Top 10 Things To Know Before Starting A Restaurant Remodel


There are many reasons when you decide to remodel your current dining room. Maybe your restaurant is getting older, some light fixtures are broken and dim, tables and chairs are old, etc. and you are planning to change the business to suit your goals.
In fact, there are many factors that need to be considered when decorating a restaurant. In this article, we’ve simplified all the tips you need to be aware of when renovating your dining room and how to do it.

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  • Know Exactly Why You’re Renovating
  • Budget Wisely
  • Research Permits and Regulations
  • Set A Realistic Timeline
  • Check Equipment and Appliances
  • Make Your Restaurant Accessible And Safe
  • Ensure Excellent Plumbing And Electricity
  • Invest in Branding and Marketing
  • Empower Your Staff
  • Keep Your Customers In The Loop

Know Exactly Why You’re Renovating

Before diving headfirst into a renovation, think about why you’re remodeling.

Perhaps there is a trend of decreasing profits, customers are complaining about old furniture and fixtures, or you feel the need to change common features, such as the lighting in the hall can be tiffany lamps, the tables can be round tables, etc. You hope to attract new customers and retain loyal ones through renovations client.

It is a good idea. Actually, good remodeling will leave an unforgettable environment for your customers. It gives you a perfect chance to rejuvenate your brand.

Budget Wisely

It is essential to think about the budget when you remodel. You can set a realistic budget for the entire process by clearly understanding your restaurant’s financial situation. You need to consider three things in this part—existing debt, ongoing operational expenses, and the impact of the emergency contingency fund.

1. Existing debt

Sort out your current funding situation, how much you can come up with for remodeling, whether you are in debt, and what your budget is.

2. Ongoing operational expenses

For the project's scope, you need to know the construction cost, permits, equipment, and design costs. And you need to make contingency planning for unforeseen expenses. Conduct extensive research on industry standards and consult with building professionals to get an accurate cost rundown.

Then, know what to prioritize in your budgeting. For example, if your main goal is better food, then you should consider upgrading the kitchen equipment and dining area. This action can ensure all important matters during the transformation process.

3. Emergency contingency fund

Finally, unexpected costs and delays are expected in any construction project. Therefore, a small part of your budget should be an emergency contingency fund. The general advice is that you should reserve between 10 and 20 percent of the total amount for contingency costs. This is important because if anything arises, you'll be ready and won’t have to put your project on hold.

Research Permits and Regulations

Start by finding out what the local building codes are that concern restaurant renovation. Several features like structural requirements, provisions for fire safety, plumbing and electrical standards, ventilation systems, as well as accessibility are among the numerous areas covered by building codes. Ensure that your remodeling project complies with all relevant codes.

what the local building codes are that concern restaurant renovation

You should also contact the local health department before remodeling about requirements in your area. For example, it may include rules about food preparation areas, storage rooms, sanitizing stations, waste disposal, and keeping pests away. To this end, make sure that you comply with these legislations to take care of the health and welfare of your customers and employees.

Getting the right permission is an important stage in any restaurant remake. However, every project is unique and there are different specific permits needed in every location. Typical permits are building permits, plumbing permits, or electrical permits.

Speak with the building department or permitting office that would grant you a license and get acquainted with the process of applying for it. However, it would be wise to hire a professional permit expeditor or consultant to overcome these problems.

Set A Realistic Timeline

Timing is one aspect of restaurant renovation you’d want to be strict with especially with service workers. Being very straightforward with your timing expectations will ensure that your work is done on time.

Look at the scale of the project, necessary permits and approvals, and access to contractors and suppliers. Work together with other members of your project team like the architects/designers and contractors in creating a chart of activities and their respective deadlines. As you prepare to launch your project, consider the possibility of delays and add extra time to account for unexpected events.

Talk with your project team right at the start so everybody can be on the same page when it comes to the project timeline and the outcome. Keep communication open with contractors and suppliers so that they can continually update on the progress or problems of any sort leading towards making changes in schedules.

Discuss with your work team about logical sequencing and identifying phase renovations that would allow for continued servicing while undergoing improvements. For instance, try starting with remodeling the dining area but leaving the kitchen in operation, and later on remodeling the kitchen before it operates again. The strategy also ensures that there is continuous revenue and a maintained client base until the renovation is complete.

