with an L.E.D. Bulb with a 2700K G45 color provides a warm white light that is 4-8W for illumination.
  • It will also be more effective in the reading space. With this present, you'll be able to gift your loved ones thousands of years of enjoyment while having the ability to enjoy it for themselves.

6.  Green Liaison Tiffany Style Table Night Lamp

 These Tiffany Table Lamps are a fantastic way to illuminate your home by highlighting their beautiful style and range of sizes. They uses as night lamps or reading lamps, or simply as a decorative piece. It's simple to Build and does not have any special tools.

The lamp has an etched glass shade made by hand from genuine stained glass joints made of Tin, which gives the light a natural appearance and feel. This lamp's foundation is massive to ensure the stability needed to prevent it from falling, ensuring that you're safe and secure with the light when you use it in any area of your home!

  • Gorgeously designed lamps designs with inspiration from the Art Nouveau design.
  • These desk lamps mades to maximize space and can be an impressive centerpiece in your house.
  • Handmade stained glass lampshade 16 inches, height 24 inches - U.L. approved Resin Base 1.7KG with Stained Glass Nightlight 4- 8W warm white light Would be more effective.

7.  Tiffany-style table lamp with tulip flower design for the bedside

The stained glass lamp shade is handmade and measures 16 inches in width and 24 inches high. It has a Base made of zinc with a bronze finish. This product is U.L. certified, which means it's suitable for indoor lighting.

It also comes with a classy Tiffany-style design that gives warmth and light to your bedroom or living space, making it the perfect piece to decorate! The total weight of this item is 2.0KG, and it stands at 24 inches when assembled.

  • The Base metal is bronze-colored, as is the glass shade.
  • Its black finishes complement any home decor style, from farmhouse-style Country to industrial rustic.
  • It handcrafts using high-quality materials.

8.  Red Dragonfly Green Lighting Tiffany Table Lamp

The stained glass lamp doesn't come with a bulb, but when you put it in place and turn it on, you'll be in a mystical place. The colors, style, and quality are excellent for those who love reading.

  • The light will allow you to enjoy your private time.
  • This lamp also uses less energy and has the longevity to become part of your daily routine.
  • If you're seeking a lamp that has both modern and traditional design styles, you can find it here. If you're contemplating it, be ready to brighten up your space.

9.  Tiffany Red Rose Glass Table Lamp

 Women love these types of lamps when compared to males. They love collecting vintage and antique objects. If you've got an adoration for your girlfriend of antiques, this is the perfect item to make her smile.

It is possible to alter the bulb since it is straightforward for anyone to put together.

  • This Stained Glass Lampshade adds the dimension of 8 inches.
  • It adds style and appeal to the traditional lamp.
  • Additionally, it comes with a warranty of up to 24 months, meaning that if there is an issue, you're only a phone call away from having it repaired or replaced.

10.  Tiffany Table Lamp with Red Rose Beads  

The lamp of this type is a popular preferred choice for fashionistas. A majority of readers would prefer bright and vivid surroundings when reading. The Dark background mixes with colors to allow them to see through and make their thinking process more fluid.

  • The lamp is the perfect accessory to enjoy your evening reading or present to any reader.
  • The warm light makes it gorgeous to sit in the morning and aids you in the task, and creates a beautiful accessory to your home.

Reading reading: Top 5 Brands Selling Tiffany-style Lamps

How to Identify Stained Glass Lamps 

Lamps made of stained glass are popular in interiors because they combine the beauty of art with the usefulness of a lamp. Tiffany Company created a series of stained glass lamps in the early twentieth century that has become famous. Some companies eventually reproduced these stained-glass lights. A Company claim to sell the "Tiffany" lamp, it typically is a lamp that was made in the Tiffany style, and it is not an actual product. There are also various techniques to tell if a Tiffany stained-glass lamp is genuine.

Find a mark at the bottom on the shade of your lamp.

Most genuine Tiffany lamps will have tiny marks at the Base of the shade that says "Tiffany Studios" or "Tiffany & Co." If you don't see any effect, it isn't necessarily a sign that the lamp isn't authentic, but the odds that it is a copy are much higher.

