Stained Glass Bedroom Table Lamp,excellent work!


These Stained Glass Bedroom Table Lamp are pretty, and match the decor in our guest room nicely. However, the description definitely says this lamp is purple when lit, but it is definitely more of a dark royal blue. 

I went to my friend's house last week and saw a very beautiful desk lamp beside his bed. The dark blue Baroque stained glass style deeply attracted me. So I asked my friend where he bought it? He was very happy to send me the link, and I can't wait to buy one of such a Tiffany lamps.

 After receiving it, I found that the lamp was very beautiful and more like a dark blue color with the decoration of our guest room. Add an elegant and noble atmosphere to our dinner table.

 Beautiful colors, excellent workmanship. I couldn't tell what the design around the base was while looking at it online, but its flowers. Very nice. I love it. I used a 75 watt cool white daylight bulb instead of the bulb that came with it. The bulb that came with it is very dim and makes the white glass look yellow. My bulb is brighter and makes the white glass look as white as it is when shut off.

 My daughter was also deeply attracted by the lamp, so she asked me to buy her a more gentle light. So I found a cream tan and black Tiffany style lamp. She was very fond of the lamp. She looked forward to the night and to turn on this beautiful and comfortable light.

After my personal experience, I highly recommend this Tiffany lamp


Wonderful size.The only thing that I would change is to have the switch on the stem (instead of 12-18'' away on the power cord); this would make turning it on and off a lot easier.

Very chep.This Stained Glass Bedroom Table Lamp is great looking but not too expensive, and gives enough light to read by as well. Love it!

Here is the tiffany table lamp order way

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