7 Best Ways of Storing Christmas Lights 2023


Are you ready to make your holiday season even more dazzling? The twinkling lights of Christmas bring warmth and joy to homes worldwide. Whether you love the traditional white bulbs or the more colorful LED variations, Christmas lights are a must-have for every festive season. But once the holiday spirit fades, what's the best way to store these lights to ensure they remain clean and ready for next year's celebrations? This guide explores the seven best ways to store Christmas lights, ensuring you're always prepared to light up your world with holiday cheer. Follow us step-by-step as we journey through this comprehensive guide.

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What Is a Christmas Light?

A Christmas light, often called a "Christmas bulb" or "holiday light," is an emblem of the festive season's radiant spirit. These enchanting illuminations are more than mere bulbs; they epitomize the cheer, warmth, and joy permeating our hearts during the holiday season.

A Christmas light is a small, radiant bulb carefully designed to emit a gentle, luminous glow. These bulbs, available in various shapes, colors, and sizes, are the building blocks of the stunning displays that adorn homes and communities during Christmas. Their primary function is to infuse an aura of wonder and enchantment into the surroundings.

Christmas lights are traditionally linked together by delicate wires, forming strings or strands. These wires play a pivotal role in transmitting electricity to illuminate the bulbs. You'll typically find a plug at one end of this string, which allows you to connect the lights to a power source. Some advanced lighting systems come equipped with a controller, permitting users to customize their displays with various lighting effects, such as twinkling or fading.

What Makes Up a Christmas Light?

A Christmas light, the beacon of holiday cheer, comprises several essential elements contributing to its enchanting glow. Understanding what makes up a Christmas light is key to selecting the perfect lights for your festive decor. These are the components that create these luminous holiday adornments.

1. Bulbs

At the heart of every Christmas light are the bulbs emitting a warm and inviting glow. You can personalize your holiday decor with these bulbs, which come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you prefer the classic charm of clear bulbs or the vibrant hues of multicolored ones, the bulbs make your Christmas lights shine.


2. Wire

The bulbs in a Christmas light string are connected by a wire that is the backbone of the lighting arrangement. This wire conducts the electrical current, ensuring each bulb receives the power to illuminate. Quality wires are essential for safety and longevity.

3. Plug

The plug is the point of connection between your Christmas lights and the power source. It's the gateway through which electricity flows, bringing life to the bulbs. Ensure your Christmas lights have a durable and safe plug to prevent electrical issues.

4. Controller (Optional)

Some Christmas lights come equipped with controllers that allow you to customize the lighting effects. These controllers enable you to create patterns, adjust brightness, or even make the lights flash or fade. They add versatility to your decorations, making them more dynamic and captivating.

You'll encounter many options as you explore the world of Christmas lights. From the classic incandescent lights that radiate a cozy, traditional feel to the energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lights that provide vibrant, lasting color, you can choose the type that suits your holiday aesthetic. So, as you embark on your holiday decorating journey, consider the components illuminating the festive spirit and making your celebrations truly special.

Types of Christmas Lights

When creating a magical holiday ambiance, few things are as important as Christmas lights. These twinkling wonders can transform your home into a winter wonderland, filling the air with holiday cheer. However, deciding on Christmas lights can be challenging with the many options available. Let's explore the different types of Christmas lights to help you make an informed decision and create the perfect festive atmosphere.

1. Incandescent Lights

These are the classic Christmas lights that have been enchanting us for decades. They emit a warm and cozy glow reminiscent of traditional holiday charm. Incandescent lights are available in various shapes and sizes, making them versatile for decorating. While their timeless appeal is beloved, it's worth noting that they consume more energy and have a shorter lifespan compared to LED lights.


2. LED Lights

Increasingly popular, LED lights have gained widespread popularity. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and come in a spectrum of colors. LED Christmas lights are an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. They emit a bright, vibrant light that can make your decorations stand out. Thanks to their durability, LED lights can last for many holiday seasons, providing both cost savings and peace of mind.

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3. Mini Lights

Mini lights are ideal if you prefer a more delicate and intricate look for your holiday decorations. These lights feature small bulbs, often spaced closely together, creating a beautiful, intricate display. They are perfect for decorating Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, and intricate designs. Mini lights are available in both incandescent and LED versions, allowing you to choose the right option.

