How to choose a Tiffany table lamp


Tiffany lamps focus on lampshades, generally using different colors of stained glass, combined into different patterns of lampshades, with metal or resin base, to build a different lighting effect, among many lamps, how to choose a suitable lamp, the following are my recommendations.

Tiffany Floor Lamp

Step 1 :Pick your favorite Main color
The symbolic meaning of Red: passionate, romantic
The symbolic meaning of Green: energetic
The symbolic meaning of Blue: quiet
The symbolic meaning of Yellow & brown: positive
The symbolic meaning of White & clear: elegant

Tiffany Series Lamp

Step 2: Pattern
The symbolic meaning of Dragonfly: wisdom, color power, energy. The dragonfly is the guardian of dreams, she leads you to the land of magic, to find true power, to stimulate spirituality and creativity
The symbolic meaning of Flowers & Butterflies: Romance and immortality. The butterfly symbolizes the meaning of an ascension from ugliness to beauty, symbolizing the image of some success after success.
The symbolic meaning of Flowers & Birds: freedom, health and happiness.
The symbolic meaning of Peacock: noble, elegant, beautiful
The symbolic meaning of Wisteria: happiness, quiet, spellbinding
The symbolic meaning of Abstract pattern: rationality, art, modeling
The symbolic meaning of Geometric pattern: transcendence, wisdom, subtlety

Tiffany Floor Lamp

Step 3: Size
8-inch lampshade table lamp: coffee table, workbench
12-inch lampshade table lamp: bedside table
16-inch lampshade table lamp: office desk
12-inch lampshade floor lamp: bedside, sofa side, desk side reading
16-inch lampshade floor lamp: living room
Wall lamp: living room, stairwell, corridor, bedroom, cafe, bar

Tiffany Table Lamp

Feel free to give a different opinion in your comments or the reason for your light.

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