Look at the bottom of the lamp's Base:

Original Tiffany lamps are identifiable by the signature previously described on the lower right of the light. The bases are constructed of copper or bronze and are extremely heavy. Later reproductions made from resin and feels incredibly light.

 Check that the solder between glass parts is in good order:

The original Tiffany lamps mades of copper solder. Reproductions typically employ brass or other cheaper metals to make their solder. The aged copper will appear Dark greenish-black, whereas brass and other metals usually appear black. Be aware of the quality of the solder. Stained glass lamps creates with care to the minor details and do not display defects in soldering or poor artistry.

 Tiffany lamps are created with a range of intricate designs:

 Standard designs include begonias, roses, dragonflies, peacocks, and other fauna and flora. Tiffany glass made later in the Art Nouveau period may also feature "mission designs. "mission designs" feature vibrant colors arranged in a Southwest style.

 Keep in mind the price:

An authentic Tiffany lamp thought to antique and more expensive than copies. Even in auctions, the price of an original Tiffany lamp can be several hundred thousand dollars. According to The Antiques Almanac, some auctioned for up to 2. 8 million in a market based on dimensions and the design of the lamp's shade. The range of prices for reproductions typically ranges from 500 to $5,000. Tiffany "style" lamps are likely to be considerably less expensive, typically between $100 and $300.

Advantages of stained glass lamp

It's not a secret that stained glass is an expensive option for any house. But, it's well worth the effort if seeking original and distinctive art! The most important feature is the shade stained glass art adds to the room. If it's only set up on a wall using small panels, or the sun shines through the glass of stained glass. It's difficult for guests to ignore the effect that stained glass art creates on your décor.

  • Stained glass also provides some impressive privacy. The creation of a design with textured glass and etched glass can hide the sight of passers-by and keep curious Toms from your view. This makes stained glass an excellent option for entryways to homes and bathrooms.
  • Snooper impeds from intruding on your privacy with an oblique glass sidelight.
  • Although you're paying an enormous amount of money on stained glass, it does not mean you'll get your money later. It is possible that the stained glass you buy could boost the Value of your home's market Value. It is also a reasonable resale price when sold as a stand-alone piece!

Step-by-step guide for cleaning a stained glass lamp

You bless with a gorgeous stained-glass window? Whatever kind of stained glass you own at home, keeping it clean is about being kind. When it is time to clean, begin with the most gentle method before moving to the next step. For cleaning your stained glass, you'll need:

  • Duster
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Dawn dish soap
  • Distilled water

Step 1: Check the Glass 

Instead of slicing through the stained glass with cleaners, the gentle method begins with thoroughly examining the stained glass. Verify that all pieces are safe and look for cracks within the frame. If you decide to use a more aggressive cleaner, try it on a small area to ensure it doesn't cause any issues or discoloration.

Step 2: Stained Glass Should Be Dusted

Grab your duster when you've completed your initial examination. Utilize the duster to rid of any dust particles that are floating around the entire surface of the glass. After removing the dust, take the microfiber cloth and scrub everything clean. When you complete, you takes the stained glass for a closer look to see if there are spots of grime or dirt that require cleaning.

Step 3: Use a Mild Cleaner

If your initial wipedown did not remove all grime and dirt, now is the time to get dish soap. Make sure to test your dish soap separately before going over the entire piece.

  1. Make a mixture of a small amount of dish soap with warm water that distilled.
  2. Place a microfiber cloth into the solution and then wring it out. (You require a damp fabric, but not a wet one.)
  3. Clean the stained glass in sections, section by section, focusing on the areas with the build-up of grime.
  4. After cleaning the area to your liking, grab an unclean, dry cloth and completely dry it.

It is possible to use commercial foam sprays and glass cleaner to clean stained glass. Be aware that you don't need to spray cleaner on the glass directly. Spray it onto the cloth and then clean the glass.

