Tiffany floor lamps are all with foot switch


Tiffany floor lamp are all with foot switch, This greatly increases the ease of use, no need to bend down to turn off the lights, and no need to fumble with the light switch to turn on the lights in the dark.This design is very practical.

The tiffany floor lamp with 16-inch lampshade is also equipped with a pull chain switch. For the floor lamp with 12-inch lampshade, only a foot switch is available because the shade is relatively small and a pick-up switch cannot be installed.

The 12-inch lampshade of the bridge lamp is perfect for reading on the living room sofa, and the lampshade is adjustable in angle to shine very accurately on the book.

The 16-inch lampshade of the tiffany floor lamp is very luxurious, both decorative and lighting are very good.

Both 12-inch and 16-inch tiffany floor lamps are very easy to install, as long as the pole is screwed on first, then the shade is installed, the bulb, plugged into the power supply can be used.

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