Really nice antique-looking Tiffany-inspired lamp, for the price point

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Review by downer305 on March 3, 2022
Great job!
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Really nice antique-looking Tiffany-inspired lamp, for the price point.
As others have mentioned, I had my suspicions about whether the lamp shade was made of real glass, as it definitely has a plastic-like sheen to it, and when tapped it sounds dull rather than sharp. Apparently the manufacturer is keenly aware of this concern, as they provided a sample piece of glass with a note welcoming you to put a flame to it, to prove it's not plastic. Just to be sure they weren't pulling a fast one by providing a real glass sample whilst the shade itself was plastic, I heated up a needle with a lighter until it was red-hot and then tried to pierce the actual shade. Nada. Not even a mark. So I'm sufficiently convinced the shade is indeed glass.

The other concern people mentioned is that the bulbs are visible below the bottom profile of the shade. This is half true. The bulbs provided are smaller than standard bulbs, but with the same socket as standard bulbs (E26). With these bulbs installed, and with the shade adjusted to the lowest height possible, the bulbs are not visible with the shade at eye level. However, I found the bulbs provided to be quite dim (I believe they are equivalent to 20w incandescent, I think these:, so I replaced them with actual incandescent 53w bulbs, of standard size. These offer much better brightness, but yes, because they are larger than the bulbs provided, they are slightly visible when looking at the shade at eye level.

Other than that, I found the overall construction of the lamp to be quite sturdy and of good quality, with a combination of metal and resin materials. It's also very attractive, and for the price point, I'm satisfied with it.
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