Best large table lamps for living room: Tiffany lamp


Werfactory Tiffany lamps offers a wide range of large Tiffany table lamps, including the 16-inch wide and 24-inch tall mother-daughter lamps designed with three light bulbs to provide ample illumination, making them a perfect addition to your living room. Whether you prefer the wisteria style, hexagon design, dragonfly motif, or tulip-inspired patterns, you'll find the style that suits your taste.

Choosing the right lighting for your living room is essential, as it sets the first impression and is the most direct way to create an atmosphere. Having a Tiffany large table lamp that provides sufficient light and captivates attention is truly something to be excited about.


In the following content, we will discuss how to position a Tiffany large table lamp in your living space and its advantages.

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Size of Tiffany Large Table Lamp

The size of large table lamps can vary widely depending on the style and the manufacturer's vision. Generally, large Tiffany table lamps range from around 20 to 30 inches in height, with some exceptionally larger ones exceeding 30 inches. Your choice of lamp size should be guided by the requirements of your living room and your decor preferences.

How Big Should a Lampshade Be for a Table Lamp?

Similarly, the size of the lampshade for a large table lamp should complement the lamp itself. Tiffany lampshades are meticulously crafted using stained glass, with intricate patterns designed by skilled artisans. While they may not be original Tiffany lamps, they hold immense value in their Tiffany-style designs.

If you need to illuminate a larger area in your living room, you should opt for a lampshade with a larger diameter, typically around 16 to 24 inches. Overly large lampshades may limit placement options and can be quite heavy.

Placement of Large Table Lamps

When it comes to positioning a large Tiffany table lamp in your living room, remember that it's your space, and our goal is to create a comfortable and inviting ambiance.

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Visual Focal Point

The placement of a large table lamp should draw attention in the living room while harmonizing with other furniture and decor. Typically, it can be placed in a corner of the living room to highlight a particular area. If your living room features a fireplace or an art wall, positioning the large table lamp in these unique spots would be especially suitable.

Alternatively, you can center the large table lamp in the living room, such as above a coffee table, making it the focal point upon entry. This layout works well for larger living rooms, providing even illumination throughout and directing focus towards the lamp.


Functional Considerations

Large table lamps are typically used to provide soft ambient lighting. Consider placing it where you often relax or read. Furthermore, choose a lamp that offers adjustable brightness, allowing you to tailor the light to your needs. For instance, Werfactory's large mother-daughter table lamps are ideal for adjusting brightness, as you can choose to use only the smaller lamp for softer lighting when needed.

Height and Line of Sight

The lampshade of a large table lamp should be positioned below eye level to avoid direct glare. Typically, a distance of about 48 inches (approximately 122 centimeters) to 60 inches (approximately 152 centimeters) from the ground is suitable. This ensures that the light is comfortably cast upon individuals sitting on the sofa or chair, rather than directly into their eyes.

Art and Decor

The design and lampshade of a large table lamp can serve as decorative highlights in the living room. If your living room adheres to a specific decor style, such as vintage, modern, or traditional, choose a lamp style that complements it, ensuring it blends with the overall aesthetic. Exquisite stained glass lampshades or intricate metalwork can add unique charm to your living room.

Safety Factors

Proper installation of a large table lamp is essential, especially due to its bulkiness. Ensure that the wires and plugs are positioned safely, avoiding potential tripping hazards. Additionally, use floor cable management devices to neatly conceal wires, enhancing aesthetics while maintaining safety.

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Tiffany Large Table Lamp vs. Small Table Lamp: Pros and Cons

If you're torn between choosing a large table lamp or a small table lamp, this section will briefly analyze the pros and cons of both.

Tiffany Large Table Lamp


Enhanced Decorative Appeal: Large table lamps typically feature larger and more intricate lampshades, allowing them to showcase the exquisite stained glass and superb craftsmanship of Tiffany-style designs. They can become a visual focal point in your living room, enhancing its artistic ambiance.

Greater Illumination: Due to their size, large table lamps generally provide more illumination, making them suitable for larger rooms or situations that require brighter lighting


Space Requirements: Large table lamps require more space for placement and may not be suitable for small rooms or narrow corners. They are typically more fitting for larger spaces, as placing a large table lamp in a small living room might appear overwhelming.

Higher Price Point: Large table lamps tend to be relatively more expensive because their production and design involve more craftsmanship and materials.

Tiffany Small Table Lamp



Space-Efficient: Small table lamps are ideal for placement in small spaces, corners, or bedside tables, effectively saving room space. They also serve as decorative accents.
Budget-Friendly: Compared to large table lamps, small-sized variants are usually more budget-friendly, making them suitable for those with budget constraints.


Limited Illumination: Small table lamps provide less light compared to large ones, which may be insufficient for reading or working purposes. It is advisable to complement them with additional lighting sources in the room for well-distributed illumination.

Limited Lighting Range: Small table lamps have a narrower lighting range and are more suitable for providing localized lighting, which can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your needs.

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So, if you want to make your living room cozier and more captivating, why not consider adding an exquisite Tiffany large table lamp? Under the radiant glow of Tiffany lighting, your living room will become the perfect backdrop for family life. Visit Werfactory's website and explore which Tiffany large table lamp best suits your home decor style.

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