What Floor Lamps are in Style in 2023? Tiffany torchiere& Dorrette


Lighting is a vital aspect of interior design. It is a bright idea that helps to improve your space and make it feel homely. You can either use overhead bulbs, fluorescent lighting or turn to the brighter side of life by using floor lamps in style.

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Here are the floor lamps in style in 2023.

  1. Tiffany torchiere
  2. Dorrette
  3. Laussat 34’’ tree
  4. Harriet pleated
  5. Tiffany arched
  6. Addlon LED Modern shelf
  7. Coastal Living ebony accordion
  8. Hana
  9. Phoebe tiered fringe
  10. Marcel
  11. 3 globe mid-century modern floor lamp
  12. Wood tripod
  13. Lulu floor lamp

Irrespective of your preferred option, the different styles of lighting in your space bring a warm and cozy mood at the flick of a switch. Adding any floor lamps in style in 2023 to your space is a sure way of modernizing and bringing it to life.

The rest of this article extensively discusses floor lamps in style in 2023 and gives you ideas to make your room or space more fulfilling and stylish.

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floor lamp

1. Tiffany Torchiere Floor Lamp

The Tiffany collection is a popular fixture design developed to give your space an unrivaled feel.

The torchiere design, in particular, is dish-shaped and has a natural perspective in its scope of illumination.

The up-light feature ensures the light is diffused well around your space.

When you hear the name, Tiffany, you think of radically distinctive style of lighting.

The Tiffany Torchiere floor lamp is in style in 2023 because it’s designed with deep respect for quality and an understanding of the emotional impact of the lighting quality.

Its pole-standing stature makes it suitable for use in your preferred space, including the living room, bedroom, and office.

2. Dorrette Floor Lamp

The Dorrette is a good-looking floor lamp that perfectly blends fun and functionality. It has a modern take on design, and its high stature makes it ideal for use next to your sofa.

It features scalloped curves and tassel pulls to turn it on and off.

It’s a unique style that fulfills all the style requirements of 2023, and the built-in table adds you more premium space.

3. Laussat 34 Tree Floor Lamp

As the name suggests, this stylish floor lamp features a tree-like series of unique metal and glass globes and ends.

The three unique metal arms hold a bulb within the lamp’s dome-shaped glass shade.

The metal arms are on hinges with a central joint making it possible to adjust the angles. You can adjust it depending on its location and how best you intend to utilize your space.

It’s a contemporary piece that makes a real statement of style and is a worthy investment if you are focused on creating a unique space in your home or office.

4. Harriet Pleated Floor Lamp

This floor lamp allows you to go with brass and class. Its stylish nature is characterized by a white pleated shade and structured frame with a deep color of gold.

Its exquisite features add refined quality and good taste to your space.

Moreover, its capable of arousing interest and curiosity all at once, and its movable arm allows you to illuminate any space without much effort.

5. Tiffany Arched Floor Lamp

Tiffant arched floor lamp, this sophisticated lamp features an arch-shaped shade built on a stable base.

The stylish design of this floor lamp makes it a preference for those needing style and functionality.

Its shape supports the load with much ease and illuminates your space without any fears of falling over easily.

The curves of the floor lamp and its structural elements combine to give it a future-proof style and make a strong statement.

It fits nicely into any space because of its shape and design.


6. Addlon LED Modern Shelf

This unique floor lamp gives you light and vertical built-in shelves that you can use as a bookshelf or small, inexpensive storage.

You can conveniently maximize the lamp’s storage potential to display your plants, books and cherished photos. The additional storage space complements your space’s style and functionality.

The Addlon floor lamp has three color temperature options. You can switch from the neutral, cool, to warm light settings to create the perfect ambiance and suit your style.

You can easily install this floor lamp and enjoy its versatility and customizable lighting.

Its stylishness is in its ability to complement any space and blend seamlessly into your office, living room, or bedroom.

floor lamp

7. Coastal Living Ebony Accordion

This floor lamp has a striking and sophisticated coastal charm to it.

Its chunky stand is carved from wood with an ebony finish and a beautifully contrasting shade in a natural linen color.

Its style is characterized by its radically distinctive nature, especially in regard to the materials used in the lamp and its unusual design.

The decorative work and quality of materials combine to create its boldness and practical work of art.

The mixture of sophistication in its design and charm contributes to the lamps’ style.

8. Hana Floor Lamp

This elegant lamp with a sculptural base and gold finish adds antique-inspired glamour to any space.

The modeled base features gold leaves and flowers and a heavy art deco style.

It’s perfect for you if you want to complement the elegance of your space with a satisfying feminine touch.

As much as you can use it in any space within your home or office, it is ideal in a living room because of its soft diffused light, perfect for an evening spend on the sofa.


9. Phoebe Tiered Fringe

The fringe design is a stunning style icon for this floor lamp. It is retro and excellently adds movement to the stationary piece of furniture in your room.

The floor lamp’s design is like straight out of the Roaring Twenties, and its rows of cascading fringe characterize the exuberant optimism that its style brings to your room.

Also, it features a thin bar structure, a rounded base, and an exclusive shade comprising cascading fringe.

10. Marcel Floor Lamp

You can’t help but check the Marcel floor lamp out if you are after simplicity and style.

It’s a trendy lamp with a sleek golden stand and colored glass shade and a significant addition to your modern space.

It’s a great option if you are operating on a tight budget and do not want to compromise on quality.

Additionally, you can easily adjust it to change its angles according to your needs.

11. 3 Globe Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp

This stylish floor lamp decorates and transforms your home into your world.

It exhibits excellent versatility, and you can configure it with one, two, three, or more globe bulbs. Also, you can put it with any décor style, ranging from vintage, boho, rustic, and contemporary, among others.

It brings a mid-century modern standing light with its unique glamour design.

It has an eye-caring feature that prevents you from hurting your eyes even if you look directly at the light from the lamp.

Its other distinctive feature is its foot pedal switch and ability to support Google Home Assistant, Alexa, and Apple Home kit.

Moreover, the globe floor lamp has a stable metal base that makes it safe even in a space where pets and children are running around.

12. Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripods are not only for photography but also for contemporary and stylish lighting.

The wood tripod is a tripod-style lamp with a classy wood finish and a plain shade. You can easily display it in any room for ambient lighting and angular style.  

The lamp is integrated with a high-quality rubber wood tripod, adding to its aesthetic value and style. Also, it has a sturdy design that prevents it from wobbling.

It fits in modern architecture and décor, and its rounded linen lamp shade adds a sparkle and an element of modernity to your room.

The bulb requirements vary, and you can get a better lighting effect by using LED, energy-saving, or incandescent bulbs.

Also, it has a foot switch located conveniently at the code of the lamp’s shade.

13. Lulu Floor Lamp

This cylindrical floor lamp is upholstered in velvet and makes the most statement in the space it occupies.

Its unique design draws the eye into any room and is a conversation starter.

You can create contrast by placing it in a neutral room where it will become the focal point.  

floor lamp

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Floor lamps are a perfect solution for you if you don’t like overhead lighting and table lamps. The lamps have different features that soften the intensity of light and allow you to regulate the mood that they set.

The design and style of floor lamps have changed over the years, and the stylish ones in 2023 combine perfection, modernity, and class.

The floor lamps in style in 2023 are eye-catching, fun, and functional. They make strong statements and complement your living room, bedroom, and office space.

Also, the materials they are made of ooze style and influence the look and feel of your space.

If you know how to choose a lampshade, it may help you understand this article better, click to read.

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