Pick a suitable tiffany lamp for your bedside

Pick a suitable tiffany lamp for your bedside
There are many kinds of tiffany table lamps, according to the size of the lampshade, there are 8 inches, 12 inches, 16 inches, 8 inches is a flower lamp, is a decorative lamp, not recommended for use at the bedside, can be placed on the desk, shelves, etc. to play a decorative role, 12 inches of table lamps from the height, and divided into 2 kinds, one is 18 inches high, one is 21 inches high, these two kinds of tiffany table lamps all can be used at the bedside, 21 inches High desk lamp, can also be used for desk lighting, because the height is high, so the light irradiation range is large, for reading is no problem. About 16-inch tiffany table lamp, most of them are used for living room decoration and lighting, also used for office, it can well reflect the office class.

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