Fusion of art and glass with light


In the ever-changing lighting market, products change endlessly, we can't predict the future style, but we can keep the history of the classic, on top of keeping the original style, we are more in pursuit of continuous innovation.


Art is a long road, we just walk on the road, watching the various scenes on the roadside. If we can widen this road, then what we add is not only beautiful scenery, but also more comfortable feelings.


So, Mr. Tiffany spent his life pursuing the fusion of art and glass with light, and we will take this road wider and wider.


Van Gogh, precisely because of his wild and unrestrained use of color and wandering passion, combined with his ancient song painting skills, to make the world-famous "Sunflowers": Picasso, with his own keen perception, only out of the traditional oil painting road, and become an immortal impressionist master. When the old professors in the music academy were facing the electric instruments and sighed "the world is going downhill", Richard Clayderman boldly combined his Bach and Chopin with new instruments to create such a profound and pleasant "Starry Night". Ancient culture, the essence of history, is the necessary quality and foundation of an artist; while innovation, not mud in the ancient spirit, is their soul. People do not confine themselves to manual labor before inventing machines: people do not confine themselves to walking on the ground before developing airplanes: people do not confine themselves to using coal as an energy source before exploring the mysteries of electricity ...... Nowadays, humans can already travel in space, while countless scientists are still working hard to explore, in research, development of new, more scientific and more universal laws to keep human society moving forward.


Our Tiffany lamp in the continuous absorption and discard in the development, with designers keen sense and thinking, now the work has met most people's aesthetic, will be placed in the home or office, it will show the beautiful and practical side, decorated with people's life and work.

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