When you are undertaking your remodeling plan, also consider the seasonality of restaurant operations. In case your business usually has less traffic in certain months or periods, then you could as well have the remodel done just during that period. Lastly, ensure that after every milestone of the remodeling has been accomplished, you have ample time to inspect and approve.

Check Equipment and Appliances

First, evaluate what you have in terms of equipment for use. This should result in identifying any old or defective equipment which should be replaced. Look at its state, efficiency, and suitability for your planned operating methods. It will make it possible for you to decide about retaining, refurbishing, or replacing the equipment.

What type of equipment you need is dependent on the items you are going to sell, the operational concept and how many customers are you expected to serve at once. Prioritize essential equipment in your kitchen that affects the primary operation activities of your restaurant, like for example cooker and refrigerator systems. When choosing new equipment check factors like cost of operation and energy efficiency, ease of upkeep, capacity, durability, etc.

Also think about buying energy-efficient fridges, cookers, washers, and heating/cooling machines. Such appliances enhance operations and reduce power usage.

Make Your Restaurant Accessible And Safe

Accessibility and safety should be among the priorities when developing a new look for your restaurant. The topic of accessibility involves ensuring that people with disabilities have equal access, and you need to protect people from risk and accidents.

The use of easily accessible features for instance putting on ramps, wide corridors, and accessible toilets allows everyone to have a feel and fun at your place. Additionally, establishing safety requirements like appropriate lighting, slip-resistant ground, fire suppression, and exit paths is necessary to guarantee the safety of customers and employees.

Focus on making access and providing a safe atmosphere for everyone in your restaurant. This fosters the kind of friendly welcome that encourages people to take their time in a place or to come back.

Ensure Excellent Plumbing And Electricity

Good plumbing and electricity determine how you will be able to work efficiently in your business environment. Before designing for plumbing, check available infrastructure and list down any problem areas, water efficiency measures, etc. Think about the replacement of aged pipelines, installation of high-efficiency water-saving outlets, and proper water draining provision.

Likewise, for the electrical system, it is a matter of assessing the existing wiring’s adequate capacity and the safe suitability of outlets and circuits. Increasing electrical capability could entail installing extra outlets, replacing old lights, or complying with electrical code provisions.

It would be worth paying licensed professionals for plumbing and electrical works to ensure that you meet the set guidelines on compliance, safety, and proper installation. So focus on the major systems that will facilitate the smooth running of your restaurant and those include reliable plumbing, optimal use of water as well and safety in electricity.

Invest in Branding and Marketing

Invest in Branding and Marketing

Dare we say, this is the most important part of your restaurant remodeling. After putting all that work into creating an amazing business, you’d want eyes on your website and walk-ins from customers who just can’t get enough of your excellent service and aesthetic.

Think about changing your logos, signs, as well as internal decoration to meet modern requirements for your new brand name. Furthermore, come up with an all-inclusive marketing plan that generates hype and draws consumers. This can include changing your website, using social media more, running targeted adverts among others, and connecting with neighborhood culinary writers.

Alternatively, you can work with a competent marketing practitioner or company that will do everything for the branding strategy to be effective. Branding and marketing help in telling your new tale by allowing guests to interact with you uniquely, hence drawing more people to the remodeled space.

Empower Your Staff

You and your staff need to be on the same page when it comes to your business’s goals. You can’t have done all that work only for your staff to not appreciate how much work went into creating your establishment.

During the remodeling process, assess the abilities of your current employees and decide on the need to recruit new hires or additional training for the existing personnel. Create an extensive training program that will equip all employees with the requisite knowledge and expertise to perform at the best level possible. This could include a refresher course training on new equipment, updates in the menu, revised standard operating procedures, and improved customer service skills.

Create a supportive work environment through ongoing coaching, regular communication flow, and avenues for career development. Investing in your staff is important as it allows them to be better informed on how to serve your customers best, therefore contributing positively towards the growth and expansion of your business.

Keep Your Customers In The Loop

Communicate clearly and consistently with the customers during the remodeling process. Communicate closures, adjustments to the opening hours, and other necessary arrangements. Use your website, social media, email newsletters, etc, to give updates and respond to other concerns.

Ask for feedback from customers even while you are in the process of remodeling or on completion to show them that their happiness is your priority. For instance, you can offer loyalty programs or exclusive promotions that will appreciate customer’s loyalty and prompt them to come back again. To gain their continued patronage after the remodel is complete, maintain active communication with the customers, make them feel like you are serious about their experience at your establishment, and keep the phone lines open.

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