What Kind of Bulb Does a Tiffany Lamp Use


Tiffany lamps are decorative and beautiful, but you get the best from them only if you put the best bulb in them. The different types of Tiffany lamps may use different types of bulbs. For example, the type of bulb on your Tiffany floor lamp might differ from that on your Tiffany wall lamp.

Tiffany lamps use different kinds of bulbs, including:

  • Incandescent bulbs
  • LED bulbs
  • Fluo-compact bulbs
  • Eco halogen bulbs

The luminous charm of Tiffany lamps is in the stained-glass shade and how the shade interacts with the light from the bulb. Therefore, choosing the best bulbs to install on your Tiffany lamp and give your space an enchanting impact is important. Different kinds of bulbs utilize different technologies, each with unique features.

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Read on to find out the different kinds of bulbs that you can use on your Tiffany lamp and guidelines on choosing the right one.

Incandescent Bulbs

The incandescent bulb is one of the oldest and most widespread technologies you can use on your Tiffany lamp.They were the primary light source when Tiffany lamps first became popular in the 1900s.

You can use such bulbs if you need a warm and inviting sparkle that complements the intricate designs of Tiffany lamp shades.It symbolizes a glass ball that contains an inflamed filament to emit light that gives a nostalgic appeal, as shown below.


Incandescent Bulbs

Such bulbs are not energy-efficient and have a short lifespan of 1,000 hours.The ignition speed of such bulbs is instantaneous, and its actual consumption is shown in consumption habits.

LED Bulbs

Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs use the LED technology, a phenomenon that has radically changed the light industry.

The bulbs are energy efficient, produce minimal heat, and have a longer lifespan. Such features make the bulb ideal for your Tiffany lamp and lower any possibility of damage to the delicate stained-glass shade.

Moreover, the bulbs emit a comparably better quality that fundamentally changes the appearance of your space and gives an inviting feel to your rooms.LED bulbs come in different color temperatures, and you can choose the color temperature that suits your functional and cosmetic needs.  

The smart lighting of LED bulbs compliments the unique appearance of Tiffany lampshades, giving high-quality lighting and a warm feel to your space.LEDs emit negligible or no heat, making them efficient compared to other bulbs.

Such bulbs are ideal for your home with a low-voltage electrical system because they consume low power. Also, such bulbs are safer in case something goes wrong.LEDs bulbs have a great color rendering index (CRI), a feature that makes them capable of illuminating the Tiffany lamp and shining it on your space.

The bulbs emit light for only 180 degrees instead of 360 degrees. As such they lower the system's costs and make your Tiffany lamp more efficient.Also, their design flexibility makes them suitable for Tiffany lamps, such as Tiffany table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, or Tiffany pendant lamps.

Based on the versatility of LED bulbs, you can do almost everything you think can be done in lighting with LED bulbs.There are LED bulbs of different shapes, sizes, and wattage; below is an example 100-watt LED bulb.


LED Bulbs

Fluo-Compact Bulbs

You can use these bulbs as an energy-efficient option to other traditional bulbs such as the incandescent bulbs.They consume less electricity than incandescent bulbs while providing the exact brightness level.

When you choose the fluo-compact bulb for your Tiffany lamps, you need to give it some time to attain its optimal brightness level, especially in colder places.

Below is an image of fluo-compact bulb.

 Fluo-Compact Bulbs

Eco Halogen Bulbs

Using eco-halogen bulbs on your Tiffany lamp brings out the vivid colors of the stained glass on your lampshade.Although they tend to emit more heat, they offer a balance between energy savings and halogen lighting.

Also, you can go for energy-saving models for economical electricity use.The light bulbs get instantly bright and are also fully dimmable. Also, they have a long life of approximately 2,000 hours.

Below is an image of the eco-halogen bulb.

 Eco Halogen Bulbs

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Bulb for Your Tiffany Lamp

The kind of bulb you choose for your Tiffany lamp is an important factor in illuminating your room and enhancing the aesthetic value of the lamp.Tiffany lamps require a specific bulb to achieve your desired functional and artistic effect.

Below are the main considerations when selecting an ideal bulb for your Tiffany lamp.

  • Your Tiffany lamp is a prized asset and derives its value from the ambiance and warmth. The brightness of your bulb should complement the colors on your lampshade and design. Once they complement each other, you get a cozy and warm feel in your room.
  • Shape and Size. There are different shapes and sizes of Tiffany lamps, ranging from small Tiffany lampsto large Tiffany lamps.

