How to Choose Tiffany Style Floor Lamp for My Home


Tiffany-style lamps not only illuminate your space but also contribute to the beauty of your home. Various lighting options are available, but the Tiffany floor lamps stand out because of their excellent artistry, elegance, and timeless beauty. If you consider adding charm and elegance to your room with a Tiffany-style floor lamp, it might not be easy to make an informed decision.

There are different factors to consider when choosing a Tiffany-style floor lamp for your home, including:

· The lamp's purpose

· Styles

· Size and proportion

· Color pattern

· Lamp quality

· Placement and desired effects

The Tiffany-style floor lamps are inspired by rare and iconic designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany, and they are popular due to their ornate Tiffany lamp bases and stained-glass Tiffany lamp shades. The lampshade holds your space together and balances out your room if it includes some matching colors with aspects of your interior décor. The rest of this article explains what a Tiffany-style floor lamp is and extensively explores the factors to consider when choosing and incorporating lighting fixtures into your space or home. 

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What is a Tiffany Style Floor Lamp?

Tiffany-style floor lamps, as shown below, are lighting fixtures with elaborate designs and beautiful stained-glass shades, especially suitable for spaces like your living room.

Tiffany Style Floor Lamp

The floor lamps are inspired by the designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

They add a touch of warmth and elegance to your room. 

Also, they work together with other furniture in your room, such as coffee tables and sofas.

The lamps balance other elements in your space to meet your lighting needs and create your desired surroundings. 

The Tiffany lampshades are adorned with colorful motifs and patterns inspired by nature. 

For example, there are floral creations that portray different flowers, such as lilies, irises, and roses as shown below.

Tiffany lampshades

They are handcrafted with exceptional precision and care to make them a unique work of art and an excellent addition to your space. 

The lamps have distinctive features that complement each other's beauty. The lighting fixture features range from simple ornate to decorative and elaborate designs.

How to Choose a Tiffany Style Floor Lamp for Your Home

As much as Tiffany-style floor lamps add elegance and sophistication to your room, they complement the beauty of your room if you choose the right one for your space. 

There are different factors to consider when choosing a Tiffany-style floor lamp for your room, including:

The Lamp's Purpose

Before buying a Tiffany-style floor lamp, it is best to consider the purpose it will serve in your home. 

The primary purpose of the Tiffany-style lamp help you choose the right type of lamp for your space.

If the lamp is for ambient lighting, you must choose a lighting fixture with a soft glow. 

Moreover, it is best to choose a floor lamp that creates an inviting atmosphere in your bedroom or living room. 

If you need a Tiffany-style lamp to provide task lighting, it is best to choose a lighting fixture that provides focused lighting. 

Also, the fixture needs to create a comfortable feel that will ensure you achieve your intended objectives. 

You may have to choose a lamp with an adjustable lampshade or a more directed light source for reading and other activities. 

You may also choose a Tiffany-style floor lamp primarily for its decorative aspect. 

When you choose such lamps, they serve as focal points in your room and add a touch of artistry to other decorative elements in your space. 

Alternatively, you can choose Tiffany-style lamps with colorful and vibrant shades if you want the lamp to improve the mood of your space and make your room more striking and brighter. 


Tiffany-style lamps exist in different styles. The different styles have unique features that serve different functional and decorative purposes. Therefore, when choosing a Tiffany-style floor lamp, it is best to ensure its style complements your home's décor. 

An ideal lamp for your space blends perfectly with your home's décor and makes a bold decorative statement. For example, you can choose a classic floor lamp for a lighting fixture with vibrant colors and elaborate patterns. 

Alternatively, you can choose a contemporary Tiffany-style floor lamp if you want the lamp to add a modern twist to your space. Such floor lamps have minimalist bases, modified color palettes, and sleeker lines. 

If you choose a floor lamp with a mission style, you get a more rustic appearance and understated feel in your space. 

Size and Proportion

The Tiffany-style floor lamp you choose needs to be proportional to the size of your room. A very small lamp may disappear in your room if the room is too large. On the other hand, a very large lamp may overwhelm your small room and make it uncomfortable to use the room. 

You can determine the right size of the Tiffany-style floor lamp for your room by establishing the height, diameter, and size. The standard height of an ideal floor lamp for your bedroom or living room should be approximately 66 inches. 

You can choose taller floor lamps if your space has a high ceiling. Also, you need to consider the diameter of the lampshade and how the size complements the overall appearance of your space. 

Large shades are ideal for ambient lighting, while floor lamps with smaller shades are ideal for more focused lighting. 

Moreover, it is best to choose a Tiffany-style floor lamp with a stable base proportionate to its shade. You can choose a lighting fixture with a more elaborate base if you want to make a bold style statement. 

Color Pattern

The colorful stained-glass shade such as the one shown below is a defining feature of Tiffany lamps, including Tiffany floor lamps

colorful stained-glass shade

The color combination of the shade can greatly affect the overall appearance of the lamp and how it fits into your interior space. When choosing a Tiffany-style floor lamp for your room, it is best to consider the existing colors. 

You can choose a lamp with shades that balance or contrast the colors in your room. Alternatively, you can select a lamp with colors matching the appearance of your space for a harmonious and pleasant look. 

A Tiffany-style floor lamp with a busy pattern may fit perfectly in an eclectic space, and a simple design can fit perfectly in a space with a minimalist backdrop. 

Some Tiffany-style lamps have translucent lampshades that allow more light to diffuse, while others are opaque and create a softer glow on your space when illuminated. The quantity of light you want your floor lamp to emit will help you choose the ideal lighting fixture and transparency level. 

Lamp Quality

Tiffany-style floor lamps are art pieces, and their craft should manifest that. Quality is an important consideration, and you need to be keen while choosing the best lighting fixture to meet your functional and decorative needs. 

You can choose handcrafted lamps if you are focused on quality and attention to detail. You can look for quality tags or seek the services of an expert to help you identify an authentic and high-quality floor lamp.  

Also, you can choose the materials used in the lamp's construction to ensure they are aligned with your quality needs. Check the lamp's base to ensure it is sturdy and solid. Also, check the glass used in making the lampshade to ensure it is genuine and strong. 

You can inspect the soldering on the lamp to ensure its craftsmanship is consistent with the maxims that were used at Tiffany Studios. In this regard, ensure the soldering is clean with no visible gaps or imperfections. 

If you want to invest in an antique lamp or a high-quality reproduction, it is best to ensure it has proper tags and authenticity verification. 

Placement and Desired Effects

You need to choose a Tiffany-style floor lamp based on the placement location and desired functional and decorative effects.Where you place your Tiffany floor lamp has a major effect on the ambiance it introduces into your space. 

You can place your floor lamp in the corner of your room to draw attention and become a focal point in your room. Such lamps serve as conversation starters in your spaces. 

Also, you can choose a reading nook Tiffany-style floor lamp for an excellent reading experience. Place such lamps next to your reading area for comfortable and fruitful task lighting. 


Tiffany-style lamps, especially those from Werfactory, offer versatility and can fit into any of your spaces. Different styles and designs are available, making it easy to add unmistakable styles to your home.

Choose the ideal lamp that will help you brighten the corners of your rooms. Also, ensure it adds elegance and beauty to your space. Once you consider all the factors mentioned above, you will choose a Tiffany-style lamp that pairs well with your decorative style and serves your functional needs.

After choosing an ideal lamp, it will add an unmistakable and timeless visual effect to your space.

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