 Top 3 Reasons to Buy Stained Glass Lamps

When you look through photos of interior design inspiration, One thing you'll likely notice that catches your attention is a stained-glass lamp. These lamps are stunning decorative additions to any home. They provide you with a practical, fashionable object to set on tables in your home. Here are a few top reasons to buy stained glass lighting, whether for yourself or others.

Suitable Task Lighting

 But if you want to increase the visibility of a specific room area, Task lighting like table lamps or desk lights can be helpful as an efficient solution. They do not take up large amounts of space, but they perform their tasks well, giving lighting to the area in which they are located. It's all about practicality and heavily depends on the person and what they require in their home.

Maybe you'd like a table lamp that can illuminate the space while you write or create a project. Perhaps you'd prefer the light that isn't as bright as more significant, more bright overhead lights that might not be enough for your needs. Stenciled glass lamps fulfill this need perfectly, providing plenty of lighting to a specific area and aiding you in a better understanding of what you're doing.

There are a variety of desk lamps you can purchase to serve this function in your home; however stained glass designs fit this need well. They places in your living space in the bedroom or the office at home. Set it by your bedside table for an accent light for reading, or set it outside in your living room so that anyone can relax by the Tiffany-style table lamps.

Beautiful Home Design

This stained glass shade from the Tiffany design table lamp is an exquisite accent to your decor, particularly in the living or dining area, where guests can walk into and take in the beauty. Many people appreciate stained glass pieces of art for their homes due to their style and elegance.

If you're in search of unique items to add style to your home. You'll probably prefer to start with pieces that have the purpose of accent lighting, which adds character to the space without appearing disjointed or unnatural. Practical items like stained glass lamps can play a part in your daily Life and add a unique look to the area through their design. So place them on top of your table, and you'll be able to enjoy this new table centerpiece.

As a Gift to Someone Else

Table lamps stained with Glass are lovely gifts for friends and family members for any occasion, from happy to sad. They uses as a kind of tables lamps in Tiffany style to give gifts to new homeowners moving into their new house. They also gives as gift to celebrate significant occasions, such as weddings, graduations, and birthdays.

Tiffany-type stained glass lamp designs have earned a Name over time as a gift to grieving people who recently lost loved ones. The lamps are intended to symbolize and provide some comfort to people who are dealing with a lot.

To provide you with a solid source of information on all of the varieties and styles of stained-glass lamps available on the market. We also recommend visiting jdevlinglassart.com and looking through the various accent lamps they offer with designs stained Glass. Their lights are always of the highest quality and come with beautiful designs that make perfect additions to any house.


How can you blend the famous style of stained glass lamps into your home decor? You should consider this primary concern before purchasing the Tiffany-style light. The decision to buy a Tiffany-style lamp could be difficult. In this Article, we'll provide you with some essential points you should consider before purchasing a Tiffany-style light. 


Tiffany Desk lamps have been created to work with a range of bulbs, such as the LED CFL incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen. It is important to search around to select specific bulbs for the lamp. Selecting an efficient energy can reduce the energy use of your home. You can find the bulb's power by looking at the label on the bulb or the box itself.


There are numerous styles of lampshades for Tiffany-style lamps, and you should be sure to be aware of this when purchasing a light. We have illustrated Tiffany table lamps with stained glass shades in this post. There are, however, lamps that have transparent shade made of glass. If the tint on your lamp is old or damaged, take it off and replace it if you can. Check if the light you plan to purchase comes with shades that replaces. This will be helpful if you'll need to change your shadow shortly.

 Plug-in wire 

It is also essential to confirm the option for connectivity before purchasing any Tiffany-style lamp. Some table lamps wired, and plug-in lights are the most common. It is necessary to learn the details of the wiring requirements of a table lamp before deciding on the lamp.

Styles and design

The Tiffany-style lamp's design  are the primary and crucial factors that should be considered before purchasing the Tiffany lamp. There many kinds of design, but generally, they are the most well-known designs used by most people.

Geometric designs 

A Geometric Tiffany lamp typically made with cut-out shapes, such as triangles, squares, rectangles, and parallelograms. The lights usually decorates with just one or two glass colors and were charming and intriguing.

