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Welcome to our blog, where today we will delve into the uniqueness of Tiffany Dragonfly-style lighting fixtures.

Known for its stained glass and intricate copper foil inlays, one of the styles of the Tiffany lamps is nature's dragonflies, lifelike dragonflies resting on beautiful glass shades, turning on the lamp as if they were dancing and fluttering.

Let's unveil the mysterious aspects of these dazzling works of art together.


Characteristics of Tiffany Dragonfly Style

Tiffany-style lighting fixtures are one of the masterpieces of the American artist Louis Comfort Tiffany from the early 20th century. These fixtures are famous for their vibrant and colorful stained glass and exquisite copper foil inlay. Below, let's explore the distinctive characteristics of the Tiffany Dragonfly style.

The Charm of Colored Glass

One of the highlights of the Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp is its brilliantly colored stained glass. These carefully selected pieces of glass are skillfully cut and delicately welded together by hand to create stunning textures and gorgeous colors. The stained glass seems to dance with a life of its own, immersing you as if you were in a vivid painting.

These magnificent colored segments radiate like precious stones and decorate the room in a picturesque manner. So, consider introducing mesmerizing stained glass in your space and adding a unique touch of color to your home.

Exquisite Craftsmanship of Copper Foil Inlay

In addition to colored glass, copper foil inlay is another prominent feature of Tiffany Dragonfly lamps. Copper foil is a thin metal sheet cleverly used by artists to connect and reinforce colored glass pieces.

Copper foil is a thin sheet of metal that the artists skillfully used to attach and reinforce the stained glass.

The copper foil technique adds stability and sturdiness to the fixtures and is representative of the techniques used in authentic Tiffany fixtures.

Symbolic Meaning

Louis Comfort Tiffany, the namesake of the Tiffany lamp and owner of its studio.
He had a great love of nature and was inspired by it: the dragonfly symbolized the tenacity of life and the free spirit. When you own a dragonfly stained glass lamp, while appreciating its charm, you empower yourself to live life to the fullest and embrace freedom.

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The Production Process

Creating Tiffany Dragonfly-style lighting fixtures is a complex and meticulous craft. Firstly, artists need to carefully select and cut various pieces of colored glass to ensure they present the desired effects in the light.

These glass segments are then soldered together to form intricate patterns. Copper foil inlay also requires patience and exquisite skill to ensure the fixture's structural stability. Lastly, each detail undergoes careful polishing and finishing to ensure the lamp's perfect appearance.

Diverse Designs of Tiffany Dragonfly Style

Tiffany Dragonfly style comes in various designs to cater to different aesthetic preferences. Whether you prefer classic dragonfly patterns or a more modern style, you can find a Tiffany Dragonfly-style lamp that suits your taste. Here are some examples of different styles and designs:

Blue Colored Glass Dragonfly-Style Lamp

This stained glass dragonfly style is displayed in the form of a table lamp that you can place next to your reading table, next to your bedroom bedside, next to your office desk, and so on. The product information for this blue stained glass dragonfly-style lamp is:


  • Dome-shaped, button switch
  • Made of art glass and metal
  • Width 12 inches, height 18 inches, making it a medium-sized lamp
  • Weight 3 kilograms
  • Accommodates one bulb. LED type

Sea Blue Tiffany Lampshade with Dragonfly Design

It is a specially designed lampshade with a beautiful dragonfly pattern in a charming navy blue color. It can replace the regular lampshade and add a new charm to your lamps.

This lampshade features the popular dragonfly stained glass design, the golden wings of the dragonfly and the navy blue glass body shine beautifully under the light, just like a perfect work of art. It brings a unique decorative effect to your room both day and night.

This 1-5/8-inch mounting opening lampshade replacement fits floor lamps, sconce lamps, and chandeliers that match.


  • 1-5/8 inch installation opening
  • Made of art glass and metal
  • Width 12 inches, height 6 inches, making it a medium-sized shade
  • Weight 2 kilograms
  • Accommodates one bulb. LED type

Blue and Yellow Colored Glass Dragonfly Table Lamp

This table lamp, different from the first lamp, has a base with a highly designed metal leafy base resembling vines. It's suitable for decorating bedrooms, home offices, and more. The overall color scheme leans towards warm yellow, perfect for autumn colors, making it a highly decorative and visually appealing lamp.


  • Dome-shaped table lamp, button switch
  • Made of art glass and metal
  • Width 8 inches, height 21 inches, making it a small-sized lamp
  • Weight 2 kilograms
  • Accommodates one bulb. LED type

Tiffany Dragonfly-Style Mother and Daughter Vase Table Lamp

This Tiffany-style table lamp in a sea blue and yellow colored glass dragonfly design is quite special, requiring three bulbs. The mother dragonfly lampshade requires two bulbs, while the dragonfly body part requires one bulb.

This means its lighting is more adjustable. When you need a nightlight, you can turn on the small lamp in the body part. When you need bright lighting, you can turn on all the bulbs.


  • Dome-shaped table lamp, pull-chain switch
  • Made of art glass and resin
  • Width 12 inches, height 22 inches, making it a medium-sized lamp
  • Weight 5 kilograms
  • Two E26 and one E12 bulb bases require three bulbs

Final words

These are just four different Tiffany Dragonfly-themed lighting fixtures that we introduced to you, but of course, there are more design styles available for you to explore in the world of Werfactory Tiffany lamps.

Tiffany Dragonfly-style lamps come in various sizes and shapes. There are large chandeliers suitable for tall dining rooms and small wall lamps suitable for compact dining areas. Regardless of your space's size, you can find a suitable design, especially since Tiffany lamps can be customized.

There is certainly much more to Tiffany dragonfly lamps, and the four different color varieties of Tiffany dragonfly lamps listed in this article are hopefully ones you appreciate and enjoy.

Tiffany dragonfly lamps and the Tiffany hummingbird theme we mentioned in our previous blogs are both great to give as gifts to your friends and family.

If you're interested in more topics on Tiffany lamps, check out the Werfactory brand for prices and quality that will meet your needs.


Why do Tiffany lamps have dragonflies?

The inclusion of dragonflies in Tiffany lamps can be traced back to a moment of inspiration by Clara Driscoll, Tiffany's headlamp designer, during the summer of 1898. In the context of Art Nouveau, the dragonfly served as a leitmotif symbolizing the transformative connection between the human and the natural world.

How can you tell if a Tiffany lamp is real?

Distinguishing a genuine Tiffany lamp from a replica involves a few key indicators. Authentic Tiffany lamp shades typically exhibit a flowing, organic shape, whether in a globe or cone form. In contrast, counterfeit reproductions often appear more rigid in structure. Additionally, when examining motifs, look for botanical designs, geometric patterns, dragonflies, butterflies, peacock feathers, and spiders, as these were all favored designs in authentic Tiffany lamps.

What does a dragonfly pendant symbolize?

A dragonfly pendant carries a profound symbolism of positive mental and emotional transformation and an enhanced understanding of life. When you gift a dragonfly pendant to someone, it conveys your belief in their inner strength and their ability to lead their life in the most fulfilling way, regardless of the circumstances.

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