Tiffany hanging lamp It's literally PERFECT

This is a perfect little 16" tiffany hanging lamp, made by hand. As someone who took a stained-glass-making recreational art class many decades ago, I can easily recognize the hand workmanship and foil-wrapped solder technique in this lamp. It's a beautifully done, hand-made art piece. When it's on, the colors are vibrant. The pull chain sockets are evocative of the original era when Louis Tiffany first invented and perfected this unique style of lamp.

I'm not sure why some reviewers and customers seem to think it's made of plastic, but the seller even includes a tiny piece of the stained glass in a little baggie for you to test, to ascertain for yourself that you've received a glass lamp. :-)

The sockets are UL Listed and the wiring internals all appear up-to-snuff.

The lamp includes everything you need to wire it and connect it via support chain to a ceiling electrical junction box. However, if, like me, you want to install the lamp in a location where there is not existing ceiling box, it's a relatively simple matter to replace the supplied zip-cord with a longer cord and chain so that the lamp can be suspended by hooks on the ceiling, and the cord routed to a convenient outlet. (If you do this, please make sure to make crimped connectors, and re-use the supplied cord strain relief, and make sure that the weight of the lamp is supported by the chain, not the cord. You know, basic safety stuff.)

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