How do I know if a Tiffany Lamp stained glass window is made of glass or plastic?

Why does Tiffany's lamp shade glass appear to be plastic? Glass is a tiny pieces and covers by a sheet of copper, and that's why it gives the appearance of a thud.

Do you have any queries?

If, after our initial explanations, you remain doubtful of the authenticity of the stained glass window on your lamp, follow these steps:

  1. Make a needle hot using the help of a lighter
  2. Make sure to wait until it's nearly red
  3. Try to pass it by an element of stained Glass
  4. If it can pass through the plastic, it melts, but if it doesn't, it's Glass.

If you own a small blowtorch, you can proceed, but you must be careful not to over-heat the stained Glass and check it out slowly. As the Glass is genuine, an electrical shock could result in it exploding.

How can you distinguish between an authentic Tiffany lamp and a less expensive version?

If you spot an old-fashioned lamp to you, take the time to be attentive to each space, the lamp's shade as well as the lamp Base as well as pay attention to the following characteristics to distinguish the genuine from the fake:

  1. The lamp turns over. Examine the Base to look for a gray metal band. It also believes that the original Tiffany lamps built using a heavy lead ring placed inside an unfinished bronze Base (or sometimes mosaic or enameled). Modern reproductions usually utilize zinc, brass, white metal, wooden, and resin bases.
  2. The Base of the original bronze (or similar metallic Base) will have a patina. This develops naturally after an extended period of oxidation. Even though these tiny color variations will be a sign that it is genuine, Tiffany, Be aware that replicas could be fake and have fake patina.
  3. Signatures or stamps could be an indication of authenticity. However, it is essential to be aware of what you are seeking. Tiffany's marking system mades up of engravings or cutouts placed in an area at the foot of the lamp. They alters over time and therefore easy to duplicate. Please do not rely on this feature by itself.
  4. When you examine the lamp's Base and look out for buttons, genuine antique Tiffany lamps have an adjustable control that operates the light or, in certain instances, chains acting as a switch.

While it is straightforward to tell if a lamp mades of plastic or glass. Its harder to know whether it's an authentic Tiffany antique or a contemporary table lamp. Although the Tiffany fixtures by H.T. deco mades with the highest quality. They not authentically signed and therefore are not recognizable because we are selling an imitation. We want to be transparent regarding our products.

Why are Tiffany stained glass lamps so popular?

There are a variety of reasons the fact that Tiffany stained-glass table lamps feature an appealing color palette and a shiny finish that will blend well with any room. They also offer a broad range of beautiful designs to pick from, which means that you'll be able to locate one suited to your individual needs and preferences.

Which light bulb should I use?

The most well-known type of light bulb utilized in many Tiffany stained glass lamps  call C.F.L. (or compact fluorescent lamp). It recognizes as having a long Life span if properly used and also emitting less heat when compared to conventional incandescent light bulbs.


What is the distinction between the various Tiffany original lamps?


Tiffany lamps could mean many different things, but generally, it's the term used for Tiffany design lamps, Tiffany imitation lamps, and the authentic Tiffany lamps produced at Tiffany Studios. Tiffany Studios, New York. The original Tiffany lamps design by Tiffany Studios. Tiffany Studios New York in the latter part of 1800 and into the early 1900s. Tiffany replica lamps were reproductions made from the first Tiffany lamps. Tiffany-type lamps include stained-glass lamps that influences by those original Tiffany lamps and others made of stained glass, as well as Art Nouveau subjects. Lamps made from stained glass have shades are made of stained glass (many pieces of glass soldered in).Some lamps with stained glass bases also have bases made of stained glass as well.


Stained Glass is a specific timeline and has been adjusting to every art style since its discovery millennia. It began as a method for producing traditional Egyptian beads to depict the Bible during European Gothic cathedrals, finally evolving into contemporary and geometric designs incorporated into smaller panels.

Nowadays, stained Glass gives an exotic and custom look to homes all over the world. It is available on windows, panels, or even lamps. It can add significant Value and an elegant appearance to any house.

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