The size and shape of the bulb must fit into the lamp's socket to ensure the desirable light distribution, proper fit and proper lighting.

  • Energy efficiency.There are growing concerns about the need to conserve the environment. As a result, energy-efficient bulbs have become more popular. Therefore, if you are concerned about the impact of your lighting on the environment, you will choose energy-saving bulbs such as LED bulbs.
  • Color temperature. The color temperature of your bulb affects your space's overall ambiance. Use warm white bulbs to achieve the best effect on your Tiffany lamp.

Such bulbs emit a gentle glow that invites you into your space and embellishes the warm tones of the lampshade.Considering several factors, you can find the perfect bulb for an excellent lighting experience.

The dimensions of your Tiffany lamp will help you select the perfect bulb. It is best to measure the height and width of the lampshade's opening before deciding on the kind of bulb for your Tiffany lamp.

Before choosing the ideal bulb for your lamp, evaluate the expected use and desired brightness level.For example, a Tiffany lamp for reading might require a brighter bulb, while an artistic lamp may require a softer glow.

You need to check the bulb's wattage and ensure it is within the recommended range of your lamp. Using a bulb with a high wattage will produce heat that can lead to overheating and damage to your lamp's shade.

The warmth of the color temperature of your chosen bulb depends on the desired quality of your space.

If you want your lamp to provide bright and focused light, it is advisable to go for bulbs of cooler temperatures.On the contrary, bulbs of warmer temperatures create a cozy space and an enticing environment.

It is best to research the different kinds of bulbs that you can use on your Tiffany lamp. It would be best if you decided after considering the bulb’s lifespan, energy efficiency, and compatibility with the design of your Tiffany lamp.

Try different bulbs and see how they match up with your lampshade. Change the lighting to suit your taste, and consider the spot where you will place your lamp for the best impact on your room.

You must take proper care of your Tiffany lamp and bulb to maintain its exquisite beauty and functionality in the long term.

Ensure the lamp is unplugged when installing or replacing your preferred bulb. Be gentle while removing or inserting the new one so you do not damage the socket and lampshade.

Also, paying close attention to your Tiffany lamp's heat output is best, primarily if you use halogen or incandescent bulbs. If you ignore the bulb's heat output, it may overheat and damage the stained glass on your lampshade.You can avoid overheating your lamp by using cooler bulbs such as LEDs.

Also, it is best to place your lamp in a spot without exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods. Direct sunlight fades the colors of the stained glass of the lampshade and adversely affects its functionality.


The kind of bulb that your Tiffany bulb uses matches its wattage to prevent possible overheating and damage to the stained glass.You can use LED bulbs as an energy-saving option for incandescent bulbs.

Following the manufacturer or seller's recommendations for your lamp is best to ensure you use the appropriate wattage, shape, size, and wattage.  You can choose a Tiffany lamp for any space in your house, for example, a Tiffany lamp for the bedroom or study room.

Besides, choosing the right bulb to make your lamp stand out is best. In this regard, the right kind of bulb for your Tiffany brightens the gloomy spaces in your room and transforms it into an exceptional thing of beauty.

You can consider a table lamp, floor lamp, ceiling, wall, or pendant lamp based on your available space and the preferred lamp's ability to add beauty, magic, and warmth to your space.

The best kind of bulb on your Tiffany lamp creates a captivating atmosphere that no other lighting can introduce into your home. For Tiffany lamps, if you want to know more, you can click What is Tiffany lamps to learn more.


  • Posted on by Amyb B
    I purchased several tiffany table lamps from Werefactory from Amazon.. The bulb did not say what kind it is, need to replace bulb. Has 6 yellow prongs inside. Purchased from Amazon: https://a.co/d/ibNfPjp what bulb works best?
  • Posted on by Amyb B
    I purchased several tiffany table lamps from Werefactory from Amazon.. The bulb did not say what kind it is, need to replace bulb. Has 6 yellow prongs inside. Purchased from Amazon: https://a.co/d/ibNfPjp what bulb works best?
  • Posted on by Elaine
    What colour bulb could I use to make the blue purple tiffany lamp more purple. Ordered and was disappointed that there is so much blue and really don’t see the purple in the lamp shade

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