4. C7 and C9 Lights

For outdoor decorating, consider using C7 and C9 lights. These larger bulbs are known for their bold and vibrant appearance. C7 lights have a slightly smaller bulb size, while C9 lights are slightly larger. Their size and brightness make them ideal for decorating the exterior of your home, lining your roof, wrapping trees, and creating a festive outdoor display. They are typically used in traditional, old-school designs.


5. Battery-Operated Lights

Sometimes, you want to add a touch of holiday magic to places where electrical outlets are not easily accessible. Battery-operated Christmas lights are the perfect solution. Batteries power these lights and come in various styles, including string and fairy lights. They are versatile and can be used to decorate wreaths, centerpieces, and any area where you need a touch of holiday charm without the hassle of cords and plugs.


6. Solar-Powered Lights

Are you looking for a more environmentally friendly option for your outdoor decorations? Solar-powered Christmas lights harness the sun's power to illuminate your outdoor spaces. They come with a solar panel that charges daily and automatically lights up at night. These lights are a sustainable choice that allows you to enjoy the holiday spirit while reducing your carbon footprint.


7. Smart Lights

In the age of technology, even Christmas lights have gone high-tech. Smart Christmas lights can be controlled using smartphone apps. You can easily customize the lighting effects, colors, and patterns. Some smart lights even sync with music or allow voice control via devices like Alexa or Google Assistant. They provide a dynamic and interactive way to decorate your home, giving you the power to create a unique holiday lighting experience.

The type of Christmas lights you pick shapes your holiday décor. Whether you prefer classic incandescent, energy-saving LEDs, delicate mini lights, bold C7 and C9 lights, convenient battery-operated, eco-friendly solar-powered, or high-tech smart lights, your choice defines your holiday feel. Consider your decoration style, energy efficiency, and the look you want. No matter your choice, these lights brighten your holidays with joy and festivity.

Where to Use Christmas Lights

When the holiday season rolls around, it's time to dust off your collection of Christmas lights and let the festivities begin. These lights' warm and inviting glow can transform your space into a winter wonderland. But where should you use these enchanting decorations to create the most magical and festive atmosphere? Here are some places to use Christmas lights to spread the holiday cheer.

1. Christmas Trees

The most classic and cherished location for Christmas lights is on the Christmas tree. Stringing lights on the tree's branches is a timeless tradition where these lights truly shine. Whether you prefer multicolored or warm white lights, they bring your tree a festive and heartwarming ambiance.

2. Outdoor Decorations

A well-decorated outdoor display is one of the most captivating sights during the holiday season. Wrap your home's exterior with Christmas lights to create a stunning display visible from the street. Adorn your roof, windows, doors, and pathways to welcome guests with the season's spirit.

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3. Indoor Decorations

Indoors, the possibilities are endless. Adorn your living room with lights to create a cozy and festive atmosphere. Hang them along your walls, drape them from the ceiling, or frame your windows for a warm and inviting space.

4. Windows and Curtains

A simple yet elegant way to use Christmas lights is to hang them in your windows or behind your curtains. The soft glow through the curtains creates a charming, inviting atmosphere for anyone passing by your home.

5. Gardens and Landscapes

Bring your garden to life with the twinkle of Christmas lights. String them around trees, bushes, and pathways to create a magical outdoor wonderland. It's not just the inside of your home that should be illuminated; your garden can be equally enchanting.

6. Wreaths and Garlands

Enhance your holiday wreaths and garlands with the addition of Christmas lights. Wrapping these festive decorations with lights adds an extra sparkle and draws attention to your holiday creations.

7. Staircases and Railings

For a grand entrance to your home, wind Christmas lights around your staircases and railings. This creates a beautiful and welcoming display that greets guests as they arrive.

8. Table Centerpieces

Pay attention to the power of small, illuminated details. Incorporate Christmas lights into your table centerpieces to make your holiday meals even more special. These miniature displays can add a touch of magic to your dining experience.

9. Bedroom Décor

Extend the holiday spirit to your personal space by decorating your bedroom with Christmas lights. You can string them around your bed frame, hang them on your headboard, or create a cozy canopy of lights for a peaceful and festive ambiance.

On a side note, Tiffany lamps are great for table and room fixture decor.

