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The meaning of the Tiffany Lamp

The meaning of the Tiffany Lamp


Tiffany lamp is different from ordinary lamps. The production of Tiffany lamp is a complicated work. The whole lampshade is made by hand. It takes many processes from design to completion, which takes a lot of time, because the beautiful pictures on the lampshade are just a small piece. A small piece of stanid glass of different colors is cut and then spliced and welded together. Just weld a lampshade requires a worker's day, not including the design time. Each lampshade is a manifestation of human wisdom.
Such a beautiful and meaningful tiffany lamp is suitable for family use. You can use it in the living room, bedroom, aisle, etc. It is also suitable for various bars, cafes, etc. It is more suitable as a gift for friends, leaders, because it is not ordinary The lamp has a noble meaning.


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