How to Choose a Table Lamp for a Coffee Bar and How to Maintain It


Every living space deserves perfect surroundings coupled with the right table lamp. If you set up your coffee bar, it is best to have a perfect lamp to match it. During the day, the natural light permits a stream of golden light rays, giving your space a glorious combination. Moreover, the natural light's alertness complements the essence of your coffee bar. 

The space within your coffee bar requires minimal artificial lighting during the day because the natural light does the work. However, you will need a well-chosen table lamp at night to warm the bar and enhance your client's overall experience. Below are the different ways to choose a perfect lamp for your coffee bar. 

· Style and color scheme

· Size 

· Lamp's functionality

· Material of the table lamp

· Available lampshade options

· Bulb type

· Budget

Lighting is important in creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere within your coffee bar. An ideal table lamp's functionality and decorative elements can make your bar more appealing to clients. The rest of this article explores the art of choosing the best table lamp for your coffee bar and insights on maintaining it and keeping it in excellent condition. 

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How to Choose a Table Lamp for Your Coffee Bar

The process of choosing an ideal table lamp for your coffee bar depends on different factors, including:

Style and Color Scheme

The color emanating from your table lamp needs to be in harmony with the color theme of your coffee bar. It can either blend perfectly or serve as an accent masterpiece. 

Therefore, before you start shopping for a table lamp, it is best to consider the colors of the lamp's shade, base and emitted light. This will help you ensure they contrast or compliment in a way that creates an extraordinary visual appeal. 

Other than the color of your coffee bar, it is best to determine the ambiance and style you want to create for your customers. If you want a modern look in your coffee bar, the table lamp should fully complement the overall aesthetic design. 

A sleek and modern table lamp will blend seamlessly with the clean lines, giving your space a signature modern look.


The size of your bar and the table where you will place the lamp should guide you when choosing the ideal lamp. A small lamp may disappear on a large table, while a big lamp may overwhelm the small space in your coffee bar.

Therefore, it is best to measure the space to ensure the table lamp you choose fits comfortably within the bar and does not limit access to other areas. Also, the lamp height and the lampshade's diameter need to be proportionate to the size of the coffee bar and placement area. 

The combined height of the lamp and the table should not be more than 64 inches high. Also, the bottom of the lampshade should be at the eye level of your clients when they enjoy the coffee. 

Lamp's Functionality

It is best to choose a table lamp that serves aesthetic and functional purposes. You should consider the type of lighting that will create the best atmosphere for your clients. 

You need to consider whether you need ambient or focused lighting for your clients to read the menu or work while enjoying the coffee. You should ensure the chosen table lamp sets the right mood without glare. 

Based on the intended purpose of the table lamp, you can select a lighting fixture that does not increase the heat generated in your coffee shop. You can look for table lamps that you can dim or brighten depending on your needs and the sun's angle. 

Material of the Table Lamp

The material used in your table lamp greatly affects its durability and appearance. 

You can buy a table lamp made of metal such as the one shown below to give your coffee bar a modern feel. Also, such lamps are sturdy, and you can choose them if you want to improve the solid feel of your lamp.

Table Lamp

Alternatively, you can choose a wooden table lamp to add a cozy feel and a touch of rustic charm to your bar. On the other hand, table lamps made of glass can make your coffee bar more elegant. 

Therefore, you can choose a perfect table lamp for your coffee bar by checking its material. Choose material that is durable and consistent with your coffee bar's theme. 

Available Lampshade Options

The lampshade of your table lamp can impact the quality and direction of the lamp's illumination. You can choose table lamps with drum shades to create a balanced and even glow within your coffee bar. 

You can choose those with empire shades if the table lamp is tall and you want to direct the light downwards to your clients' level. On the other hand, you can buy bell-shaped lamps if you want to disperse soft and more diffused light in your coffee bar. 

The shade of your chosen table lamp will determine the color temperature of the light and the overall visual appeal within your coffee bar. 

If you choose a lampshade that controls the lamp's color temperature, you can create a relaxing environment within the coffee bar that boosts focus and creativity among your clients. 

Bulb Type

Choose the right bulb type and wattage for your table lamp. 

LED bulbs shown below are ideal for your coffee bar if you want energy-efficient and long-lasting options. 

LED bulbs

The wattage of your bulb should be appropriate for your lamp and provide sufficient illumination without being harsh to your client's eyes. You can choose dimmable bulbs if you want to adjust the lighting in your coffee bar to suit certain occasions and moods. 

For example, you can use incandescent or smart light bulbs to achieve a given level of flexibility. If you have more than one table lamp, the bulb type and wattage should create a similar lighting impact in your coffee bar. 

This is because clients who walk from areas with different color tones could strain their eyes. 


Different table lamps have different prices. For example, the Tiffany table lamp shown below costs upwards of $100.

Tiffany table lamp

While choosing an ideal table lamp for your coffee bar, you need to set a budget that aligns with the overall budget of your business. Sometimes, you may be tempted to spend on a statement and costly piece. 

However, there are affordable options that can lower your operating costs and still achieve your functional and functional objectives.

How to Maintain Your Table Lamp for Coffee Bar

After choosing a table lamp for your coffee bar, you have to maintain it to enhance the ambiance of your space, and its longevity and attract as many clients as possible.

Here are the different ways of taking care of and maintaining the table lamp for your coffee bar. 

· Dust and clean. You need to undertake regular dusting and cleaning to maintain the appearance and illumination of your table lamp. 

Use a lint-free and soft cloth to remove dust and dirt from the lampshade and base. Be gentle so that you do not damage any delicate parts. If the lamp is next to the kitchen area, it is best to clean it more frequently to prevent the buildup of grease or smoke that may adversely affect its functionality. 

If your lamp has stubborn stains, you need to consult the manufacturer for a recommended care routine. 

· Use a lampshade protector. There is a high possibility that your coffee bar is located in a high-traffic area. If this is the case, dust settles on the table lampshade quickly. 

Using a lampshade protector, you can lower the accumulation of dust on your lamp's shade. This will lower the frequency of dusting and cleaning, thereby lowering the risk of damage.

· Inspect electrical parts. You can maintain your table lamp by regularly checking its electrical components, such as cords and plugs, for any signs of damage. If there are any loose connections or frayed wires, have them checked immediately. Through this, you will ensure the safety of your employees and customers. 

· Replace bulbs. You need to keep an eye on the bulb of your table lamp for a coffee bar to ensure it functions properly. Replace burnt-out bulbs to ensure your bar has consistent functional and decorative lighting. 

· Seek professional maintenance. If your table lamp is a high-end or antique lamp, seek the services of a professional to help with the maintenance. The experts understand how to clean and maintain delicate parts of your lamp, and they can rewire it if need be. 


Choosing the perfect table lamp for your coffee bar involves considering size, style, functionality, and budget. Brands like Werfactory offer a range of options that cater to these needs. Such factors will help you add a touch of excellence to your space and improve its attractiveness.

After installing an ideal lamp for your business, you must ensure proper maintenance to continue serving you and your clients. Ensure you get everything right regarding lighting because it plays a key role in attracting and retaining clients.

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