10. Mantelpieces and Fireplaces

The mantelpiece and fireplace are focal points of many homes, making them ideal places to decorate with Christmas lights. You can intertwine them with garlands or place them in decorative vases to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

11. DIY Projects

Get creative and incorporate Christmas lights into your DIY projects. Craft your own luminous signs, lanterns, or even chandeliers. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Remember, the key to using Christmas lights effectively is where you place them and how you use them. Whether you're aiming for a traditional, elegant, or whimsical look, the right placement of Christmas lights can transform your space into a festive, enchanting, and memorable experience for everyone during the holiday season.

So, let your creativity shine as brightly as the lights themselves, and make this holiday season truly magical with strategically placed Christmas lights.

What to Consider Before Buying a Christmas Light

When considering the purchase of Christmas lights, it's vital to make informed choices to ensure your holiday décor shines brightly. Here are key factors to keep in mind:

1. Light Type

Select the right light type for your needs. Choose between incandescent lights, known for their warm glow, or energy-efficient LED lights that offer a variety of colors and long-lasting brilliance.

2. Color and Style

Your Christmas lights' color and style significantly enhance your holiday theme. Opt for traditional white lights or experiment with vibrant, multicolored options to match your desired ambiance.

3. Length and Quantity

Measure the spaces you plan to decorate to determine the required length and quantity of lights. Ensuring you have enough lights prevents gaps or shortages in your decorations.

4. Safety

Prioritize safety by checking for lights with proper certifications. You can easily customize the lighting effects, colors, and patterns.

5. Ease of Installation

Consider lights that are easy to install. Look for features like tangle-resistant cords, easy-to-use clips, or adhesive backing for stress-free decorating.

6. Indoor or Outdoor Use

Confirm whether the lights suit indoor, outdoor, or indoor and outdoor use. Weather-resistant lights are essential for outdoor displays.

7. Power Source

Decide between plug-in lights or battery-operated/solar-powered options. Battery-operated lights offer flexibility and are ideal for areas without convenient access to electrical outlets.

By evaluating these factors carefully, you can make an informed decision and ensure your Christmas lights illuminate your holiday season with joy and splendor.

7 Best Ways of Storing Christmas Lights

Now that you’ve known enough about Christmas lights, it's time to consider how to store your Christmas lights efficiently to ensure they maintain their festive glow for years to come. Proper storage is essential; seven effective methods exist to achieve that.

1. Cord Reels

Invest in cord reels or wind-up spools designed specifically for Christmas lights. These reels keep your lights neatly wound, preventing tangles and knots. When the next holiday season arrives, you'll find your lights ready for use without hassles.

2. Cardboard or Plastic Wraps

An easy and cost-effective solution is wrapping your Christmas lights around cardboard or plastic wraps. This method keeps the strings from getting entangled and simplifies unwrapping when it's time to decorate again.

3. Ziploc Bags or Plastic Containers

For an organized approach, store each set of lights in separate Ziploc bags or plastic containers. This protects them from dust and moisture and allows for quick and hassle-free retrieval.

4. PVC Pipe Storage

Cut PVC pipes into short sections and use them to store your Christmas lights. This method protects the lights and ensures they remain tangle-free throughout the year.

5. Egg Cartons

Smaller and more delicate lights find a perfect home in egg cartons. Each light fits snugly in its own compartment, preventing damage and tangling.

6. Hanger Storage

Hang your lights using hangers equipped with clips in a closet or storage room. This keeps them well-organized and easily accessible. It's a particularly useful method for larger lights and outdoor displays.

7. Original packaging

It's an excellent choice for neatly organized storage if you've retained the original packaging. Placing your lights back into their designated boxes ensures they stay protected and untangled.

Using these seven top ways to store Christmas lights, you'll keep them in great shape and make your next decorating job easy. No more struggling with tangles – just a simple way to make your holidays brighter. Keep your Christmas lights in good condition, and let them shine for years with these clever storage solutions.


In conclusion, Christmas lights are a cherished part of holiday traditions, adding a touch of magic to our homes. Proper storage is essential to ensure they continue to dazzle year after year. Following our seven best ways to store Christmas lights, you'll be ready to create your own winter wonderland each holiday season. Whether you prefer classic incandescent lights, energy-efficient LEDs, or smart lights controlled with your smartphone, keeping them well-organized will make decorating a breeze. Embrace the season's spirit and light up your life with the magic of Christmas lights.

So, prepare to brighten your holidays with well-preserved Christmas lights and make the next holiday season even more spectacular. Happy decorating!

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