Love words of the lamp seller


One of Tiffany's best selling stores: Werfactory tiffany lamps

1. baby, I'm selling lights, selling what lights, light up your heart lights 
2. love may need very little: a home, a lamp, a sentence I love you. Illuminate with a lamp, guard with heart I am in the poetic light, waiting for you. 

3. without your Tiffany Table lamp, not happy; without your light, not happy; without your warmth, not happy; yes, I can not leave you, you are my lamp. 
4. I don't know when I became good at identifying lights, but you are the brightest presence - shining on me, I don't know why.

5. selling lights is a kind of perseverance, installed lights is a habit, with lights is a kind of happiness, see lights is a kind of happiness, taste lights is a kind of romance, I am like a lamp, give you a side of the eye sky. 
6. I have been to your residence, I measure your room, I match your favorite, I use art as a gift, I wait for your reply like first love, I collapse in your no news. 

7. believe me once, I give you warmth and tiffany light, love me once, I give you a bright hall, the most afraid to talk about quality at low prices, the most afraid of false confusion of true feelings. 
8. Some people ask where this tiffany desk lamp is good, is years can not forget, the spring breeze is no more beautiful than the good of this lamp, have not seen this beautiful lamp, will not understand.

9. Selling lights is like being married to a person, for a long time, only lights. A long time, will only sell the lamp, a long time, and the lamp integration, a long time, the other will not, do not sell the lamp, seems to have lost life

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