Where to Find Tiffany Floor Lamp Bases


In the world of home decor, the Tiffany floor lamp is undoubtedly a captivating piece of art. It not only brings a unique glow to our living spaces but also becomes a treasured possession in many households.

However, when we want to find a perfect base for this lamp or replace it with a new one, we often encounter challenges. Why is it so hard to find a base for a Tiffany floor lamp?

Of course, I'm referring to the Tiffany style floor lamp base. Because for a genuine Tiffany floor lamp base, you wouldn't seek a substitute; it's that precious.


Why is it Difficult to Find a Base for a Tiffany Floor Lamp?

The Tiffany floor lamp, being a high-end piece of art, has every part meticulously designed and crafted. The base not only has to bear the weight of the entire lamp but also needs to perfectly match the design and color of the lampshade, ensuring overall harmony and unity.

This makes the base of a Tiffany floor lamp a piece of art that's hard to replicate or replace.

Firstly, the original design of the Tiffany lamp often matches a specific base. This means that if the original base is damaged or lost, finding a perfectly matching substitute can be quite challenging.

Secondly, due to the uniqueness and rarity of Tiffany lamps, imitations or substitutes available in the market might not meet the finesse and high quality of the original design. This often leaves users feeling perplexed and frustrated when searching for a base.

But don't be disheartened. Although finding a base for a Tiffany floor lamp might present some challenges, with continuous exploration and effort, a satisfactory solution can always be found.

Whether you're looking to restore a Tiffany-style lamp or simply want to find a suitable base for your newly purchased lamp, we're here to offer suggestions and solutions to help you address this issue.

Werfactory Tiffany Floor Lamp Bases for Sale

Werfactory, as a factory producing high-quality Tiffany-style lamps, offers a range of quality floor lamp and table lamp bases for sale.

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1. Werfactory® Vertical Floor Lamp Base



  1. Style: Vertical floor lamp
  2. Dual lamp holders
  3. Size: Suitable for 16-24 inch glass lampshades
  4. Height: 62 inches
  5. Base width: 11 inches
  6. Material and color: Bronze color, made of resin
  7. Weight: 5KG
  8. Switch: Pull chain and switch line with plug
  9. UL Certified

User Review: This lamp base is beautiful and pairs well with our lampshade replica. There were some fragments on the resin, but the customer service was friendly and resolved the issue.

2. Werfactory® Vertical Table Lamp Base



  1. Style: Vertical table lamp
  2. Dual lamp holders
  3. Size: Suitable for 12, 14, 16, 18-inch glass lampshades
  4. Height: 24 inches
  5. Base width: 6.5 inches
  6. Material and color: Bronze color, made of glass
  7. Switch: Pull chain and switch line with plug
  8. Weight: 1.8kg
  9. UL Certified

User Review: Perfect replacement base for our Werfactory colored glass lamp. Our original base got damaged during a move, and this was a perfect substitute. My wife likes it even more than the original. A win-win purchase.

3. Werfactory® Torch-style Floor Lamp Base



  1. Style: Torch-style floor lamp
  2. Dimensions: 12 inches deep x 12 inches wide x 66 inches high
  3. Material and color: Metal, iron base
  4. Switch: Foot pedal
  5. Light direction: Upward lighting
  6. UL Certified

User Review: I've always wanted one of these! The color of this lamp fits perfectly in my foyer and matches my decor. It gives off a very nice light when turned on and doesn't heat up! It's beautiful! I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

4. Werfactory® Arch Floor Lamp Base



  1. Style: Arch floor lamp base
  2. Size: Suitable for 16-24 inch glass lampshades
  3. Height: 24 inches
  4. Material and color: Bronze color, made of resin
  5. Weight: 5KG
  6. UL Certified

Arch floor lamp bases, also known as arc or arched floor lamps, have become increasingly popular in home decor in recent years. This unique design not only has an aesthetic appearance but also offers better spatial flexibility compared to other bases.

3. Final Words

When you purchase from Werfactory, you're guaranteed safety and a discount card.

Upon receiving your order, Werfactory conducts thorough inspections and tests to ensure the quality of the product before shipping. Plus, with express shipping through DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and others, you don't have to worry about lost packages.

If your region is not accessible for delivery, fret not! We'll use postal services to ensure your package reaches you. We're committed to ensuring every customer receives the product they've been eagerly anticipating.

While Tiffany-style lamps are priced higher than regular lamps, we've initiated discount promotions for our esteemed customers. On our discount page, you can choose from various types of Tiffany-style lamps and avail a 15% discount.

Werfactory aims to provide all users with top-notch service and safe products. Whether you're looking to replace a lampshade, or a base, or purchase a brand-new Tiffany table lamp, floor lamp, or chandelier, you won't be disappointed with Werfactory!

If you still have any questions, please click FAQ here to inquire!

If you would like to contact us, please click here.

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