no regrets purchase!Tiffany Lamp for Bedroom


I spent weeks looking for the right light fixtures for the living room I was decorating. I finally chose this high quality and classic precious handicraft, and I'm glad I did it! They are very elegant and well-made. I bought it here: werfactory tiffany lamps


I love this Tiffany Lamp for Bedroom very much! This is very easy to assemble and extremely heavy responsibility! It looks beautiful on the antique nightstand in my guest room. I also like to have two bulbs with separate chains so you can dim the light at will. Exquisite craftsmanship... exquisite design and hummingbirds (my favorite!) Drinking the colorful flowers. It highlights the wood floor in the living room area very well.


 I used this Tiffany Lamp for Bedroom as a desk lamp, and the soft light makes people relaxed and happy...... When opened, if these colored glass beads shine, it will have a lighter shade. Create a comfortable light and comfortable feeling for the room, the decorative effect is very good, suit the classical style decoration. The lampshade material is made of tin-bonded, genuine stained glass, and the heavy base provides good stability to ensure safety and stability.


I was so impressed that I ordered a second, slightly different lampshade design from the same company for our other nightstand to add elegance and creativity to the home, making each one a unique and stunning home ornament.

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